CPF Singpass Online Services

To enjoy the online services of CPF, you need to visit the CPF website and login using your Singpass ID. Getting a SingPass ID is easy if you have a government identification document. SingPass is not a CPF-specific login, but is a tool that will get you entry to all your government websites.

What is SingPass?

Singapore Personal Access, known as SingPass, was introduced in March 2003. Over 60 government agencies offering their services online can be accessed using SingPass. This one-stop username and password is very useful both from the government’s perspective and the user’s – while the government can easily collate and coordinate the data of Singapore citizens, Permanent Residents and foreign residents and workers, the users can access multiple services without having to remember too many usernames and passwords.

Registering For SingPass:

To register yourself for a SingPass ID, you must have one of the following:

  1. NRIC or Passport
  2. Employment pass, personalised employment pass or EntrePass
  3. S Pass card
  4. Work permit card

Long term pass card or valid work pass from the Ministry of Manpower

With these documents, you can obtain your SingPass either online through the SingPass website or via CPF Online Request Service, or by applying at the nearest SingPass counter on the island. There are over 45 counters where SingPass can be obtained, including 6 CPF service centres.

SingPass ID Protection:

SingPass is regularly reviewed and taken down for maintenance in order to ensure protection of personal data of the Singaporeans. In 2015, the SingPass system was upgraded with new user interface, mobile/smartphone compatibility and stronger security features. Some of the protection measures applicable are:

  • There are password-change prompts once in 2 years.
  • Inactive accounts are liable to be hacked or used by cyber criminals. Passwords of accounts that have not been used for over 3 years will be reset.
  • If there are 3 failed login attempts, users have to enter a random security code. This will help prevent brute force or virus attacks on the account.
  • If any change is made to the account holder’s personal information, the user will get an email notification on their registered email address.
  • A 2-step verification procedure – with a One-Time Password or OneKey Token – is required for sensitive transactions.

Please remember that SingPass account can be requested by 1 individual only once in their lifetime. Anyone holding multiple SingPass could be considered a fraudulent person.

CPF Online Services

Almost all CPF services can be availed online, saving you the trouble of visiting their offices. The options available on the CPF website’s ‘Services’ page and myCPF online platform are:

E-Cashier Service

To make online payments to the CPF, you can use the eNETS Debit payment method. The banks participating in this system are: DBS/POSB, UOB, Citibank, OCBC and Standard Chartered Bank.

GIRO Application Status

You can check the status of your Direct Debit Authorisation/GIRO Application under:

  • CPF for Employees
  • Business Foreign Worker Levy
  • Domestic Foreign Worker Levy
  • Medisave and/or Voluntary Contributions for Self-Employed persons
  • Voluntary Contributions for salaried persons
  • Student Education Loan Repayment

Check Medisave Liabilities

To check the Medisave liabilities details, you need to fill in your CPF Account Number and date of birth and submit to the page.

CPF Appointment Service

You can create appointments to see Customer Service Executives at one of the CPF offices with this option. You can also reschedule, cancel or check the appointment here. There are also demonstrative videos that help you perform the task properly.

CPF e-Medical Appointment Service

When applying for cover or benefits under the Home Protection Scheme (HPS), you may be needed to undergo medical examination. You can check your appointment date and time or reschedule it through this option. You cannot cancel the appointment.

CPF Web-Linkup Service

This service is aimed at making CPF functions more convenient for you. The web link-up service authorises the Board to release a screenshot of your CPF statement online to registered financial institutions, such as banks, through their own websites. You will be able to see the statement on your myCPF Online before it is released to the financial institution.

SMS alerts

You can subscribe to the following SMS alerts through myCPF Online:

  • Non-payment of CPF Contribution Alert for Members
  • Notification on your Nomination Details Application Status
  • Notification on CPF Investment Transactions
  • Reminder for CPF Appointment
  • Reminder for CPF e-Medical Appointment

Downloadable forms

All sort of forms required for each of the CPF schemes, nominations and withdrawals, can be found in the ‘Services’ section of CPF website. You can download them, fill it up and send it with attachments as required.

My CPF Online Services

You can access your CPF account and do transactions at your convenience through this online service. You can also check your CPF statement, the balance in your accounts, create requests and applications related to your CPF accounts, loans and schemes, check the status of your applications, view messages from the CPF Board to you, as well as subscribe for email and SMS alerts, and update your personal/contact information. Let us look at some of the myCPF options in detail:

My Statement

This is a summnary of all your CPF balances and statements in a single page. It tells you how much CPF balance is available for use in various schemes and investment, and how much has been used already.

Amount Available

This shows the amount available for your use under different schemes as on the date specified on the statement. There will be 2 options under this:

  • Investment
  • Education

Net Amount Used

This is the amount used under the various schemes as on the date specified on the statement. This will further have 3 options:

  • Property
  • Investments
  • Education

For more options, you can choose the relevant subject link, which will take you to the page you requested.

My Requests

This allows a member to apply for various schemes and services. Some of the key options available here are:

  • Retirement schemes
  • CPF Withdrawal at age 55
  • Property
  • Healthcare Matters
  • Investment
  • Insurance
  • Education/Dependants' Education
  • Nomination Details
  • Withdrawal on Non-Retirement Grounds (Death, Leaving Singapore and Medical Grounds)
  • GIRO Matters
  • Self-Employed Matters
  • Transfer money from Ordinary Account to Special Account
  • Opt out of hard copy of Yearly Statement of Account

My Messages

Here, you will be able to see important messages about your CPF accounts. Personalised messages about schemes and account balances such as withdrawals, minimum sum scheme, MediShield, Government Bridging Loan, Dependants’ Protection Scheme/Home Protection Scheme, Discounted SingTel Shares, Education scheme, nominations, etc. will be seen here. You can save the messages for further reference as well.

My Activities

This service gives you the status – in progress, approved, rejected, etc. – of your online or physical transactions with the Board.

My e-Concierge

Through this, a member can submit a request to locate a transaction that you are unable to find in your profile.

While online transactions are convenient, it also leaves you open to cyber-crime. Losing your SingPass ID could lead to identity theft, which means that you have to ensure that you do not give your password to anyone else, or protect your computers or cloud accounts against hacking, phishing and virus attacks.

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