Multiple banks. Different interest rates. Call it a "conflict of interest".

    Best UOB Personal Loan Interest Rates Updates

    UOB is a widely used banking institution in Singapore and has a long history of serving top-notch products to its customers. They offer a wide range of banking products and wealth management services. Among the more sought after products are the personal loans. UOB personal loans come in different packages, each with its own unique features offering benefits tailored for specific purposes. Borrowers can tide over various financial requirements with the help of these loans. Below are the main features of each loan and their interest rates.

    The UOB Personal loan allows borrowers to meet their financial requirements whilst keeping the repayments low. Borrowers can make payments as low as S$0.80 per day. The loan offers a tenure that can range from 12 months to 5 years. The minimum loan amount available for this loan is S$1,000. Let us discuss the interest rates (p.a.) for this personal loan product:

    Loan Tenure Flat rate Effective Interest rate
    12 months 7.25% p.a. 13.12% p.a.
    24 months 7.25% p.a. 13.35% p.a.
    36 months 7.25% p.a. 13.26% p.a.
    48 months 7.25% p.a. 12.25% p.a.
    60 months 7.25% p.a. 12.09% p.a.

    UOB CashPlus Interest Rates

    The loan offers high amounts of up to S$200,000 and offers borrowers easy access to the funds provided. Borrowers can get a loan amount up to 6 times their monthly salary. The loan offers two modes of repayment one of which is flexible repayments where the minimum payment is as low as 2.5% of the loan amount or S$30 per month. The other is fixed repayments where borrowers can pay through fixed instalments with tenures ranging from 12 months to 5 years. The loan also provides the borrowers with a UOB CashPlus Visa credit card which earns a cash rebate of 1.5% on all online and retail expenses charged to the card.

    Loan tenure Interest rate (per month)
    12 months 1.65%

    Prevailing rate of interest is 19.8% p.a. However, if the borrower fails to make the minimum payment by the specified due date, a penalty interest rate of 25.8% p.a. for three consecutive calendar months is charged. If the borrower makes the payments on time for three consecutive months, the interest rate returns back to the prevailing rate of interest.

    UOB Funds Transfer Rates

    With the UOB Funds Transfer, customers can better manage their finances by consolidating outstanding balances from other banks. Let us discuss the interest rates (p.a.) for this personal loan product:

    Loan tenure Processing Fees EIR for UOB cards EIR for UOB CashPlus
    3 months 1.49% p.a. 6.11% p.a. 6.08% p.a.
    6 months 2.50% p.a. 5.34% p.a. 5.27% p.a.
    12 months 3.88% p.a. (for online application) 4.49% p.a. (for online application) 4.37% p.a. (for online application)
    18 months 4.88% p.a. 4.09% p.a. 3.92% p.a.

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    UOB Debt Consolidation Rates

    The UOB Debt Consolidation Plan allows borrowers to manage finances more efficiently by consolidating all their other payments into one single payment. With this loan, the borrower has to only worry about one payment date. This loan also offers a promotional rate of interest. Borrowers can also receive a complimentary UOB Visa Platinum credit card. The tenure of the debt consolidation loan can go as high as 72 months.

    The prevailing rate of interest on the UOB Debt Consolidation loan is 4.99% p.a. or an Effective Interest Rate (EIR) of 9.04% p.a. Borrowers can also enjoy a promotional interest rate offer. For new customers, the EIR is 8.22% p.a. For existing customers, the EIR is 9.04% p.a. Both the promotional interest rates are for a tenure of 6 years.Once the promotional period expires, the rate of interest returns to the prevailing rate.

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