DBS TravellerShield Plus Travel Insurance

Whether you travel for leisure or for business, you cannot afford to be sidetracked by details that make your life harder. You do not want to worry about your safety and that of your family while overseas, which is why TravellerShield Plus covers your entire holiday including leisure and adventurous activities. When you plan your trip in advance you not only get the overseas coverage, but you can also take advantage of pre-departure coverage for events such as airport closure, family emergency leading to a flight change etc.

Types of Travel Insurance Provided under TravellerShield Plus

Classic Plan:

This plan offers you coverage at the lowest price compared to other plans. It offers basic coverage for personal accident & medical related benefits, overseas assistance benefits, and travel inconvenience benefits, but enhanced cover for adventurous activities are not included under the Classic Plan.

Premier Plan:

This plan offers comprehensive coverage for accidental death/disablement, overseas medical cover, medical treatment upon return to Singapore, accidental dental treatments and more. The Premier Plan offers cover for adventurous activities including scuba diving, skiing, bungee jumping, etc.

Platinum Plan:

This plan is the best and most enhanced cover under TravellerShield Plus. It offers higher coverage for all benefits offered up to S$1 million. This includes travel accident cover, overseas medical treatment, emergency medical evacuation, hotel extensions, jewelry coverage, etc. The Platinum Plan also covers adventurous activities.


Coverage Amount
Platinum Plan Premier Plan Classic Plan
Personal accident Individual cover: S$150,000 to S$500,000 Max. family cover: S$1.5 million Individual cover: S$50,000 to S$200,000 Max. family cover: S$800,000 Individual cover: S$25,000 to S$150,000 Max. family cover: S$400,000
Death in public transport (Individuals aged 70 and above are not covered) Individual cover: S$200,000 to S$1 million Max. family cover: S$3 million Individual cover: S$100,000 to S$400,000 Max. family cover: S$1.6 million Individual cover: S$50,000 to S$300,000 Max. family cover: S$800,000
Overseas medical expense Individual cover: S$100,000 to S$1 million Max. family cover: S$3 million Individual cover: S$100,000 to S$500,000 Max. family cover: S$2 million Individual cover: S$50,000 to S$300,000 Max. family cover: S$1 million
Medical expense in Singapore Individual cover: S$10,000 to S$75,000 Max. family cover: S$250,000 Individual cover: S$10,000 to S$50,000 Max. family cover: S$200,000 Individual cover: S$5,000 to S$25,000 Max. family cover: S$100,000
Emergency medical evacuation S$1 million S$1 million S$1 million
Personal liability S$1 million S$1 million S$500,000
Trip cancellation cover Individual cover: S$15,000 Max. family cover: S$45,000 Individual cover: S$10,000 Max. family cover: S$30,000 Individual cover: S$5,000 Max. family cover: S$15,000
Lost baggage cover S$8,000 S$5,000 S$3,000
Lost document cover S$5,000 S$5,000 S$3,000
Baggage delay Maximum: S$2,000 (S$200 per 6 hour delay) Maximum: S$1,600 (S$1,600 per 6 hour delay) Maximum: S$1,200 (S$200 per 6 hour delay)
Jewellery coverage S$750 S$500 S$100
Adventurous Activities Cover Yes Yes No

Eligibility Criteria

In order to qualify for this insurance, make sure the following checks apply to your application process:

  • If you are of age 18 and above and are one of the following:
    • Singapore citizen
    • Singapore Permanent Resident
    • Foreigner holding a Valid Work Permit
    • Foreigner holding an Employment Pass
    • Foreigner holding a Dependent Pass
    • Foreigner holding a Long Term Social Visit Pass
    • Foreigner holding a Student Pass Holder
  • You can get coverage for your child if they are older than a month and younger than 18 years of age.
  • Make sure the departure for your trip is within 180 days from the date of application for the insurance.
  • If you are more than 70 years old you are only eligible for the single trip plan. Also, the insured sum might differ, so read the policy wordings carefully.

How to Make a Claim

For fast and smooth processing of your claim, we recommend that you submit your claim within one month of your return to Singapore. You can file your claim online through Chubb’s website: www.chubbclaims-dbs.com.sg, or call Chubb’s Customer Service Hotline at +65 6398 8797 or send an email to [email protected]

TravellerShield Plus Travel Insurance Hotline

You can call Chubb’s Customer Service Hotline at +65 6398 8797 for further assistance or information regarding this travel insurance policy.


Q. Is pet care covered under TravellerShield Plus plans?

  • Yes. In the event of travel delay or hospitalisation while on your trip, expenses borne to place your pet in a boarding home will be reimbursed up to the sum assured. This benefit is available with Premier and Platinum Plans. Classic Plans do not offer this benefit.

Q. Are pre-existing conditions covered under TravellerShield Plus?

  • Yes. However, pre-existing conditions that required treatment/medical advice 12 months before your trip commences, will not be covered.

Q. What should I do if I need assistance overseas?

  • In case you require emergency aid while travelling, you can contact Chubb on +65 6322 2132 for 24-hour assistance.

Q. Can I purchase a TravellerShield Plus policy if I am over 70 years old?

  • Yes. However, you are eligible for a Single Trip Policy only. Also, be sure to check your sum assured and other benefits for which you will be eligible.

Q. Will I get a refund if I cancel my TravellerShield Plus policy?

  • If you have purchased a Single Trip Policy, you will not receive a refund if the insurance certificate has already been issued. However, if you have purchased an Annual Policy and have not filed any claims during your insurance period, you will get a refund (based on short rate).
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