• UOB Travel Insurance Singapore

    UOB Travel Insurance Singapore

    United Overseas Bank is one of the major banks across the globe that offers lucrative financial services and products. With Insure & Travel, the travel insurance plan from UOB, you can enjoy great benefits and coverage.

    Types of UOB Travel Insurance Plans:

    There are two types of travel insurance plans provided by United Overseas Bank. They are as follows:

    • Preferred Plan
    • Essential Plan

    Features and Benefits of UOB Travel Insurance:

    This travel insurance plan offers a myriad of attractive features and perks that can prove to be extremely beneficial for you.

    • You can avail benefits even before you start your trip when you are covered under Insure & Travel. Enjoy coverage in case of cancellation or loss of deposit for Trip Postponement.
    • Avail coverage in the event of accidental death or total permanent disability. Indemnity can be increased when you are on a public conveyance that is scheduled.
    • Get unlimited coverage for expenses related to repatriation of mortal remains.
    • Your kid’s education fund is covered under the Essential Plan.
    • Any dental or medical expense incurred in a foreign country is covered under Insure & Travel.
    • Avail coverage for repatriation and emergency medical evacuation.
    • When you return to Singapore with a health condition after being treated in a foreign country, you can avail follow-up treatment and medical expenses.
    • The Chiropractic Treatment costs and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medical) Treatment costs are covered.
    • For any emergency medical help, the charges for your mobile phone are covered.
    • Avail allowance for hospital confinement.
    • Avail compassionate cover when a friend or relative visits. Also, your child’s caretaker costs are covered under Compassionate Support.
    • You are covered under this plan in events of trip cancellation, trip curtailment, travel delay, etc.
    • Avail coverage in case of baggage delay.
    • In the event of flight deviation, you can enjoy lump sum coverage.
    • You are covered against events like kidnapping and hijacking.
    • Avail coverage for misconnection in travel.
    • Enjoy exclusive benefits and coverage if you are a UOB card holder like Credit Protector Liability and Credit Card Indemnity.
    • Enjoy several more benefits that include Rental Vehicle Excess, Personal Liability, Home Protection, etc.
    • Avail coverage against acts of terrorism that includes biological, chemical and nuclear terrorism.
    • Enjoy travel assistance when you are overseas.


    • Main Exclusions:
      • Nuclear Hazards.
      • Government Acts and War Risks.
      • Unreasonable attention and care.
      • Self-inflicted illness or injury.
      • Mountaineering, motor sports, vehicle racing, underwater activities except scuba diving in presence of a diving instructor.
      • AIDS or any other complexity related to AIDS.
      • Drug abuse or alcoholism.
      • Medical conditions that are already there.
    • Medical Expenses:
      • Non-essential surgery or treatment.
      • Medical attention and treatment being the purpose of the trip.
    • Curtailment and: Cancellation:
      • Failing to notify the tour operator or travel agent or provider of accommodation and transport in the event of trip curtailment or cancellation.
    • Travel Delay:
      • Failing to check-in as per the travel itinerary.
      • Any industrial action or strike that already existed at the time of buying the insurance policy.
    • Baggage and Money
      • General wear and tear.
      • Detention or confiscation by customs.
      • Damage to articles that are fragile.
      • Baggage losses that are not reported immediately.
    • Personal Liability:
      • Injury caused to the insured’s family or employees.
      • Liability that arises due to use of watercraft, aircraft and vehicles.


    • You must be a Singaporean citizen or a permanent resident with valid work permit and employment pass.
    • The maximum age up to when you can enroll for the annual Multi trip plan is 70 years.
    • You must be domiciled in Singapore.
    • The Family plan can include the policyholder, spouse and any number of children.
    • The trip undertaken should not be for undergoing medical treatments.
    • Customers ages over 70 years are not eligible to be enrolled under the Preferred plan.
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