• UOB FD Promotion

    UOB is one of the largest Singaporean multinational banking corporations headquartered at Singapore. UOB provides you with savings accounts, fixed deposits, insurance products, personal loans, a range of asset instruments and more. You can breathe easy knowing that your money is in safe hands.

    UOB Fixed Deposit Promotion Singapore

    UOB offers a variety of fixed deposits, these include Singapore Dollar Fixed Deposit as well as Foreign Currency Fixed Deposit. Mentioned below are some of the best time deposit promotions offered by UOB currently.

    UOB Singapore Dollar Fixed Deposit Promotion Rates

    The UOB Singapore Dollar Fixed Deposit is one of the most popular time deposits in the city-state. UOB is now offering a promotional interest rate on this scheme. Check it out below:

    Minimum Placement Tenor Promotion Validity
    S$20,000 10 months 1.20% p.a. 31 January 2018

    Terms and Conditions

    • This offer is available only for individual customers.
    • The 10-month special interest rate will only apply if you hold your money in the account till maturity.
    • You’ll have to make fresh investments of S$20,000. The offer won’t apply if you transfer money from currently held savings, fixed or current accounts with the bank to your Singapore Dollar Fixed Deposit account. You can’t use UOB cheques for transferring money, either.
    • The maximum amount that you can deposit under this promotional offer is S$999,999,999.
    • The 10-month promotional rate will be calculated on a daily basis.

    Eligibility for the Promotional Offer

    • To be eligible for this promotion, you’ll have to be 15 years old or more.

    UOB Foreign Currency Fixed Deposit Promotion Rates

    UOB Global Currency Premium Account holders will enjoy promotional interest rates on select foreign currencies with a minimum placement amount of 50,000 units.

    Minimum Placement Promotion Validity
    USD50,000 1.30% p.a. 31 January 2018
    AUD50,000 0.30% p.a. 31 January 2018
    GBP50,000 0.55% 31 January 2018


    Eligibility for the Promotional Offer

    • New and existing customers are eligible for this promotion. However, the initial deposit amount must be made in fresh funds only. Existing account holders can top up their existing accounts with 50,000 units in the respective currency to earn promotional rates.
    • You must fill and submit the “participation form” to any of the bank branches the same day you make the fresh funds deposit in this account to benefit from this promotion.

    For further information on these promotions or for full terms and conditions, please contact UOB.

    Why choose UOB Bank fixed deposits?

    Here are some of the reason why UOB term deposit products are one of the best in Singapore:

    • You get flexibility in duration of your deposit. The deposits can be made for less than 7 days to 36 months for Singapore dollar FDs and for 1 week to 1 year for foreign currency FDs.
    • The interest rate offered by UOB is competitive and high compared to many other banks.
    • The minimum deposit amounts are quite low for UOB Bank FDs.
    • You can automatically renew the time deposit if it matures and you don’t want to withdraw the money.
    • You can borrow money against your fixed deposit account as a secured overdraft.
    • You can link your account to UOB Internet Banking and operate the account online with no hassle.
    • Fixed deposits of up to S$50,000 at the UOB Bank are insured against loss under the Deposit Insurance Scheme of Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation.

    Check out UOB Bank Hotline numbers for any queries regarding your Fixed Deposit Account.

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