Credit Card Balance Transfer

    Credit Card balance transfer is the best thing to happen to our wallets since the invention of credit cards itself. It is most useful when you want to rid yourself of credit card from the highest interest charging cards and consolidate them with all your credit line debts under a single bracket. The balance transfer facility allows you to transfer your credit card debt from your high interest cards to your lowest interest cards, thereby decreasing the overall amount you will be paying in the form of interest on all your cards.

    Credit Card Balance Transfer

    The following is what you need to know about credit card balance transfer before you decide to apply for it:

    What is balance transfer?

    A credit card balance transfer is a method of paying off your existing credit card debt by transferring the balance from one credit card to the credit card of another bank/financial institution. You can transfer any amount up to your credit limit onto the card you wish to use this facility for. Balance transfer is becoming increasingly common in the present day scenario where credit card issuers are offering a range of incentives to attract new customers to avail this facility.

    Top Balance Transfer Credit Cards

    Balance transfer is an excellent option if you have run up a huge debt on multiple credit cards. You can save a lot on interest repayments by transferring the outstanding balance from all your cards to one single card, which offers an interest-free or low-interest repayment option. Most balance transfer credit cards offer an APR of 0%.

    Here, we take a look at the top balance transfer credit cards available in Singapore right now. They offer a range of benefits. Choose the one that serves your interests best.

    Top Balance Transfer Credit Cards Annual Percentage Rate (APR) Additional Benefits Promotional Offers
    UOB Funds Transfer 0% p.a.

    Choose from interest-free repayment tenures of 3-, 6-, 12- and 18-months

    Processing fee of 1.49%, 2.5%, 3.88% and 4.88% for 3-, 6-, 12- and 18-month tenures respectively

    Minimum monthly repayment of 3% only

    Exclusive online offer on processing fee at 3.88% for a 12-month tenure against the usual 4.5%

    Effective interest rate for 12-month loan tenure is 4.37% p.a. against the regular 5.06%

    OCBC Balance Transfer 0% p.a.

    Choose from interest-free repayment tenures of 3-, 6- and 12-months

    Processing fee of 1.8%, 2.5% and 4.5% on tenures of length 3-, 6- and 12-months respectively

    Minimum monthly repayment of 3% of the outstanding balance or S$50, whichever is higher

    DBS/POSB Balance Transfer 0% p.a.

    Interest-free promotional period of 6-month and 12-month tenures are available

    Minimum monthly payment of 2.5% of the outstanding balance or S$50, whichever is higher

    Exclusive online offer on processing fee at 2.5% for 6 months and 4.5% for 12 months
    Citi Balance Transfer 0% p.a.

    Choose from interest-free periods of 3- and 6-months for new customers; 6- and 12-month tenures for existing customers

    Processing fee of 1.58% flat for new customers

    Effective interest rate of 3.5% only for 6-month interest-free tenure for new customers

    Minimum monthly repayment of just 1% of the outstanding balance or S$50, whichever is higher

    Standard Chartered Funds Transfer 0% p.a. Minimum monthly payment of 1% of the outstanding balance only Online exclusive offer on processing fees charged at 1.99% against 2% for 6-month tenor and 4.5% against 5% for 12-month tenor
    HSBC Card 2.5% p.a. for 6-month loan tenor and 4.88% p.a. for 12-month loan tenor

    General processing fee of S$88 for both 6- and 12-month loan periods. However, for approved balance transfer amounts in excess of S$10,000, the processing fee will be waived

    Minimum monthly payment as low as 3% of the outstanding balance


    0% Balance Transfer Facility

    Top banks in Singapore are offering their balance transfer facility at 0% interest for a promotional period ranging between 6 months and 1 year. During this period, you will not be charged any interest on your payments under this facility.

    What you must note here is that most banks offer their 0% balance transfer facility to customers who have good credit scores. Therefore, to enjoy the interest free period on the balance transfer facility, you might have to maintain an above average credit score. However, the actual terms and conditions pertaining to the eligibility for the 0% balance transfer varies from bank to bank.

    Consolidating your debt into one card and making payments

    One of the best reasons (apart from low interest rates) to choose balance transfer for your credit card debt is that you can consolidate all your debt onto a single card and make 1 payment every month. This saves you the time and energy to compile and compute how much you owe at the end of the month on all your credit card purchases made from the multiple cards you own.

    If you are someone who pays your own bills every month, you can understand the hassle involved in keeping tabs on all the different bills that pile up outside your doorstep at the start of every month. Missing payments on account of negligence can adversely impact your credit score even if the reason is as simple as you forgot the bill existed or you thought you paid it already. Missing a payment/making a late payment whether you forgot or you were avoiding it will have the same impact on your credit report.

    Therefore, when you transfer all your debt into a single card through a onetime application to use the facility, you don’t have the need to monitor your bills anymore. You will receive a single bill comprising of all your payments and you just need to pay 1 bill with 1 payment. It doesn’t get easier than this.

    Balance transfer is not limited to transferring credit card debt – You can transfer debts from any credit lines and/or bills

    When speaking of balance transfer, it is not restricted to the transfer of credit card debt to another account. You can even transfer your debt from any and all outstanding loans as well. This will allow you to save plenty on interest payments because you will be charged the same interest on all your payments.

    Additional fees involved in balance transfer

    You may have come across the promotional offers offered by most leading banks and financial institutions in Singapore offering 0% balance transfer facility to customers. Although this offer seems too good to be passed on, what you must know is that there is a separate fee involved when using balance transfer. For each balance transfer that you make, you will be charged a balance transfer fee (processing fee) which is separate to the interest charged. Therefore, if you are enjoying the promotional 0% balance transfer facility on your card, you will still be charged a balance transfer fee for your transactions during this period. This fee, however, will depend on the amount of transfer involved, typically ranging between 1% and 3% of the transferred amount. So, the more amount transferred, the higher the fee charged.

    New purchases do not necessarily qualify for promotional interest rates

    The 0% interest rate for your balance transfer is more often than not applicable only on existing purchases and transfers made. Any purchases that you make once you have transferred your balance from various credit cards onto a single card may not be applicable for the promotional rate offered by the bank. Therefore, it is advisable to read the terms and conditions for the promotion that the bank is offering you before you start using this card for all your purchases assuming you are enjoying the same rates as your transferred balance on this card. There are some banks, however, that charge a higher APR (Applied Percentage Rate) and make the promotion applicable even to new purchases. All the terms and conditions concerning the promotional rates of balance transfer may not be communicated to you, thereby making it your responsibility to read them carefully before you put your signature on the application.

    If promotional interest rate is not applicable on new purchases, avoid using your card for such purchases

    If the promotion offered does not extend to new purchases made on your card after availing the balance transfer facility, there is a possibility of being charged with dual interest rates. It is advisable to avoid making new purchases on your card at least after the elapse of your promotion because you will be charged a lower interest rate on your existing purchases and a higher interest rate on your new purchases not included in the balance transfer. Therefore, you will be paying 2 separate interest rates. As the interest rate will vary for existing and new purchases, it is better to avoid making new purchases until you clear your balance transfer debt.

    Make full outstanding payments during the Promotional Period

    As you will be charged 0% interest during the promotional period of using balance transfer, it makes sense to clear as much debt as possible during this interest-free period. However, you will have to make sure that you can pay the service/processing fee for the transfer. Even with this fee you will save significantly during the payments made during the promotional period because you will also be charged interest along with this fee after the promotional period expires.

    Minimum payments and late payments

    Unlike other lines of credit, in a balance transfer you do not need to pay a fixed amount each month. Similar to a credit card, you will have an outstanding amount due and a minimum payment that you need to make. You can decide how much you wish to pay. However, if you do not at least pay the minimum due, you will incur a late payment fee which can range anywhere between S$60 and S$130 (give or take a few dollars).

    Switching balance transfer facility after the elapse of the 0% interest promotion

    It is very tempting to simply switch banks after your 0% interest promotion on your balance transfer with the existing bank elapses. This way you can continue enjoying interest free payments on your balance transfer. However, doing so will damage your credit score significantly. This is mainly because you will continue to have open low interest accounts but your overall debt will not decrease. This will make all future potential lenders see you as a risk because you are opening multiple balance transfer facilities but you are unable to contain your overall debt. With this reflecting on your credit report and crippling your credit score, it will make it extremely difficult for you to get approval on any banking product or service in the future.

    Upon the elapse of the introductory/promotional offer you will be charged with the actual interest rate of your credit card + the balance transfer fee. Therefore, pick a credit card with the lowest interest rate charged instead of just any random card thinking you are charged a 0% interest anyway. It might save you a couple of bucks initially but cost you plenty when the ‘honeymoon period’ on your balance transfer facility comes to an end.

    In the end you must understand that a balance transfer is not a shortcut to ridding yourself off your debts. Transferring your debt and actually repaying it are 2 separate things. Balance transfer can help you save on interest by transferring debt from your high interest credit lines. However, it does not actually rid you of your debt. Your debt will be repaid only when you start making payments even after the balance transfer. You can repay your debt faster if you make full outstanding payments during the promotional period where no interest will be charged and you will be paying less and saving more in the long run.

    Credit Card Balance Transfer in Singapore

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