• What are you covered for when you buy a health insurance plan in Singapore?

    A health insurance plan provides you with a wide range of coverage options depending on the kind of policy you choose. When you become a health insurance policyholder, you can surely avoid financial stress during unfortunate medical circumstances. Your procedures for claims and reimbursements will be easy and hassle-free when you choose a suitable health insurance policy.

    Take a look at what are covered under a comprehensive health insurance plan you buy in Singapore:

    • Inpatient hospitalisation charges
      • On a daily basis, you will be covered for room, board and a wide range of medical-related services such as treatment charges, prescription fee, medical consumables, medical tests, laboratory examinations, and other medical charges.
      • Surgical benefits include surgeon’s charges, fees for an anesthetist, facility fees, and operating theatre charges.
      • Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and treatment fees include:
        • Medical consumables
        • Doctor’s attendance fees
        • Meals
        • Prescriptions
        • Medical tests
        • Laboratory exams
        • Other miscellaneous medical charges.
      • Surgical procedures, approved medical consumables, and surgical implants.
      • You will be covered for surgical implants such as:
        • Intra-aortic balloons (or balloon catheters)
        • Intravascular electrodes used for electrophysiological procedures
        • Intraocular lens for cataracts
        • Percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty (PTCA) balloons
        • And more
      • Coverage for Gamma Knife and Novalis radiosurgery.
      • Coverage for a major organ transplantation- this includes coverage for kidney, cornea, heart, liver, or lung transplantation.
      • Offers cover for stem cell transplant surgery.
    • Outpatient treatments
      • Coverage for cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, stereotactic radiotherapy, immunotherapy, brachytherapy, and radiotherapy.
      • Offers cover for expensive outpatient treatments like kidney dialysis, erythropoietin therapy for treating chronic renal failure and immunosuppressant for organ transplantation.
      • For outpatient kidney dialysis, cancer treatments, and erythropoietin for chronic renal failure treatment, expenses related to consultation fees of the physician, drugs, prescriptions, medicines, diagnostic tests, and laboratory examinations that are instructed by the physician should be incurred within a span of 30 days before the treatment has been initiated. If expenses incur post completion of the treatment, it will not be covered.
    • Pre-hospitalisation treatments
      • Offers cover for your expenses related to consultations of the doctor, laboratory examinations, medical tests and medication that you are subjected to in a period of 180 days prior to getting hospitalised.
    • Post-hospitalisation treatments
      • You get coverage for all your expenses related to follow-up treatments post your hospitalisation. You can claim for your post-hospitalisation coverage for up to 1 year from the time you got discharged from the hospital.
      • Post-hospitalisation charges include:
        • Consultation fees of the physician
        • Medical services
        • Prescriptions
        • Drugs and medicines
        • Diagnostic tests and laboratory examinations prescribed by the physician
        • When you undergo physiotherapy under the guidance of a well-qualified physiotherapist based on your physician’s recommendation.
    • Emergency Overseas Inpatient Treatment
      • Your expenses will be covered by the health insurance policy when you are hospitalized while you are overseas due to an emergency condition.
      • As per the current exchange rates on the day you are discharged from the hospital, your overseas claimable money will be changed to Singapore dollars.
    • Accidental Inpatient Dental Treatment
      • When you are getting your natural teeth removed, replaced or restored due to an accident with the help of a surgical procedure that is executed by a physician, your expenses will be covered.
    • Maternity benefits
      • Get coverage for pre and post-natal treatments, charges applicable for a miscarriage, expenses pertaining to delivery, also includes services related to newborn.
      • For the initial 90 days since birth, your newborn will get coverage for congenital conditions.
      • Pregnancy complications that results in hospitalisation.
    • Cashless hospitalisation
    • Your insurance provider will be affiliated with a list of hospitals in Singapore. When you are in need of cashless hospitalisation, you are expected to display your insurance ID to the hospital authorities. Later, your insurance provider will be contacted for all your payments instead of you. Your bills for non-medical products that were utilised in order to take care of you will not be covered under cashless hospitalisation. The non-medical products include surgical gloves, bed pads, etc.

    • Other additional benefits
      • For diagnosed conditions, you will get coverage for medical second opinion services.
      • You will be covered under inpatient hospitalisation when you are getting your treatment in a community hospital.
      • You will get coverage when you are diagnosed with one of the critical illnesses listed in your policy.
      • Few of the health insurance providers offer you lifetime renewal and the renewal does not depend on your medical health.
      • Some of the insurers provide free medical insurance plans for your children.
      • You can add an optional dental cover.
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    When you have a health insurance policy, you can always focus on recovering from your health issues rather than thinking about how to meet your medical expenses. Always go for a health insurance plan that suits your specific needs. Go through the policy in detail to understand the kind of coverage it offers to you.

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