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    Credit Card Deals and Promotions: September 2018

    Credit card promotions help you save money by rewarding you when you pay for your purchases and expenses using eligible cards. These promotions sometimes change every month. A deal or offer that you find today may not be available next month, which is why you should consider getting a suitable card right away.Credit cards in Singapore offer promotional rewards, discounts, and bonuses in various categories such as dining, entertainment, shopping, travel, fuel, and accommodation. Many of these cards also give you a joining bonus when you sign up for them. These bonuses vary from one bank to another.These promotions are the best ways to earn and accumulate rewards points, cash rebates, air miles and discounts, helping you reduce your expenses.Find out how these promotions work, how much you have to spend in order to get them, when they expire, and how you can benefit from multiple offers at the same time.

    Best Credit Card Promotion

    Recommended Credit Card Promos & Offers for July/August 2018

    POSB Credit Cards

    • Get cash rebate of 5% (capped at S$50 per month) when you spend on purchases overseas using this card.
    • Spend at least S$1,000 every month to be eligible for this offer.
    • The offer expires on 31 July 2018.
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    Maybank Credit Cards

    • Get cash rebate of 13% when you purchase petrol at any fuel station in Singapore and Malaysia. In Singapore, you can get total savings of up to 25.18%.
    • You need to spend at least S$1,000 per month to get this offer.
    • The offer ends on 31 July 2018.
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    Standard Chartered Credit Cards

    • Get cashback up to 20% when you use your Standard Chartered credit card to pay for Grab rides in Singapore.
    • The cashback is topped at S$30 per customer per month.
    • The offer is valid till 31 July 2018.
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    UOB Credit Cards

    • Get up to 10% discount on air fares of Emirates when you book flights with an eligible UOB credit card.
    • The offer expires on 31 July 2018.
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    Citi Credit Cards

    • Receive 20X rewards, cash back of 5%, or 4 Citi Miles for every S$1 spent using your Citi credit card on Apple Pay.
    • This offer is valid till 31 July 2018.
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    CIMB Credit Cards

    • Get a cash credit of S$120 when you sign up for an eligible CIMB credit card. Get your application approved on the same day when you apply online.
    • This offer is valid till 31 July 2018.
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    DBS Credit Cards

    • Save up to S$120 on your fuel bills at Esso with your DBS Esso Card.
    • Spend S$500 per calendar month outside Esso and save S$30 on fuel per month for 4 months.
    • You need to sign up for a DBS Esso Card (online) between 9 July 2018 and 31 August 2018.
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    HSBC Credit Cards

    • Enjoy 15% discount on your a la carte bill at Atmastel.
    • The promotional offer is applicable for dine-in only.
    • The promotion is valid until 31 August 2018.
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    OCBC Credit Cards

    • Shop at Apple and pay via an interest-free instalment payment plan (IPP).
    • You need to spend a minimum of S$500 ( applicable for a 12-month tenure)
    • The OCBC IPP promotion expires on 30 September 2018.
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    Latest Credit Card Promotions in Singapore

    American Express Promotions

    American Express gives you many promotional credit card offers such as discounts at selected restaurants, cashback on retails spends, KrisFlyer miles, vouchers from participating merchants, and sign-up offers such as luggage and other gifts.

    • Get S$60 worth CapitaVoucher on your first spend.
    • Spend up to S$5,000 in total within the first si x months of getting your card and get your first year annual fee waived, along with a 3% cashback.
    • Complimentary stay for one night at Swissotel The Stamford Singapore.
    • Up to 50% discount at some of the best restaurants in the country.
    • 2 KrisFlyer miles and 1.1 KrisFlyer miles for each S$1 you spend on eligible purchases in foreign currency and Singapore dollars, respectively.

    BOC Promotions

    Bank of China offers promotional offers such as rebates on public transport expenditure, dining, online shopping, entertainment, sign-up offers such as coupons, and cash rebates on petrol spends and newspapers.

    • Up to 30.7% discount at Shell for your petrol spends.
    • Cash rebate of 10% plus additional 10% limited-time rebate on all newspaper subscriptions with SPH and Zaobao.
    • Up to 12% cash rebate on grocery purchases.
    • Rebate of 20% on public transport expenses.
    • 5% rebate on selected entertainment and dining spends.

    DBS Promotions

    DBS offers a range of benefits and promotional rewards on their credit cards such as cashback on online spends, voucher rebates, and discounts and cashback on fuel.

    • Cashback of 5% when you make online purchases. Get 0.3% cashback on all other spends.
    • 5% voucher rebates on selected purchases.
    • Takashimaya Gift Vouchers worth S$30 for every 100 Takashimaya Bonus Points.
    • Savings of up to 21.6% on petrol when you fuel-up at certain fuel stations.
    • Cash rebate of up to S$160 when you sign up for specific credit cards.

    HSBC Promotions

    Get discounts on shopping spends, online retail purchases, cashback and 1-for1 offers on dining at selected restaurants, and savings on travel and hotel bookings when you use HSBC credit cards to pay.

    • 50% off on one session or on the bronze package at Aquaspin.
    • Up to 25% storewide discount when you shop at Zalora.
    • 1-for-1 offer on the main course when you dine at Al Borgo.
    • Complimentary breakfast and 15% discount at Oakwood Premier hotels located in Singapore and overseas.
    • 40% discount at Hotel Celeste on their published room rates.

    ICBC Promotions

    ICBC in Singapore offers promotions such as unlimited cashback, annual fee waiver for up to 3 years, dining privileges at certain merchants, and cashback on retail shopping.

    • Unlimited cashback of 3% when you spend overseas.
    • 8% cashback on selected purchases.
    • Get 10% discount when you book with China Southern Airlines.
    • Minimum 12% discount when you dine at selected restaurants.
    • 3% cashback on your total spends when you spend at least S$1,000 per month.

    POSB Promotions

    POSB’s promotions in Singapore include cash rebates on daily essentials, medical spends, overseas spends, utility bill payments, and cashback for new and old customers.

    • Get cash rebates of up to 6% when you spend on daily essentials.
    • Purchases made at selected merchants don’t have a minimum spend requirement.
    • Cash rebates of 5% when you spend overseas.
    • Medical expenditures are eligible for 3% cash rebate.
    • New customers get a cashback of S$100 as a sign-up gift.

    Maybank Promotions

    Maybank credit cards in Singapore offer you a range of rewards such as air miles on cab rides and air tickets, TREATS Points on each spend, savings on petrol expenses, cash rebates on grocery spends and at other participating merchants, discounts on entertainment activities, and promotional offers in sports.

    • Get 3.2 air miles for every S$1 you spend on petrol, dining, hotel bookings, and cab rides.
    • Complimentary limousine transfers to and from the airport.
    • Savings of up to 9.1% on your fuel spends.
    • Cash rebate of 8% when you buy groceries.
    • Unlimited cashback of 1.6% on all your local spends.

    OCBC Promotions

    With OCBC credit cards you get discounts and rebates on electricity bills, discounts at top restaurants in the country, savings on retail shopping, discounts on petrol spends, and promotional offers on travel and hotel bookings.

    • Get additional 9% discount when you book hotels through Asiatravel.
    • Savings of up to 25% on petrol expenses.
    • Get up to 30% discount when you shop online at Vaniday.
    • Get an additional 6% off when shopping at Reebonz.
    • Earn a monthly discount of up to 26% on your electricity bills.

    Standard Chartered Promotions

    Standard Chartered credit cards offer you cashback on local and foreign spends, special dining privileges and discounts, access to VIP lounges, cashback on cab rides, and sign-up rewards and gifts for new members.

    • Get 3% cashback on all your overseas spends made in foreign currency.
    • Get 1.5% cashback on all purchases with no minimum spend criterion.
    • S$10 off your total bill when you spend at least S$20 at selected merchants with FoodPanda.
    • Get 35,000 miles or 15,000 miles and a Samsonite luggage when you sign up.
    • Earn up to 10x rewards points for S$1 you spend in foreign currency.

    UOB Promotions

    With UOB credit cards you get promotional offers such as cash credit for signing up, special airfares, discounts on hotel bookings, discounts and special privileges on dining, discounts on travel sites, and discounts on retail shopping spends.

    • Get up to 50% off when you shop at Bally.
    • Receive discounts of up to 10% on Avis Car Rental in Singapore and abroad.
    • 1-for1 dining offers with selected restaurants in Singapore.
    • Get up to 10,000 miles as a welcome gift when you sign up for a credit card.
    • Get 8% discount on worldwide hotel bookings when you book through

    Citi Promotions

    Citi credit cards in Singapore offer promotions such as cashback, rewards points, or miles on selected spends, rebates on online and retail spends, friend referral rewards, travel offers and discounts, gourmet dining offers, and welcome gifts when you sign up for a card.

    • Get 4 Citi Miles, cashback of 5%, or 20X Rewards when you purchase on Apple Pay.
    • 8% rebate on lifestyle spends.
    • Get S$50 cashback when you refer a friend and he/she signs up for a credit card.
    • Receive 10x Rewards when you shop with selected merchants.
    • Get exclusive dining privileges at more than 1,000 locations in Singapore.

    CIMB Promotions

    CIMB offers you a range of benefits when you choose to spend with their credit cards. The promotions range from sign-up cash credits to referral rewards to dining discounts and privileges.

    • Get a cash credit of S$120 when you sign up.
    • Get a cash credit of S$50 for each successful referral.
    • You get shopping vouchers worth S$1,200 on your first successful referral.
    • Free side dish offers at Hai Xian Lao Restaurant.
    • 10% cash rebate on dining at selected restaurants.

    Each promotion is subject to its own set of term and conditions. Check with the bank for the full list of T&C that apply to your card.

    Categories of Promotional Offers

    The following are the different promotional offers currently given in Singapore. All credit cards in Singapore offer great rewards. The following cards are only illustrations for each promotional category and are not recommendations on what you should get.

    Cashback Promotions

    Banks in Singapore usually offer cashback as a percentage of the total amount of your bill. This goes back into your account when you pay for groceries, dining, or petrol using the card. Depending on the card you choose, there also might be a limit to how much you can accumulate in a period. Also, you get certain cashback only if you spend a minimum amount on certain bills.

    UOB One Card: This card offers a flat 5% rebate on all spends. To get the rebate, you must spend at least S$2,000 in a minimum of 5 transaction per month for 3 months.

    HSBC Advance Credit Card:With this card you can get a cashback of up to 3.5% on each purchase. The card does not have a minimum spend criterion. For monthly spends of S$2,000 or less, the cashback is 1.5%. For expenses above S$2,000, the cashback is 2.5%. If you are an HSBC Advance Banking customer, you get an additional cashback of 1%.

    Cashback hacks:

    • Know your cashback limit: Knowing the maximum cashback/cash rebate limit on your card will help you plan your spending. This limit not only helps you plan your expenses, it also helps you keep a check on your spending.
    • Understand the break-up of your cashback: Many cards advertise the maximum cash rebate available on your card. For some cards, unless you meet the minimum spend criteria, you will not get the highest cashback. Other cards offer various cashback percentages for different spending ranges. For example, “1% cashback for spends less than S$100 and 2% cashback for spends of S$100 or more”. Knowing these details help you calculate exactly how much you will get when you spend on your card.
    • Don’t rely on introductory rates: Be on the lookout for introductory cash rebate offers that banks give. These offers will disappear after a while. Confirm the offers with your bank and find out till when they are valid.
    • Don’t spend just for the cashback: Don’t make purchases just to get the cashback. This will only make you spend more than you need, and it negates the purpose of getting the cash rebate to save money.
    • Match the card with your spending habits: Some cards may offer you a flat cashback rate on all spends. But this may be a lower rate when compared to other cards in the same category. Matching what you normally spend on with a card that gives you higher cashback on those spends will help you maximise your benefits.

    Dining Promotions

    Certain credit cards in Singapore have great promotional offers on dining at various restaurants and hotels all across the country. These cards give you discounts and a host of dining privileges across restaurants ranging from small fast food joints to fine dining places.

    Good food in Singapore is not cheap, and if you are someone who love eating out, dining credit cards will help you eat to your heart’s content and save money at the same time.

    HSBC Visa Infinite Credit Card: Use this card while paying for your dining bills at the Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel and get discounts of up to 50%. Get a taste of the culinary best that Europe offers.

    American Express Platinum Credit Card: Using this card will get you up to 50% discount at more than 60 of the top restaurants in Singapore and 50% off on dining bills at certain 5-star hotels for unlimited visits.

    Dining hacks:

    • Choose the right card: Choose a card that will give you maximum benefits based on what your spending patterns are. If you like to eat at local places more than at fine dining restaurants, get a card that rewards you more at such places.
    • More is not necessarily better: Dining credit cards that offer heavy cashback or discounts at high-end hotels and restaurants may seem attractive but are not necessarily better than the others. Keep in mind that getting discounts at such places also mean you have to spend more.
    • Compare fees and rewards: Remember that credit cards charge an annual fee for subscription. Analyse you spending patterns and see if the rewards the card offers cover the annual fee and other card charges. If not, there’s no real benefit of using the card.
    • Get petrol discounts: Many dining cards in Singapore also offer cashback and discounts when you purchase petrol at many fuel stations across the island. Use this benefit and reduce your petrol bills.
    • Be aware of reward caps: Many cards have a maximum limit beyond which additional rewards don’t apply. Be aware of such caps. Spending beyond these limits will not benefit you.

    Travel Promotions

    If you love travelling, getting a credit card that helps you save while taking vacations will help you cut your expenses. Certain types of credit cards offer air miles on purchases. You can accumulate these air miles and use them to get discounts on air fares on your next vacation.

    Many credit cards offer you thousands of miles as a welcome gift when you sign up with them. These cards may also give you travel insurance and discounts on hotel accommodations with participating hotels all over the world.

    UOB PRVI Miles Card:You get UNI$ equalling up to 10,000 miles when you sign up for this card. You also get a range of other travelling benefits such as discounted hotel rooms, concessions on Hertz rentals, accommodation at luxury hotels, and complementary airport transfers.

    American Express KrisFlyer Credit Card: This card offers you up to 7,000 KrisFlyer miles when you sign up for it and make the first purchase on it. Apart from this, you also get 1.1 KrisFlyer miles per S$1 spent on eligible purchases, 2 KrisFlyer miles for each S$1 equivalent spent in foreign currencies, and 3.1 KrisFlyer miles for each S$1 you spend on Grab rides.

    Travel hacks:

    • Look beyond travel: Various airlines have frequent flyer programmes that offer air miles as rewards for regularly flying with them. It may take a while for you to accumulate the required number of miles to get a discount on your next flight. Use a credit card that offers air miles on every qualifying purchase to collect miles faster and get discounted air fares for your next vacation.
    • Make use of global benefits: Several card come with global benefits. When you travel overseas, use these privileges to make use of the local offers there. Some cards offer double the rewards when you spend overseas.
    • Be aware of expiry dates: Most miles have expiry dates. They are available for a particular period during which you can accumulate and use them. Keep in mind that you will not be able to use the miles beyond the expiry dates.
    • Use the complimentary travel insurance: You get free travel insurance when you use certain credit cards to pay for your flight tickets. Most travel insurances cover baggage delay, baggage loss, flight delays, and medical expenses. Some even provide accidental death coverage.
    • Get the right card: Before you apply for a specific card, look at exactly what it offers and whether you will benefit from its promotions or not.

    Entertainment Promotions

    Entertainment promotions in Singapore include free drinks or 1-for-1 offers on drinks at some of the hottest bars and pubs in the country, free access to golf clubs, and discounts when you book tickets for movies at selected theatres.

    These promotions help you save money whether you want to spend a day at the movies with your family or check out the nightlife at pubs with your friends.

    Maybank World Mastercard: This card gives you access and discounted fees at some of the finest golf clubs in 18 different countries. Your guests also get discounts on entry fees.

    UOB YOLO Card: You get a rebate of up to 12% on entertainment, dining, and Grab ride expenses made with this card all through the week.

    Entertainment Hacks:

    • Analyse costs and benefits: Credit cards don’t come free of cost. Banks charge annual fees and other charges on your cards. Analyse the benefits your card promises you and compare them with the costs involved. Make sure that the card you’re applying for has more benefits than costs.
    • Don’t apply only for the benefits: Rebates and discounts on entertainment expenditure are great, but apply for a card only if you feel you will make full use of the benefits offered. If you don’t make use of the benefits well, you will end up paying the annual fee for no reason at all.
    • Choose based on your spending: Choose a card that reflects your spending patterns. If you go for movies and to pubs more often, choose a card that gives you access and discounts at such places. If you fancy expensive sports like golf, get a card that gives you privileges at golf clubs instead.
    • Don’t overspend: Keep in mind that most rewards have a maximum limit beyond which you cannot accumulate them. Expenses charged to your card after this limit will not get any extra rewards. These reward caps vary from card to card. Check with your bank and find out the limit that applies to your card. Don’t charge more than you can afford either.
    • Higher discounts may mean more spending: Don’t jump in and apply for any card till you are sure of what you are applying for. Some cards offer higher discounts and better rewards than others. But this may also mean you have to spend more to be eligible for them.

    Hotels Promotions

    Some credit cards give you complimentary accommodation while other offers give you discounts on room bookings with some of the finest hotels in Singapore and around the world. Using these promotions you can save more when you travel or when you take a vacation. You may also get additional privileges that are part of the promotional offers.

    UOB credit cards: You can get additional savings of 10% when you book hotels on Expedia with participating hotels all over the world. This discount is in addition to any existing discounts that may already exist when you book through Expedia.

    HSBC credit cards: You get an extra 5% off when you use an eligible HSBC credit card to book hotel rooms online through Agoda.

    Hotel Hacks:

    • Offers have expiry dates: Most promotional offers in relation to hotel bookings have expiry dates beyond which the discounts and privileges cease to apply. Always check with your bank or with the hotel before you make your reservations.
    • Look for other benefits: Cards that give you hotel promotions may also have a ton of other rewards related to shopping, entertainment, and fuel. Look for a card that gives you maximum benefits and savings.
    • Understand the offer: Some promotions may give you a flat discount while others give you an additional discount over and above any existing discounts that may already exist. Combining your card’s benefits with other offers (if allowed) can help you save more on hotel accommodations.
    • Make use of your privileges: Many of these offers may also give you free access to the gym, spas, and other amenities in addition to discounted room tariffs. Make sure you ask the hotel or your bank for such extra complimentary services before you plan your stay so that you can make full use of your promotion privileges.
    • Look out for minimum room values: Certain promotions may apply only if you book certain types of rooms or on rooms of specified minimum values. Before applying for a card, take a look at all the specifics of the offers and see if you will be able to afford the minimum spend criteria (if any) or not.

    Shopping Promotions

    Shopping promotions give you rewards when you make purchases using certain credit cards at participating merchant stores. If you love to shop, getting a card that offers you discounts, rebates, or miles will help you save money right away or accumulate the rewards and get discounts on your future purchases.

    Standard Chartered Spree Credit Card: This card gives you a cashback of 2% when you spend online using local currency, 3% cashback when you pay using foreign currency and vPost expenditures, and 1% cashback when you spend on other retail purchases. There is no minimum spend criterion and the maximum cashback you can get per month is S$60.

    CIMB Visa Signature Card: You get a cashback of 10% on online retail purchases made using foreign currency.

    Shopping Hacks:

    • Don’t get carried away: Be careful about how much you spend. Don’t overspend simply because the promotional offers look exciting. Find out stores and merchants that offer the best benefits and purchase form them to maximise your rewards.
    • Choose the right card: Various cards offer rewards that seem attractive. But simply because a card gives you good rewards doesn’t mean you should immediately apply for it. Compare card rewards with your spending patterns. Choose a card that rewards you for your most common purchases.
    • Look for minimum spend criteria: Be aware that some cards may require you to spend a minimum amount per purchase or over a period in order to get the specified rewards. Remembering this can help you plan your purchases and get maximum rewards.
    • Use accumulated rewards within expiry dates: Certain cards offer rewards points when you spend on retail shopping. These points are valid only for a particular period after which they expire. Make sure you use these rewards before they cease to exist.
    • Consider having an extra card: Since different cards offer rewards for different types of retail expenditure, sometimes having more than one card can get you multiple rewards. However, remember that each card has annual fees. Cards with annual fees waived off may benefit you more.

    Sign-up Promotions

    Sign-up promotions are a way for banks to entice new customers in applying for their credit cards. These promotion rewards range from cash credits to air miles (or their equivalents) to luggage and gifts. Most of them may require you to make your first purchase within one month of getting your card approved in order to get the joining bonus.

    DBS credit cards:DBS offers S$100 cashback to each new individual who signs up for one or more of their credit cards. Existing customers get S$20 when they sign up for a new credit card.

    HSBC Premier MasterCard Credit Card: This card is only available to HSBC Premier customers and offers a welcome gift of either 10,000 air miles or a cashback of S$150.

    Sign-up hacks:

    • You can choose your reward: Many banks give you a choice of welcome gifts to choose from. Choose whichever gift you feel will be more beneficial to you in the long run. Sometimes a cashback may be more valuable to you than luggage or air miles, or vice-versa.
    • Look for affordable minimum spends: Credit cards usually require you to spend a minimum amount within one month of getting your card to get the promised sign-up rewards. Check if you will be able to meet this minimum spend criterion or not.
    • Plan your purchases: If you plan to apply for a particular credit card, look at the rewards it offers and the criteria for getting the rewards. Plan your expenses so that you meet the minimum spend criteria every month, provided these expenses give you proper card benefits.
    • Use the rewards on time: Miles and reward points usually come with expiry dates. Make sure you use them up by the last date or you will lose the benefit.
    • Pay off card dues: Some banks allow you to use accumulated cashback to pay off your card dues. Use this option to pay off or reduce any outstanding amounts you are yet to pay the bank.

    How Payment Networks Affect Promotions

    Payment networks in Singapore offer a range of credit cards that are similar across various banks. They offer promotions and benefits similar to those which banks in Singapore offer. However, banks may offer additional discounts and other offers over and above those that payment networks offer.

    Singapore has 3 different payment networks:

    • Visa
    • Mastercard
    • American Express

    Visa Deals

    Visa has three tiers of credit cards – Visa Infinite Credit Card, Visa Signature Credit Card, and Visa Platinum Credit Card.

    Visa Infinite is the highest tier. These premium credit cards are reserved for individuals with high annual incomes or large bank deposits. These cards are fewer in number and have higher annual fees.

    Visa Signature is the second tier. Credit cards under this tier may have lower annual fees and are more common.

    Visa Platinum is the third tier and is the most common class of credit cards. These cards may have the lowest annual fees among the three classes.

    Visa deals offered across the three tiers may differ from each other. Deals that you may find in the Visa infinite tier may not be available on the Visa Signature and Visa Platinum, and vice versa.

    Some of the deals offered by Visa in Singapore include:

    • Complimentary upgrades and luxury privileges at Starwood Hotels.
    • Get faster immigration processes at more than 450 international airports with Visa’s yQ (meet & assist) facility.
    • Get dining discounts and vouchers for spends at the best restaurants in the country.
    • Visa offers discounts and complimentary tickets on movies and other entertainment activities.
    • Get discounts and exclusive golfing privileges at golf clubs in Singapore and overseas.

    Mastercard Deals

    Mastercard has two tiers of credit cards – World Mastercard and World Elite Mastercard.

    While credit cards under the World Mastercard tier offer you deals on global dining, global travel, and golfing facilities, cards under the World Elite Mastercard give you additional luxuries and amenities, VIP access at exclusive places, and special promotions, along with facilities like personal travel advisor.

    Mastercard in Singapore offers a variety of deals across both classes of cards. Some of them are given below:

    • Complimentary champagne at some of the best restaurants around the world.
    • Special dining privileges and exclusive offers on your dining choices.
    • Discounts and special privileges at 5-star resorts and hotels around the world.
    • Discounts on car rentals.
    • Special access to spas and gyms at acclaimed hotels.

    American Express Deals

    American Express offers 9 types of credit cards in Singapore, each with its own set of features and benefits. Partner banks may offer their benefits and privileges when you opt for one of these 9 cards.

    Some of the benefits that American Express offers currently in Singapore include:

    • Reward vouchers from participating merchants, and KrisFlyer Miles when you sign up for a credit card.
    • The Global Dining program gives you special dining privileges when you spend at selected restaurants all over the world.
    • 2 KrisFlyer miles for every S$1 you spend in foreign currency overseas, and 3.1 KrisFlyer miles for each S$1 you spend on Grab rides in Singapore.
    • Get 50,000 membership rewards points when you spend at least S$5,000 within 6 months of getting your card.
    • A welcome bonus of 7,000 KrisFlyer miles when you use your card for the first time.

    Looking for Exclusive Brand Promotions? Check These Pages Out!

    • Agoda promotions: Agoda helps you plan your vacations and makes them cheaper by offering discounted rates on resorts, hotels, vacation rentals, and unique homes. Agoda promotions offer bookings at hotels all over the world.
    • Airbnb promotions: Airbnb offers discounts on normal rooms, hotel bookings, resort stays, and high-end hotels. Find cheap accommodation whether you are travelling for pleasure or on business.
    • Expedia promotions: Expedia helps you plan your entire trip by giving you options to book flights, hotel rooms, and car rentals. The brand offers reward points and discounts on many bookings. You can accumulate the reward points to get discounts on future travels and bookings.
    • Lazada promotions: Lazada is an online shopping site in Singapore and offers a range of consumer products to customers. The website offers regular and flash sales from time to time where you can get essential products at discounted prices. It also features easy returns, and a range of payment options.
    • Qoo10 promotions: Qoo10 is an online retail shopping website offering products in various categories such as fashion, sports, digital products, home & living, entertainment, and dining. The website offers regular discounts on a lot of its products, helping you save as you shop.
    • Taxi promotions: Taxi promotions in Singapore give you discounts, miles, and other rewards when you spend using certain cards. Now get from one place to another at cheaper rates.

    Promotions You Just Miss in June 2018

    BOC Credit Cards
    • Get an additional cash rebate of 10% above the existing 10% cash rebate on subscriptions to SPH and Zaobao newspapers.
    • The bank requires you to charge a minimum spend of S$600 per month to the card to qualify for this promotion.
    • The offer expires on 30 June 2018.
    DBS Credit Cards
    • DBS Live Fresh Card offers cashback of up to 5% on your Visa payWave and online purchases.
    • The offer ends on 30 June 2018.
    HSBC Credit Cards
    • Get a discount of 20% on selected travel-related activities in Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, & Macau.
    • Use the coupon code AHL2R to get the discount.
    • The offer expires on 30 June 2018.
    ICBC Credit Cards
    • Get a chance to participate in the UnionPay ICC Singapore 2018 Lucky Draw and meet soccer superstars like Griezmann, Neymar, and Ozil. You also stand a chance to win passes to watch training sessions of top clubs like Atletico de Madrid, Paris Saint-Germain, and Arsenal.
    • You get one chance in the lucky draw for every S$50 you spend using the card.
    • The offer expires on 30 June 2018.

    Promotions You Just Miss in May 2018

    Credit cards often give us a reason to celebrate with promotions that come and go every few months. So, if you missed the last batch of promotions your card issuer offered you, here’s a way to catch up; these are the best credit card deals Singapore has to offer its cardholders this year:

    HSBC Advance Card

    HSBC Advance Card

    Fuel Promotion:

    • Get 16% instant discount on petrol at Caltex. lso get 5% cash rebate.
    • Get 14% instant discount on petrol at Shell. Also get 6% cash rebate.

    Balance Transfer Promotion

    • Get a processing fee waiver for HSBC’s Card Balance Conversion Plan for payment periods of 3 and 6 months, and 1 year. The processing fee is generally from 3% to 5%.
    SCB Unlimited Cashback Card

    SCB Unlimited Cashback Card

    Fuel Promotion

    • Enjoy savings up to 21.04% on fuel expenses at Caltex
    Citi Rewards Card

    Citi Rewards Card

    Shopping Promotion:

    • Get 10% discount at In Good Company’s online store Promocode: CITIxxxxxxxx (which is the first 8 numbers of your card).
    Citi PremierMiles Visa Card

    Citi PremierMiles Visa Card

    Hotel Promotion

    • Earn up to 7 miles for every S$1 spent on Agoda hotel bookings.
    DBS Altitude Cards

    DBS Altitude Cards

    Travel Promotion

    • Earn up to 10 miles for each S$1 spent at
    • The maximum miles you can earn is 5,000 per month.
    POSB Everyday Card

    POSB Everyday Card

    Cash Rebates

    • Get 3% cash rebate on payments made to dental and medical clinics and hospitals.
    SAFRA DBS Card

    SAFRA DBS Card

    Travel Promotion:

    • Get a chance to enter the lucky draw for two tickets to Bangkok.
    • 200 winners will get 50,000 AirAsia BIG Points that will be redeemed for Bangkok tickets.
    UOB Mastercard credit cards

    UOB Mastercard credit cards

    Hotel Promotion:

    • Get extra 12% discount on hotel bookings (worldwide) at Agoda.
    American Express Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Card

    AmEx Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Card

    Travel Promotion:

    • Enjoy lower rental rates overseas (starting from S$4.65 per day in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand and South Korea) for WiFi Portable Routers from Changi Recommends.
    • Get cashback of S$150 for next purchase on
    American Express Platinum Cards

    American Express Platinum Card

    Dining Promotion:

    • Get a free drink on the first cocktail, beer or soft drink you buy at Wanton Seng’s Noodle Bar.
    American Express CapitaCard

    American Express CapitaCard

    Lifestyle Promotion:

    • Get 10 times more STAR$ (= 50 STAR$ per S$1 spent) when using your card at Bio Aesthetic Medispa at Plaza Singapura.
    Maybank Visa Infinite Card

    Maybank Visa Infinite Card

    Lifestyle Promotion

    • Enjoy a facial treatment for 90 minutes at S$19.90 from Allure Beauty Saloon.
    • Use ‘MAYBANKALLURE’ for redemption.
    • Get 15% off on your total Spa bill at Amari Johor Bahru.

    Things to Consider About Promotions

    Q. What are the types of credit card promotions?

    A. The two main types include:

    • Sign-up promotions: These are promotional offers given to new customers in order to motivate them to sign up for the card.
    • Credit card promotions: These offers are provided to new as well as existing customers to encourage continuous use of the card.

    Q. How can I check the current promotional offers that are applicable on my card?

    A. You can visit the bank’s official website to get detailed information on what kind of promotions it currently offers.

    Q. How can I register for such promotions?

    A. You can register for promotions in several ways. A few of them are mentioned below:

    • For most promotions, you can use the applicable promo code directly at the merchant partner website/store.
    • You can sign up for a promotion by sending an SMS along with the promo code details.
    • You can also register for a credit card promotion by sending an email.

    Q. Can I participate in multiple promotions at a single time?

    A. Yes, you can participate in several promotions at once provided you meet the terms and conditions for each of them.

    Q. What are the important terms and conditions I need to look for in a credit card promotion?

    A.  The vital T&C that you should check for include:

    • Is there a validity period?
    • What kind of transactions qualify you for the promotion?
    • Is the promotional offer you intend to use applicable on all cards of the bank or only on specific cards?
    • Is the promotion valid only on local or overseas transactions, or both?
    • Do you have to make a minimum spend in order to qualify?
    • Is the promotion applicable only on principal cards or for both principal and supplementary cards?
    • Does a promo code apply?
    • What kind of transactions are excluded under the promotional offer?
    • Does the promotion have a usage limit or can it be used multiple times?
    • Should the minimum qualifying spend be done in a single transaction or can it be accumulated over various transactions?
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