FWD Travel Insurance Singapore Review

With FWD travel insurance, you can enjoy a stress-free and smooth experience while you travel with the comprehensive coverage offered. With FWD, you will get unlimited medical evacuation cover under all plans. You will also be covered in case of loss of your credit card leading to fraudulent use, under all plans offered.

One of the most unique features of this travel insurance is that you have the option to choose a couple plan which is applicable to married as well as unmarried couples, regardless of the gender of the two people and the relationship between them.

FWD Travel Insurance: Premium Key Highlights

  • Get up to S$500 if your trip gets postponed.
  • Emergency phone charges of up to S$200.
  • Get up to S$7,500 if your trip is cancelled before you leave Singapore.

The Premium plan offered by FWD will provide coverage for all the basic requirements that you will need with a travel insurance policy. For instance, if there is a fraudulent use of your credit card while you are overseas, you will get up to S$300. If one of your family member needs to travel while you are injured or sick overseas, you will get up to S$5,000. If you become permanently disabled on a trip abroad, you will get up to S$40,000 if you are over 70 years old.

Personal Accident Overseas Medical Expenses Travel Delay Delayed Baggage Loss of Baggage and Personal Effects
Up to S$200,000 Up to S$200,000 Up to S$300 Up to S$150 Up to S$3,000

FWD Travel Insurance: Business Key Highlights

  • Get an automatic travel cover extension for up to 14 days.
  • Emergency phone charges of up to S$300.
  • Get up to S$1,000 if your trip is postponed before you leave Singapore.

If you wish to get more coverage in terms of amount for the benefits offered, you can opt for the Business plan. In case your trip is cancelled before you even leave Singapore, you will get up to S$10,000. If your travel agent goes bankrupt due to which your trip is affected, you will get a benefit of up to S$3,000. If you miss your flight, you will get up to S$500. If you lose your passport, travel documents, money, etc. you will be covered for up to S$600.

Personal Accident Overseas Medical Expenses Travel Delay Delayed Baggage Loss of Baggage and Personal Effects
Up to S$300,000 Up to S$500,000 Up to S$500 Up to S$600 Up to S$5,000

FWD Travel Insurance: First Key Highlights

  • Get up to S$1,000 if you become a victim of fraudulent credit card usage.
  • If a family member needs to travel to be with you while you are hospitalised overseas, you will get up to S$10,000.
  • If you are disabled permanently because of an accident overseas, you will get up to S$80,000 if you are 70 years or older.

If you want the most comprehensive coverage, you can consider the First plan offered by FWD. You can enjoy the maximum benefits with this plan. For example, when your trip is cancelled or postponed even before you leave Singapore, you will get up to S$15,000 and S$1,500 coverage, respectively. In case the travel agent through which you booked your trip becomes bankrupt, and your trip is affected because of that, you will get up to S$5,000. You will also get additional benefits such as protection for your sports equipment, pet care and more.

Personal Accident Overseas Medical Expenses Travel Delay Delayed Baggage Loss of Baggage and Personal Effects
Up to S$400,000 Up to S$1 million Up to S$1,000 Up to S$900 Up to S$7,500

What You Can Expect From FWD Travel Insurance

Plan/Maximum Coverage Premium Business First
Medical expense cover in Singapore S$6,000 S$15,000 S$30,000
Emergency medical evacuation Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Travel inconvenience cover S$7,500 S$10,000 S$15,000
Pre-existing medical conditions NA NA NA
Woman’s benefit NA NA NA
Personal liability cover S$500,000 S$750,000 S$1 million
Additional cover
Cover for car rental excess S$300 Not available Not available
Sports equipment protector (coverage of S$100 per day for replacing rentals) S$2,000
Pet care cover (S$50 for every 6-hour delay) S$150
Home contents cover S$6,000

What is Not Covered: General Exclusions

The major exclusions for which you will not get any coverage while you are on your trip are as follows:

  • When you participate in any unlawful act that includes an uprising, war, riot, civil commotion, or strike.
  • If you take part in military, air force, or naval operations or if your work involves handling harmful substances like explosives.
  • When you make a false claim such as inflating bills or using fraudulent documents.
  • If the purpose of your foreign trip is to get medical treatment such as dental or cosmetic surgery.
  • When you try to commit suicide or harm yourself in any way deliberately.
  • If you visit a place against the advice of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Singapore.
  • When you travel against your doctor’s advice.
  • If you take part in a sport that does not meet the criteria mentioned in the policy wording, or if you participate in a sport professionally.
  • If you are detained by customs officials or any other authorised personnel while you are abroad.

Things to Consider Before Getting FWD Travel Insurance

Before you purchase FWD travel insurance, you may want to consider the following aspects:

  • None of the plans offer coverage for pregnancy related complications, unless the said complication endangers your/your unborn child’s life. Also, such complications will be covered only if you are at least 6 months pregnant.
  • Single trip plans cannot exceed 180 days and annual trip plans cannot exceed 90 days, per trip.
  • In case a single trip plan is purchased less than 3 days before the commencement of the trip, claims will not be accepted, unless they are related to your death, your companion’s death, or any family member’s death that is pertinent to your trip.
  • If you make a claim regarding the loss or theft of your baggage, the insurer can decide if they want to replace, repair, or reimburse you for the same.

How You Can Buy FWD Travel Insurance

You can purchase FWD travel insurance by getting a quote online. You will have to enter your travel and personal details at the time of getting a quote. Once you have filled all the necessary details you can proceed to make the payment.

How to File a Travel Insurance Claim

If you wish to make a claim, you will have to inform FWD about any incident that may eventually result in a claim within 30 days after the incident. You can file a claim in the following ways:

  • Call the hotline between Mondays and Fridays from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. and on Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
  • Log into the FWD Online Services portal with your saved profile and make an online claim.
  • Email FWD to make a claim or to send your query, if any.

You will be required to submit certain documents for each type of claim, which are listed below:

For medical and/or death claims

  • Your boarding pass and flight itinerary.
  • Original copies of all medical bills.
  • Medical report or inpatient discharge summary.

For theft/damage of baggage and/or personal belongings

  • Your boarding pass and flight itinerary for all claims.
  • In case of theft, a police report obtained within 24 hours of the incident, to be submitted.
  • Original copies of the invoices of stolen/damaged items.
  • In case of loss of or damage to belongings, you need to additionally submit coloured pictures of the damaged items, baggage damage report provided by the airline/airport, proof of compensation/denial by the respective authorities, etc.
  • In case of loss of passport, receipts issued by the consulate to issue new/temporary passports to be submitted.

For fraudulent use of your credit card

  • Your boarding pass and flight itinerary for all claims.
  • Credit card statement.
  • Police report lodged within 24 hours of discovering the loss/theft of your credit card.

In case you have made a claim for an illness or injury, FWD will appoint a medical examiner to validate your claim. FWD can reject your claim if you fail to provide the necessary documentation.  

FWD Travel Insurance Hotline

Phone Number Hotline/General Enquiry: 65 6820 8888 Emergency Assistance: +65 6322 2072
Email Address [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are there any countries which are not included in FWD’s travel insurance plan?

A.  Yes, you will not get any coverage if you visit the following countries- Afghanistan, Cuba, Congo, Iran, Liberia, Libya, Somalia, North Korea, South Sudan, Syria, Sudan and Yemen. In addition, you will also not get any coverage if you visit countries that are included in the list of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Singapore that are considered dangerous.

Q. What will happen if the Ministry of Singapore issues an advisory while I am overseas?

A. If you get any information about the Ministry of Singapore issuing an advisory, you must immediately call FWD’s emergency assistance number 65 6322 2072. FWD will assess the condition immediately and direct you on what you should do next.

Q. Will I get any coverage if I am pregnant?

A. You will get coverage for all health conditions except for any pregnancy-related complications.

Q. Can I purchase FWD travel insurance if my trip includes multiple countries?

A. Yes. If you plan to visit more than one country, you will have to choose the zone that includes all the destination countries.

Q. What documents will I receive once I purchase the insurance policy?

A. Once you purchase a plan, you will get your contract, summary of the travel insurance and a billing invoice.

Q. What is the major difference between a single trip plan and annual plan?

A.  With an annual plan you will get coverage for the trips (90 days or less) you make throughout the year. There is no limit on the number of trips you can make. On the other hand, with a single-trip plan, you will be covered for one specific trip for up to 180 days.

Q. Who all can purchase FWD insurance policy?

A.  Anyone who is at least 18 years and a resident of Singapore with a valid NRIC, FIN or S-Pass can purchase the travel insurance. Foreigners with a valid work permit, employment pass, student pass, or a long-term visit pass are also eligible to apply.

Q. If I am going on a trip for a business purpose, will I get any coverage?

A. Yes, but under personal liability, any legal responsibility related to your business will not be applicable.

Q. Can I make a travel insurance claim while I am overseas by visiting the local FWD office?

A. Even though FWD has branches in different parts of the world, you cannot make a claim as the local office will not have access to your insurance details.

Q. Will I be penalised if I make a claim after I return to Singapore?

A. No, you will not be penalised if you make a claim after you return to Singapore.

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