Allianz Global Assistance Travel Insurance

Allianz Global Assistance Travel InsuranceAllianz Global Assistance travel insurance service to customers who are looking for a comprehensive policy. The policy not only helps you plan your trips well but also allows you to benefit from a highly dedicated support service. The plans provide optimal level of protection for both families and individuals. You can also choose from coverage options for single trips and yearly multi-trips.

With Allianz Global Assistance Travel Insurance, you will be covered 24/7, and wherever you are. Almost everybody can be covered under this travel insurance plan. These include Singaporeans and foreigners who have permanent resident proof, or work permits, or employment passes, or students’ passes.

Types of Travel Insurance Provided by Allianz Global Assistance

There are three types of travel policies provided by Allianz Global Assistance. These include:

  1. Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance: This policy can prove really useful in helping you plan your trips, in case you’re travelling more than three times a year. The insurance policy covers for your travel and medical expenses when you’re planning multiple trips in a year. You can travel to any specific destination, and the policy will cover you up to a period of 90 days for each trip.

    With this plan, you don’t have to worry about purchasing another travel policy everytime you plan a trip. Besides, the plan comes with two types of cover – Silver Plan priced S$322 onwards and Gold Plan priced S$479 onwards. You receive 24/7 coverage throughout the world, and paperless online claims can be submitted in minutes.

  2. Single Trip Travel Insurance: This plan would best fit you if you don’t travel very frequently, and if your travel plans doesn’t exceed three times within a year. This plan can also be opted for if you’re planning a long voyage. The insurance policy covers overseas expenses related to medical diagnosis and treatment. It also covers expenses pertaining to hospitalisation and accidents. Besides, the policy includes other situations such as theft, loss of luggage, delay in travel, passport loss, etc.

    The insurance plan provides coverage up to a maximum period of 180 days, for any destination you plan to visit. This plan has three different coverage types to choose from - Bronze Plan priced S$27 onwards, Silver Plan priced S$37 onwards, and Gold Plan priced S$43 onwards. Besides, this plan also comes with paperless claims which can be made online within a jiffy. With this plan you can access 24/7 global assistance.

  3. Family Trip Travel Insurance: Making travel plans with your family can come with its own downside. People can fall sick during the trip, or face fatalities due to accidents. To help deal with such instances and provide protection for your close ones, you can opt for the Allianz Global Assistance Family Travel Insurance policy. Such a policy covers for emergencies of medical nature, theft, loss of baggage, and other such instances.

    The plan can be chosen for both single trips and multi-trip plans. The plan is available in three cover types – Bronze Plan priced S$58 onwards, Silver Plan priced S$87 onwards, and Gold Plan priced S$121 onwards. When you purchase the plan, ensure quoting all the members who would travel with you. With this plan too, you can submit paperless claims online within couple of minutes, and you can access 24/7 assistance throughout the world.

Allianz Global Assistance Travel Coverage

The following table illustrates the limit extended against different cover features, across three different plans:

Coverage Amount

Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance plan

Single Trip Travel Insurance plan

Family Trip Travel Insurance plan

Personal accident S$1 million S$400,000 S$400,000
Death due to accident and permanent disablement S$80,000 S$35,000 S$35,000
Overseas medical expense due to sickness S$1 million S$400,000 S$400,000
Medical expense in Singapore for outpatient treatment S$25,000 S$12,500 S$12,500
Personal liability S$800,000 S$600,000 S$600,000
Trip cancellation cover and loss of deposits S$15,000 S$10,000 S$10,000
Lost baggage cover for checked-in luggage S$12,000 S$7,000 S$7,000
Lost document cover S$7,500 S$5,000 S$5,000
Terrorism and hostage crisis cover S$80,000 S$35,000 S$35,000

The limit for the cover in each of the three plans only indicate the bare minimum that you might get when you opt for the most basic package in each case, and these limits will change according to package chosen.

Key Benefits of Buying This Policy

The primary benefits of this travel policy include:

  • The policy has coverage options for both individuals and families, on a single trip and multi-trip travel plan basis.
  • You can get a quote in a jiffy in case you want to opt for a particular plan.
  • Claims can be submitted within few minutes through online paperless option.
  • Payments can be made online in a safe manner.
  • With this plan, you have 24/7 access to medical and support from Allianz Global Assistance throughout the globe.

How to Apply for Allianz Global Assistance Travel Insurance

You can apply for this travel policy in few quick and simple steps. To begin with, you must visit the online quotation page. Next you must choose the type of cover, which could be single trip or yearly multi-trips. You must also provide details surrounding the destination and duration of the trip. You also have the option of choosing plans for either individual protection or family protection. In case you opt for the Family Trip Travel Insurance plan, you have to specify the number of family members who would be travelling and their respective dates of birth. Once you have chosen the preferred plan, you can go ahead and make the payment online safely through MasterCard, Visa, or Worldpay.

Once you have made the payment, you will immediately receive a confirmation email where the Certificate of Insurance and Policy Wordings would be stated. The policy number is stated in the Certificate of Insurance. This number has to be quoted each time you seek quick assistance.

How to Make a Claim

Allianz Global Assistance has a dedicated online portal where you can submit your claims within a few minutes. To file a claim, you have to submit your personal details. Next, you must select the benefits against which you’re going to make a claim. You have to also upload scanned copies for photos of the supporting documents. You can conclude the process by providing details of your bank account under the ‘Payment Details’ section.

However, if the claims are of medical and dental nature, you have to send the original supporting documents and an acknowledgement mail copy to the address at 12 Marina View, #14-01 Asia Square Tower 2 Singapore 018961. You can also call +65 6327 2215 or drop an email to [email protected], in case you face trouble in submitting the claims online through the claim portal.

Check your Eligibility for Allianz Global Assistance Travel Insurance

The travel insurance plan can be applied by Singaporean citizens and permanent residents, who plan to travel overseas. Foreigners who work in Singapore and have a valid employment pass can also opt for this travel policy. With regards to age, one must be at least 18 years of age to be eligible for purchasing this travel protection directly from the website.

Allianz Global Assistance Hotline

In case you have any queries, or are faced with an emergency scenario, you can call the 24 Hour Emergency Assistance Hotline at +65 6327 2215.


Q. Can business travelers purchase this policy?

A. Yes, business travelers are eligible to purchase this travel insurance policy.

Q. Can I buy the policy if the journey has already started?

A. No, even if you purchase the travel insurance policy, it won’t be applicable if your trip had already started.

Q. Can my policy be issued after the travel has already been commenced?

A. No, the travel insurance policy needs to be issued prior to the commencement of the travel.

Q. How do I change my personal information in the policy?

A. In order to change your policy details, you have to let Allianz Global Assistance know about the amendments in writing.

Q. Which countries are not covered under this policy?

A. If you’re travelling through or to Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Sudan, Liberia, and the Democratic Republic of Congo, the policy won’t be applicable.

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