AXA Travel Insurance Singapore Review

If you wish to have complete peace of mind while you travel, you can opt for the AXA SmartTraveller Insurance. With this insurance policy, you will be covered whether you are travelling for work or pleasure. AXA SmartTraveller has a wide range of benefits that covers you and your family members. You also have to purchase add-on benefits.

AXA SmartTraveller Insurance: Essential Key Highlights

  • As part of the child education grant, you will get up to S$16,000.
  • Under child care benefit get up to S$5,000.
  • If you wish to make emergency phone calls while you are away, you will get up to S$150.

If you wish to get a basic coverage for any travel inconveniences that you may face while you are away you can purchase this plan. When you require hospitalisation while you are back in Singapore, you will get an allowance up to S$500. As part of a special grant under personal accident benefits, you will get up to S$4,000. When you are overseas and you require money to purchase essential items, you will get up to S$250.

Personal Accident Overseas Medical Expenses Travel Delay Delayed Baggage Loss of Baggage and Personal Effects
S$250,000 Up to S$300,000 Up to S$1,000 Up to S$1,000 Up to S$5,000

AXA SmartTraveller Insurance: Comprehensive Key Highlights

  • If you lose your laptop, mobile phone or any other wireless electronic device, you will get up to S$2,000.
  • Get up to S$6,000 if the travel agency through which you have booked your tickets goes bankrupt.
  • Get up to S$700 if you require quarantine allowance for infectious diseases.

If you are someone who wants to take no risk while you are on your trip overseas, then you can purchase the Comprehensive plan offered by AXA SmartTraveller offering enhanced benefits. This plan offers better benefits in terms of the amount of money you will get if you face any trouble while you are overseas. For example, as part of child care benefit you will get up to S$10,000 and you will be entitled to an amount of up to S$32,000 as part of a special grant. Get up to S$1,600 if your trip is postponed.

Personal Accident Overseas Medical Expenses Travel Delay Delayed Baggage Loss of Baggage and Personal Effects
Up to S$500,000 Up to S$600,000 Up to S$2,000 Up to S$2,000 Up to S$10,000

Compare AXA SmartTraveller

Plan/Coverage Essential Comprehensive
Type of trip cover Single/Annual Single/Annual
Medical expense cover in Singapore Up to S$30,000 Up to S$60,000
Emergency medical evacuation Unlimited Unlimited
Travel inconvenience cover Up to S$10,000 Up to S$20,000
Pre-existing medical conditions NA NA
Pregnancy cover Up to S$4,000 Up to S$8,000
Personal liability cover Up to S$500,000 Up to S$1 million
Additional cover
Golf cover Up to S$2,500
Cover for sports equipment Up to S$3,000
Car rental excess Up to Up to S$2,000
Pet care Up to S$1,500
Home care benefit Up to S$10,000

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What is Not Covered: General Exclusions

  • Under professional exclusions, you will not be covered if you are involved in certain occupations such as police, navy, air force, construction work, work involving hazardous substances, work in quarries, offshore vessels, and more.
  • As part of circumstantial exclusions, you will not be covered if you are a victim of an act of war, invasion, rebellion, insurrection or riot while you are on your trip.
  • You will also be not covered if any action is taken against you by a government authority.
  • If you visit Sudan, Syria, Congo, Afghanistan, Liberia, Iraq, Iran or Cuba, you will not get any coverage.
  • When you participate in high-risk activities such as cliff jumping, marathons, certain underwater activities, big wave surfing, and more.
  • You will also be not covered if you participate in a sporting activity as a professional and seek to earn rewards.
  • Pre-existing medical conditions.
  • When the purpose of your travel is to get medical treatment.
  • Self-harm or suicide.
  • If you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Things to Consider Before Getting AXA SmartTraveller

Before you go ahead and purchase this insurance policy, here is a list of things that you need to consider:

  • All your trips must start from and end in Singapore.
  • If you have multiple travel insurance policies with AXA, the policy with the maximum benefit will only be applicable.
  • You must purchase the policy before you depart from Singapore.
  • The maximum duration for a single trip in the case of an annual trip plan is 92 days while it is 182 days for a single trip plan.
  • To purchase an individual cover, you must be at least 18 years old.
  • Your children who are covered under the family plan must be unmarried and below 18 years of age. However, they will still be covered if they are 25 years of age and below and studying in a registered institution in Singapore.
  • To be eligible for cover, you can be a citizen of Singapore, a Permanent Resident or a holder of a valid student or employment pass or a long-term social visit pass.
  • For a child to be eligible under the annual cover, he/she must travel with a minimum of one insured parent.

How You Can Buy AXA SmartTraveller

You can purchase the AXA SmartTraveller insurance policy online. You will have to follow a step-by-step procedure wherein you will have to enter your personal details, the countries you wish to travel, type of plan you wish to opt, the number of people to be included under the policy and the travel period. Once you have entered these details, you will get a quote following which you can proceed to make the payment.

How to File a Travel Insurance Claim

Different documents will be required for making a claim under different sections. For all types of claims, you will have to submit the copy of the certificate and proof of travel. If you wish to make a travel insurance claim, you will have to take the following steps:

Claim relating to lost baggage or travel documents:

  • Purchase receipts or warranty cards for the items you lost.
  • List of stolen items in the case of theft.
  • Police report in the case of theft.
  • Receipts for additional cost incurred.
  • Documents affirming the amount of reimbursement from airlines.
  • Pictures of damaged items.
  • Trip cancellation claim:

  • Written confirmation of the refund amount from travel agents.
  • Booking invoice with terms and conditions.
  • Copy of the flight itinerary.
  • Invoice and receipt for charges incurred in purchasing an extra air ticket.
  • Medical report and written advice from the medical practitioner present (if cancellation is due to injury/illness).
  • Proof of relationship, wherever applicable.
  • Making a medical claim

  • Original medical receipts and invoices.
  • Medical report, other doctor(s) report.
  • Accident report/police report.
  • Hospital admission/discharge report.
  • Death certificate, in case of death.
  • Post-mortem report, in case of death.
  • Once you have arranged all the necessary documents, you must submit your travel claims online by filling the form. You can also download the form and submit them together with the documents.

    AXA Travel Insurance Hotline

    You can call the following hotline numbers if you need any assistance regarding your travel insurance claim:

    Phone number General and Product Enquiries:
    • Within Singapore: +1800 880 4888
    • International: (+65) 6880 4888
    Email address [email protected]
    • +65 6880 4740
    • (+65) 6327 1089

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. Will I get any refund if I cancel my travel insurance policy?

    A. Yes, you may get a refund on your insurance premium under the following circumstances:

    • For annual trip

                  You can cancel your annual insurance policy any time you wish during the insurance period. The refund amount given if you have not made any claims and based on the policy wording.

    • For single-trip You will get the full refund under the following circumstances:
        • The premium is at least S$25.
        • The policy is cancelled before the start of your trip.
        • You have not made any claim.

    Q. Is there an option of extending the travel insurance plan while I am overseas?

    A. For both annual plan and single-trip plan, an extension of cover beyond 92 days and 182 days respectively will be carried out on a case-to-case basis.

    Q. Is there an option of adding travellers after purchasing the policy?

    A. You can add travellers during the insurance period and before starting your trip for the annual plan. With a single-trip plan, you can add more people only before the trip begins.

    Q. How soon should I purchase a travel insurance policy?

    A. Since the cover for many benefits begins days before trip commencement, it is better to purchase your insurance policy early.

    Q. Is it necessary to visit a general practitioner before going to a specialist for filing a medical expenses claim?

    A. Yes, you must seek the opinion of a general practitioner before you go to a specialist for your medical expenses claim.

    Q. Are adventure sports covered as part of AXA SmartTraveller insurance policy?

    A. Adventure sports are covered under the following conditions:

    • The event is organised by an authorised operator.
    • The sporting events are meant for non-competitive purposes and for leisure.
    • The events are open to the public, without any restrictions.

    Q. Will I get any coverage if I indulge in scuba diving to get a certification during my overseas trip?

    A. You will be covered only if you do not go deeper than 30 metres or as per the depth in your PADI certification. Also, you must have a qualified diving instructor who has the same or a higher certification, by your side.

    Q. Is the coverage offered applicable if I go on a cruise?

    A. Yes, with AXA SmartTraveller you will be covered when you take a cruise, only if you depart from Singapore and the travel region is selected as per the destination of the cruise.

    Q. What are the alternative documents that I can use as proof of travel if passport stamp is not required when arriving in Malaysia?

    A. You can use the following documents as an alternative proof of travel to passport stamps if you wish to enter Malaysia:

    • Invitation letter
    • Hotel bookings
    • Entertainment ticket
    • Travel ticket
    • Receipt of purchase items in Malaysia

    Q. How am I supposed to make a claim for my damaged personal belongings while overseas?

    A.  If you wish to make a claim for damaged personal belongings while overseas, you will have to submit the following documents:

    • Damaged incident report
    • Repair invoice
    • Pictures of damaged items

    News About AXA Travel Insurance

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