Cruise Travel Insurance

A cruise is the right kind of vacation to take if you want to sit back and relax while enjoying the wide open seas or scenic routes along meandering waters. While you may already have travel insurance for your travels on land, does it cover your cruise as well? This is an important question because as soon as you set foot on a cruise liner, you are technically overseas. This means that your travel insurance policies are not liable to provide coverage if something were to go wrong on board. Cruise travel insurance ensures that your holiday is smooth sailing.

Features and benefits of cruise travel insurance

  • Protection from loss of possessions while on board.
  • Cancellation cover for pre-paid tours due to adverse weather conditions or port authority regulations.
  • Emergency medical cover from ship to shore. This includes any emergency medical evacuation that may be needed if your medical condition cannot be treated on the ship.

Cruise insurance and private insurance

At times, the cruise liner will provide you with in-cruise insurance. When you compare the coverage provided by cruise liners to private travel insurance which include cruise packages, you may find that in-cruise insurance offers higher medical coverage. But, it is important that you read the terms and conditions to see if there are any hidden fees.

Private insurance, on the other hand, provides coverage not just for cruises, but also for other forms of travel. If your travel insurance doesn’t cover cruises, then you can opt for a Cruise Cover on your insurance policy. Be sure to check with your insurance provider about the terms and conditions as well as costs involved in adding a Cruise Cover to your existing travel insurance policy.

Cruise Travel Insurance – FAQs

Q. How much do medical facilities on board a cruise cost?

A. While on a cruise, it is important to note that medical facilities are charged at private rates. This means that even a simple treatment will be charged at private hospital rates. What’s more, your health insurance is not liable to provide coverage while you are at sea. This is why cruise insurance with good medical coverage is important.

Q. Am I eligible for cruise insurance if I start my cruise overseas?

A. No. Only cruises that begin in Singapore are eligible for coverage.

Q. Will I be reimbursed if I decide to come home early?

A. Your cruise insurance only covers cancellations caused by the cruise liner or changes due to port authority regulations. If you decide to cut short your cruise and get home early, then those costs will not be covered by your insurance. This, of course, depends on the reasons for cutting your trip short.

Q. I am going on a domestic cruise. Can I purchase coverage only for medical emergencies?

A. This depends on the terms and conditions set by the insurance provider. Depending on the region of the cruise, insurance providers have different coverage packages from which you can choose.

Q. Does my insurance cover activities that I take part in on land once the ship is in port?

A. Most insurance policies specify the type of activities that are covered. If the activity you want to take part in is one that is not covered, then any costs associated with medical emergencies or cancellations will have to be borne by you. A good practice before purchasing a cruise insurance is to see if all the activities that you want to take part in are covered by your provider.

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