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  • BOC Zaobao Credit Card for Petrol

    BOC Zaobao Credit Card for Petrol

    The BOC Zaobao Credit Card is designed to give you rewards on a wide variety of transactions. You get 1x BOC Rewards Points for each S$1 you spend on local transactions in the country, while every S$1 you spend when you’re travelling abroad gets you 2x BOC Rewards Points. In addition to this, you can also get cash rebates to the extent of 30.7% when you purchase petrol, 12% rebate when you shop at BreadTalk, and 10% rebate on subscriptions for SPH and Zaobao newspapers. You also get 10% cash rebates on spends related to online transactions, dining, and purchases at supermarkets and Buzz. The card also gives you a rebate of 5% on all spends you make in Mainland China. The total amount of rebate that you can accumulate every month is limited to S$80. In order to get these rates of rewards on the respective spend categories, you need to spend a minimum of S$600 every month on this card.

    Key Features

    Features Description
    Cash rebate on retail spends 10%
    Cash rebate on newspaper subscription 10%
    Cash rebate on petrol Up to 30.7%
    Cash rebate on dining 10% (12% at BreadTalk)
    Cash rebate on online shopping 10%
    Cash rebate at department stores 10%
    Cash rebate on spends in China 5%
    Reward points on local retail spends 1 Reward point per S$1
    Reward points on overseas spends 2 Reward points per S$1
    Complimentary travel insurance Not available
    Concierge/butler services Worldwide Concierge Assistance

    BOC Rewards Points Make Purchases More Rewarding

    If you prefer charging your purchases to a credit card, doing so on this particular one can turn out to be a rewarding experience.  For every S$1 you spend in the country, you get 1x BOC Rewards Points. What’s more, you also get rewarded when you spend using this card while you’re travelling overseas. Pay for your purchases in other countries and get 2x BOC Rewards Points for every S$1 charged to this BOC card. You can accumulate these points and use them to get a BOC Rewards Voucher which you can then redeem to get BOC Rewards such as gadgets, cash rebates, and dining vouchers. Keep in mind that you have to use these points before they expire. Any points that you fail to redeem before expiry will automatically become void and cannot be used.

    Save up to 30.7% When You Purchase Fuel

    You’ve probably already spent a lot of money to get a car in Singapore. If you feel that paying for petrol to fuel your car is blowing a hole in your pocket every month, you should take a look at this card and see how it can help you save money when you fuel up next time. It gives you the opportunity to save up to 30.7% every time you purchase fuel at Shell and SPC petrol stations in the country.

    The rebates at Shell consist of a 5% discount at Shell (site discount), a 5% discount courtesy of the Shell Escape programme, and a cash rebate of 23% from the bank. The savings you get at SPC are made up of a card member discount of 10% for SPC&U card members (5% for non-members), and a 23% cash rebate courtesy of BOC. Make your car go the extra mile by using this card to pay for your fuel purchases.  

    BreadTalk Purchases Give You 12% Rebates

    If you love buying products from BreadTalk, take this card along with you the next time you plan to buy something from the brand. Pay for your purchase using the card and get a rebate of 12%. Save as you buy regular bakery products such as bread and cakes from them.

    Make Life Interesting With 10% Rebates

    The BOC Zaobao Credit Card rewards you with cash rebates of 10% on different categories of spends. If dining out at restaurants and cafes is something you love to do, then make use of this card to get rebates of 10% every time you use it to pay for your dining exploits. This applies to all bills you pay at fast food outlets, cafes, and restaurants in Singapore. However, keep in mind that you will not get these rewards for the food and beverages you pay for inside hotels and wedding banquets inside hotels in Singapore. Charge your purchases at department stores in Singapore to this card and get rebates of 10% on every transaction. The department stores at which these rebates apply include Isetan, Marks & Spencer, Robinsons, TANGS, BHG, and more. Shopping for your family just got that much more rewarding.

    If you love to shop online, you’re probably going to love this card. For all retail purchases that you make on the internet and pay via this card, you are eligible to get cash rebates of 10%. As if shopping, in itself, isn’t rewarding enough, you can now also save money every time you choose to buy something online. This card also gives you a rebate of 10% when you shop at Buzz, the convenience store that is owned and operated by SPH Buzz Pte Limited in the country. This rebate applies to all purchases you make inside the store.

    Additional Benefits

    • Pay with either Singapore dollars or Chinese Renminbi for your purchases.
    • Enjoy waiver on foreign currency exchange fee if you pay in Renminbi (RMB).
    • Enjoy convenient cashless shopping through the UnionPay QuickPass function.
    • Get 15% off on TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine)* services along with a 5% discount on recommended herbs from Ming Yi Guan.
    • Get exclusive deals in duty-free shops at over 100 international airports and up to 25% discount on shopping, dining, and entertainment outlets in different cities across the world.
    • Enjoy special access to events like talks, workshops, forums, performances, and fairs under SPH Chinese Media Group (CMG) and media brands such as UFM100.3, Shin Min Daily News, Lianhe Wanbao, and Lianhe Zaobao.
    • To know more about the promotional offers on this card, check out our BOC credit cards promotions page.

    *TCM services include acupuncture, consultation, cupping, and tuina services.

    Earn Rewards and Cash Rebates

    • Shell and SPC discounts can be broken down in this way:
      • 5% spot discount at Shell; 5% Shell Escape discount and 23% BOC cash rebate on the nett amount
      • 10% SP&U discount at SPC, 5% discount for non-members, and 23% BOC cash rebate on the nett amount
    • Spends at BreadTalk earn you 12% rebates.
    • The department stores where 10% rebates can be earned are: Metro, Marks & Spencer, Robinsons, Takashimaya, Tangs, John Little, Isetan, BHG, and OG. All these stores accept UnionPay cards.
    • To receive cash rebates, you must spend a minimum of S$600 in a month on the card. The rebate you get is restricted to S$80 every month.
    • Overseas spends earn you 2 Rewards Points per dollar, while local spends earn you 1 Rewards Point. These points will be awarded even on transactions where you have earned cash rebates.

    To know more about the rewards, please read the full terms and conditions on the bank’s page.

    Calculate Cashback from BOC Zaobao Credit Card

    Let’s take a sample spend in various eligible categories. We will then compute how many points and how much cash rebates you can earn in a month. For the sake of this illustration, we will consider a 20% discount on newspaper subscriptions.

    Spend category Monthly spend Points earned Cashback rate Cashback amount
    Local dining S$160 160 10% S$16
    Online shopping S$180 180 10% S$18
    Newspaper subscription S$50 50 20% S$10
    Petrol S$180 180 30.7% S$55.26
    Department stores S$150 150 10% S$15
    Total S$720 720 - S$80 (the max you can earn)

    Redeem Earned Reward Points

    The Rewards Points earned are valid for 1 year only. You can redeem the Rewards Points for a variety of things, including:

    • Cash rebates
    • Dining vouchers
    • Latest electronic gadgets
    • Krisflyer miles
    • Movie tickets at Golden Village
    • Retail vouchers
    • Takashimaya and Metro vouchers

    Air miles are redeemable at a rate of 10,000 Krisflyer miles for every 30,000 points accumulated. You’ll also have to pay a handling fee of S$25 per redemption.

    Butler/Concierge Service

    You can get access to the Worldwide Concierge Assistance, throughout the day. Call the concierge hotline if you need help with booking flight tickets and hotels, airport transfer, restaurant reservations or any immediate guidance during your trip.

    BOC Zaobao Credit Card Interest Rate

    Type of Interest Charge
    Retail purchases 28.88% per year (S$3 per day min.)
    Cash advance 28.88% p.a. on the amount withdrawn
    Instalment Payment Plan (IPP) 0%

    BOC Zaobao Credit Card Fees & Charges

    Type of charge Charge
    Annual fee S$190 (waived for the first 2 years)
    Overseas Transaction Fee 1.5% +1% of the transaction amount
    Late payment fee 5% of the monthly minimum sum (minimum S$100)
    Cash advance fee 6% of the withdrawn amount (min. S$20)
    Monthly repayment 3% of the outstanding balance (min. S$50)
    Supplementary card fee S$95 (waived for the first 2 years)

    Activating the Card for Overseas Use

    You must activate the magnetic stripe for all BOC credit cards for overseas use. You can call the 24/7 customer service hotline to activate the card before your trip, and also to deactivate it once you’re back in Singapore. We suggest that you deactivate it as soon as you’re back in Singapore.

    Instalment Payment Plans Available

    BOC lets you convert your high-ticket transactions into interest-free instalment plans with the Instalment Payment Plan (IPP). Under this programme, you can repay the amount in 6, 12, 24, and 36 months if you make a retail purchase of at least S$500. This facility is available at over 322 merchant outlets in Singapore. However, if you withdraw or pre-pay the IPP, a redemption charge of S$150 will be charged.

    Cash Withdrawal on BOC Zaobao Card

    With BOC’s cash advance facility, you can withdraw any amount, on the basis of your available credit limit. If you are in the country, you can withdraw money through internet or mobile banking, BOC ATMs, bank branches, or by calling the 24-hour hotline. When you are overseas, you can withdraw from any Cirrus/PLUS ATM.

    Eligibility Criteria

    If you want to apply for this credit card, please visit our BOC credit cards page for a list of eligibility parameters.

    Lost/Stolen Cards

    If you find any suspicious activity on your card or if the card gets lost/stolen, you must inform the bank immediately by calling the customer service. Then, you need to write to the police and file a complaint. If you can successfully prove that the loss or theft or misuse was not your fault, then you have to pay no more than S$100 to the bank. But if you are found complicit at any level, then you will have to bear the entire debt incurred on the card.

    Credit cards are categorised under different sections such as travel cards, cashback cards, etc., and under each category there are multiple cards. If you want to find out more about credit cards, check out your options here.

    Credit Card Tips


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    What Else Do I Need to Know?

    How to Enable/Disable Auto Debit & Standing Instructions?

    Through Online Banking

    To enable auto bill payment service on your card, you will have to perform the following one-time tasks:

    • Add the organisation that you want to make payments to through internet banking.
    • Provide the Bill Reference number that is given to you by the billing organisation.

    To disable the auto debit instructions, just log in to your internet banking account and select the billing organisation that you no longer want to make payments to and cancel all the unprocessed payments.

    How to Apply for the Card & Check the Application Status?

    Through Mail/Fax and Follow Up With the Bank
    • Fill out an online form.
    • Attach the supporting documents and submit it to the bank via mail or fax.

    BOC generally takes two weeks to process a new application. However, if you wish to get it urgently, you can request the bank for the same.

    Track the status of your application by calling the bank’s 24-hour customer service hotline.

    How to Check Balance?

    Through Internet Banking

    If you have access to internet banking, you can check your credit card balance, as well as details of various transactions, by simply logging into your online account.

    How Can the Bill Be Paid?

    Through GIRO/Cheque/AXS/Telephone Banking/Cash

    You can make your credit card bill payment through:

    • Interbank GIRO
    • Cheque
    • AXS machines
    • Telephone banking
    • Through cash by visiting any of the bank’s main and sub-branches in the island-city

    How Much Is the Minimum Payment to Be Made on the Card?

    3% of the Outstanding Balance or Min S$50

    Your minimum payment would be 3% of the outstanding monthly balance or S$50, whichever amount is higher. Also, you will have to pay any overdue amount as well as any amount borrowed in excess of your credit limit.

    What Is the Grace Period?

    23 Days

    BOC gives you an interest-free period (grace period) of 23 days, starting from the date of your statement.

    How to Block or Unblock the Card?

    Call Customer Service

    To get your card blocked or unblocked, you can call the bank’s 24-hour customer care service.

    How to Reset the PIN?

    Through BOC ATM/Telephone or Online Banking

    You can reset your card PIN via any BOC ATM, telephone banking, and online banking.

    What Is the Billing Cycle and the Bill Due Date?

    1 Month

    The billing cycle, also called as the period between two successive card statements, and the bill due date are mentioned on your monthly credit card statement.

    How to Get a Replacement Card?

    If your existing card has expired, you can inform the bank about the same. It will issue a replacement card at its discretion.

    If you have lost your existing card, you can get a replacement card by getting in touch with the 24-hour customer care service.

    How to Temporarily Increase the Limit of the Card?

    • You can call the bank’s 24-hour customer care service to request a temporary increase in your card limit.
    • You will be required to submit an application form along with your income documents to get a permanent credit limit increase.
    • The bank offers a maximum credit limit increase of 2 times your monthly salary.

    Customer Reviews

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