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HL Assurance is a part of Hong Leong Group that is Malaysia-based, but also caters to various other markets in Asia. HL Assurance is a licensed insurer and a member of the General Insurance Association in Singapore. It provides a lot of financial services, especially in the insurance sector. Let us look at the car insurance by HL Assurance, which is called Car Protect360.

Features and Benefits of HL Assurance Car Protect360:

  • Coverage not only for car, but also for you and your family. It will cover all the passengers who were seated in the car, according to the seating capacity of the vehicle.
  • Free car maintenance services if you go to the appointed repairers.
  • All day and night roadside assistance provided.
  • Getting a claim or a quotation is hassle- free.

No Claim Discounts Offered by Car Protect360

This is an optional benefit that gives up to 50% discount if you don’t make any claims over a specific number of years. You may need to pay an additional premium for it. Your first claim will be protected, but the second claim will reduce the NCD by 20% when you renew the policy.

You are not allowed to transfer the protected NCD to another insurer.

What Does HL Assurance Car Insurance Policy Cover?

The coverage offered by Car Protect360 is as follows:

Aspect Coverage amount
Loss/damage by fire, theft, riots, strike or natural calamities Up to the value of the car at the time of loss/damage
Loss/damage to the accessories in the car like audio, video and other equipment Up to S$1,000
Windscreen cover Unlimited when repaired at HL Assurance approved repairer, or else S$100
Repairs after car accident Excess is half when repaired at HL Assurance approved repairer
Damage of Third Party Property Up to S$5 million
Death/damage/injury to a third party or their property The coverage amount can be unlimited
Coverage of medical expenses in case of involvement in an accident, including all the passengers and the policyholder Up to S$1,000 for each
Benefits to policyholder, authorised driver and passengers Policyholder: Up to S$20,000

Passengers: Up to S$10,000

Authorised Driver: Up to S$10,000

If repairs last beyond 3 days, a daily transport allowance S$50 per day up to S$1,000
Self-repair of minor issues After application of policy excess, you get up to S$300
Towing after accident Up to S$500


There are many exclusions to this policy. A few of the circumstances in which you won’t me able to make a claim are:

  • Any amount higher than the own damage excess as determined and the GST.
  • Young and/or Inexperienced Driver Excess of S$3,000 and its applicable GST.
  • Wear and tear, depreciation of the vehicle or its equipment.
  • Loss/damage of equipment in the car not installed by manufacturers.
  • Loss/damage of personal belongings in the car.
  • Death/injury occurring due to attempted suicide or under intoxication.
  • Tyres will not be replaced, if you claim that they were the only part of the car that was damaged in an accident.

For further details, refer to the official website or the policy wordings properly.

How to Make a Claim

You need to submit documents that support your claim either by mail ([email protected]), by fax (6224 1923) or by post to HL Assurance office, 11 Keppel Road, #11-01 ABI Plaza, Singapore 089057.

In case you have received any communication from a third party, you should forward it to HL Assurance and they will deal with it.

Documents Required to Claim HL Assurance Motor Insurance, as applicable to your claim:

  • A report of the accident
  • A filled-out form for the claim
  • A police report
  • Medical report
  • Proof of expenses like bills/invoices
  • Other documents that support your claim

How to Cancel Car Protect360 insurance

You may cancel this policy by informing the company in writing or by phone and returning the original policy. They will cancel the policy from the date they receive the original Certificate of Insurance. You will receive a refund of a part of the premium if you cancel before 8 months of policy commencement.

HL Assurance Car Protect360 contact details

Emergency contact number (hotline): +65 6922 6009


Q. What is meant by NCD?

A. No Claim Discount (NCD) is the discount you get on the premium amount every renewal year, based on the number of years you do not make a claim on the policy.

Q. If I was involved in an accident where it was not my fault, can I make a claim without affecting my NCD?

A. You can make a claim if you were injured in that accident. However, If the bank cannot get the amount from the third party, your NCD will be affected.

Q. How can I know the market value of my car?

A. The market value means how much would you get if you sell your car now. This can be understood by considering the prices at showrooms, newspapers or websites. The make, features, model, the age of the vehicle will primarily determine the market value.

Q. Should I agree for a private settlement from a third party?

A. You may agree for it but make sure you take it in writing from them.

Q. Is it necessary to inform the police if I was at fault in an accident?

A. Yes, it is necessary to file a report to make a claim.

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