Etiqa eProtect Travel Insurance

It is vital to buy travel insurance prior to beginning a journey as this will ensure a hassle-free travel experience. eProtect Travel is an insurance plan from Etiqa and offers various travel insurance plans to suit your needs.

Why do you need travel insurance?

Most of us prefer to have a safe and comfortable journey. However, natural disasters, accidents, flight delays, baggage loss and other medical emergencies can hamper your journey and these could result in unexpected expenses overseas. When you have a travel insurance plan, you can rest easy knowing that your insurance will give you the right protection you need.

Benefits of Etiqa eProtect Travel Insurance

  • Real-time flight delay claims
  • 24-Hour free worldwide emergency travel support
  • Medical and travel benefits up to S$1 million
  • Trip cancellation and loss of deposit up to S$15,000
  • Travel delay up to S$800 and baggage delay up to S$200
  • Personal accident benefits up to S$400,000
  • Loss of personal belongings including laptop for up to S$5,000
  • Travel assistance benefits and emergency medical evacuation up to S$1.5 million

Types of travel insurance plans offered by Etiqa

It is advisable that you select a travel insurance plan based on the number of journeys you undertake. eProtect Travel Insurance can be selected based on the following:

  • Trip type: Whether you prefer to select a single-trip travel insurance or a multi-trip travel insurance plan.
  • Plan type: You can opt for an individual plan or a family or group plan.
  • Benefit type: You can select the protection based on the offered benefits. These include Basic, Economy, or Business.

Single-Trip Plan: A single-trip plan provides cover for the entire return trip if the whole trip is not more than 182 days long. Insurance coverage is provided from the time you undertake a journey from Singapore.

Annual Multi-Trip Plan: If you are a frequent traveller, you may consider opting for an annual multi-trip plan. Under this plan, you get coverage for all the trips you undertake in a year during the period of insurance. However, each trip should not be more than 90 days from the departure date.

Group Plan: A group plan is only available for a single-trip and can include a maximum of 10 insured persons travelling in a group. The insured persons under this plan are required to travel together when they undertake a trip.

Family Plan: This covers the spouse and a maximum of eight children, and is available in both single-trip and annual-trip types.

Etiqa eProtect Travel Insurance discounts

You can get up to 51% off on your single-trip journeys and 35% off on your annual trip insurance plans. You can save an additional 10% every Friday by participating in the TEIF sale (Thanks Etiqa Is Friday).

Coverage provided

This coverage provided by this plan is given in the table below:

Coverage Basic Economy Business
Accidental Death and Permanent Disability* Up to S$200,000 Up to S$300,000 Up to S$400,000
Medical expenses overseas* Up to S$200,000 Up to S$500,000 Up to S$1 million
Medical expenses in Singapore* Up to S$5,000 Up to S$10,000 Up to S$15,000
Hospital daily allowance overseas S$10,000 (S$200 for each 24-hour period) S$15,000 (S$200 for each 24-hour period) S$20,000 (S$200 for each 24-hour period)
Hospital daily allowance in Singapore S$500 (S$100 for each 24-hour period) S$800 (S$100 for each 24-hour period) S$1,000 (S$100 for each 24-hour period)
Hospital visits S$2,500 S$5,000 S$7,500
Compassionate visits S$2,500 S$5,000 S$7,500
Emergency phone bills S$200 S$200 S$200
Guardian S$2,500 S$5,000 S$7,500
Repatriation of mortal remains and medical evacuation S$1.5 million S$1.5 million S$1.5 million
Travel agent’s bankruptcy S$1,000 S$3,000 S$5,000
Loss of deposit and cancellation of trip S$5,000 S$10,000 S$15,000
Trip curtailment (includes hijacking) S$3,000 S$5,000 S$10,000
Loss of personal possessions (includes laptop) S$2,000 (S$250 per item) S$3,000 (S$250 per item) S$5,000 (S$250 per item)
Baggage delay S$200 (S$100 for every 6 hours) S$200 (S$100 for every 6 hours) S$200 (S$100 for every 6 hours)
Travel document loss (includes money) Personal money: S$150 Documents: S$250 Personal money: S$250 Documents: S$500 Personal money S$350 Documents: S$750
Travel delay** S$300 (S$50 for every 3 hours) S$500 (S$50 for every 3 hours) S$800 (S$50 for every 3 hours)
Diversion of flight S$300 (S$100 for every 6 hours overseas) S$500 (S$100 for every 6 hours overseas) S$800 (S$100 for every 6 hours overseas)
Overbooked flight S$100 S$100 S$100
Travel misconnection S$200 (S$100 for every 6 hours) S$200 (S$100 for every 6 hours) S$200 (S$100 for every 6 hours)
Postponement of travel S$500 S$1,000 S$1,500
Personal liability S$500,000 S$750,000 S$1 million
Situations of hijack, hostage and/or kidnap S$1,000 S$3,000 S$5,000
Automatic cover extension Up to 7 days Up to 7 days Up to 7 days
Terrorism cover* Up to S$200,000 Up to S$300,000 Up to S$400,000

* The cover under these headings will differ according to the insured person’s age. There are 3 tiers – Children, adults below the age of 70, and adults above that age. The cover is the highest for adults below the age of 70.

**Enhanced travel delay benefit is only applicable on policies purchased from 16 September 2017 onwards.

Eligibility Criteria

In order to buy eProtect Travel Insurance, you will need to meet the following criteria:

  • You should be a Singapore citizen, a permanent resident of Singapore or a foreigner with a valid work pass.
  • If you are a student or a dependent, you should have student pass, dependent pass or long-term visit pass.
  • The insured person should have attained 18 years of age on the effective date of insurance.
  • Any child covered under the plan should be your legal child.

How is travel insurance premium calculated

Insurance premium is computed based on your age, geographical coverage required, the amount of coverage you need, the type of plan you choose, etc. The premium rates can change from one person to another. You will receive a notification from Etiqa Insurance (30 days in advance) should there be any change in your premium amount.

How to purchase Etiqa Travel Insurance

You can purchase eProtect Travel Insurance online by visiting the Singapore Etiqa website. Upon visiting the website, you can obtain a quote and select the desired travel insurance plan based on your requirements. You will need to enter your personal details and follow the on-screen prompts to purchase the policy.

Making an insurance claim

In order to make an insurance claim, you will need to visit the Singapore Etiqa website and download the travel claim form. You will need to provide detailed information about the loss of your belongings, baggage and upload the necessary supporting documents pertaining to your claim.

Once your claim is successfully processed, if you have a TiqConnect account, the payment for your claim amount would be directly credited to eWallet on the next working day. If you do not have a TiqConnect account, you will receive a cheque instead. If you find the above steps difficult, you can contact the customer care consultants for further assistance.

  • Customer hotline: +65 6887 8777
  • Etiqa Office: +65 6336 0477
  • Manager for claims: +65 6331 9241
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