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    Singapore Petroleum Company (SPC) is a fully-owned subsidiary of PetroChina and has widespread presence on the island. It offers fuel at competitive prices and is as popular in the region as Esso, Caltex or Shell. It has partnered with several credit cards to offer discounts to loyal customers. If you have an SPC&U Loyalty Card in addition to one of the credit cards mentioned below, then you can save up to 24% on petrol cost. Let us look at some of the fuel credit cards that are best for use at SPC:

    POSB Everyday Card:

    The POSB Everyday Card gives you up to 21% discount on petrol purchase at SPC. How you really earn this is – a 5% discount on the net bill courtesy POSB, plus 10% discount if you have the SPC&U Card, and 6% Everyday cash rebate on the remaining amount.

    Benefits to consider: The POSB Everyday Card also gives you 9% cash rebate on weekend dining and 3% cash rebate on weekday dining, 5% cash rebate on transactions made outside Singapore, 5% cash rebate on grocery shopping at Sheng Siong, 3% cash rebate at Watsons personal care store, 1% cash rebate on recurring utility bills from SP services and StarHub, and 0.3% cash rebate on all other payments made through the credit card.

    UOB One Card:

    The UOB One Card offers up to 25% concession on payments for fuel at SPC. So you get:

    • 5% off as part of UOB credit card promotion;
    • 10% discount if you have an SPC&U card;
    • 5% concession on every S$51 spent;
    • Additional 5% cash rebate if you spend S$2,000 each month with at least 3 transactions in the qualifying quarter OR extra 3.33% cash rebate on spending up to S$1,000 every month in 3 transactions in a quarter.

    Benefits to consider: UOB One’s key attraction is the cash rebates it gives. You can save on practically all spends in a month. You get up to 5% cash rebate every quarter on all spends if you make at least 5 transactions every month, amounting to S$2,000. If your monthly credit card expenses are up to S$1,000, you are eligible for a 3.33% cash rebate. You also get up to 20.8% savings at Shell petrol stations. You can also eat out in peace with up to 50% discounts at selected restaurants island-wide. UOB One credit card also adds up to the interest rate on your UOB One savings account.

    Other UOB credit cards:

    Under the UOB Fuel Power programme, all UOB credit cards (except the American Express cards and UOB JCB credit card) can earn you up to 20% discounts at SPC. This includes the SPC&U discount of 10%, UOB discount of 5%, and an additional UOB credit card cash rebate of 5%. You can also encash your UNI$ for instant cash rebates at SPC stations.

    Benefits to consider: UOB credit cards come with privileges such as dining discounts, UNI$ rewards programme, and SMART$ rebate programme, all of which are guaranteed to help you save with each dollar you spend.

    DBS credit cards:

    You can get up to 15% discount on petrol purchases using any DBS credit card, except DBS Esso MasterCard. This includes 10% concession for SPC&U members and 5% card discount.

    Benefits to consider: DBS is one of Singapore’s indigenous banking corporations that offers several customer-friendly products and services. DBS credit cards come with dining, shopping and travel privileges, as well as cash rebates, DBS Points, and special brand tie-ups.

    American Express credit cards:

    As per the SPC website, you can get 15% concession on petrol cost at SPC stations by using American Express credit cards.

    Benefits to consider: American Express credit cards are for the truly classy persons. Though an average AmEx card has a higher annual fee than those of other banks, they come with a host of privileges. These include not just dining, shopping and travel perks, but also special lifestyle benefits such as concierge and 24x7 assistance services.

    So which card gives the best SPC savings?

    If your general monthly credit card expenses are S$2,000 or more, then it makes sense to use the UOB One card at SPC stations for the maximum discount of 24%. POSB Everyday Card does not have any minimum monthly expense criteria for rewarding the maximum fuel discount of 21%, so if you don’t spend too much on your credit cards in general but want petrol discounts, this is a better card to have. On the other hand, if your key focus is to get luxury privileges alongside fuel discounts, you can go for American Express cards. DBS cards can be used if your primary reason for having a credit card is not just savings and rewards but also comfort and convenience.

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