Aviva Corporate Travel Insurance

Aviva (Singapore) offers coverage under various categories like life, health and travel among other insurance plans. When your team keeps flying for work or for leisure, it is vital to provide some coverage so that they can travel in peace. A journey without hassles is desirable. As employers, you need to ensure you provide safe flying facilities to your employees.

The Aviva Corporate Travel group plan is custom-made for organisations to offer a safe trip to employees while travelling.

Benefits of the Aviva Corporate Travel group plan

  • The premiums are flexible and there are two-tiers you can choose from. This makes it cost effective.
  • Coverage up to S$1 million is offered.
  • The coverage includes injury due to personal accident.
  • After getting discharged from the hospital, you could receive cash while convalescing at home under the doctor's orders.
  • The duration of coverage extends up to 190 days of travel.
  • In case employees want to mix business with leisure, they can take a detour as well because the coverage will extend to this deviation too.
  • In the unfortunate case your employees were victims of acts of terrorism, they will receive full coverage.

How to apply for the Aviva Corporate Travel group plan

You can simply visit their website and fill the corporate travel application form or send them a query and a person from Aviva will contact you.

What is not covered in the Aviva Corporate Travel group plan

  • Loss of any goods related to business like samples or prototype or equipment that your employee might have carried.
  • Other standard terms like exemptions in case of pre-existing conditions, going to restricted countries, inflicting injury on self, negligence of own luggage, loss caused due to the influence of alcohol or drugs will apply.
  • If you have travelled against the advice of a doctor and have fallen ill during the trip, Aviva Travel Insurance will not cover the expense incurred.
  • If you were prescribed medicines before the trip, and you use it on travel, you will not be able to claim it under medical bills.
  • Cosmetic surgery is exempted from coverage.
  • Injuries arising from taking part in aerial activities are not covered.

Coverage offered under the Aviva Corporate Travel group plan

Aviva offers three plans which include many benefits. Here is a table showing the maximum coverage you can receive under these plans.

Table showing maximum monetary coverage for a few aspects of travel:

Benefit Plan 1 Plan 2 Plan 3
Accidental death and permanent disability S$500,000 S$300,000 S$200,000
Medical medical evacuation Unlimited S$500,000 S$500,000
Trip interruption S$10,000 S$10,000 S$5,000
Travel delay S$1,000 (S$250 per 6-hour delay) S$1,000 (S$250 per 6-hour delay) S$1,000 (S$250 per 6-hour delay)
Cancellation of trip S$10,000 S$10,000 S$5,000
Baggage loss S$5,000 S$5,000 S$3,000
Baggage delay S$1,000 (S$250 per 6-hour delay) S$1,000 (S$250 per 6-hour delay) S$1,000 (S$250 per 6-hour delay)
Terrorism S$500,000 S$300,000 S$200,000
Theft of money and travel documents S$5,000 S$5,000 S$3,000

Terms of the Aviva Corporate Travel group plan

  • Aviva may fight legally in your name if there is an amount to be recovered from anyone else.
  • You have to pay the entire amount of the premium and only then you will be able to enjoy the benefits of the policy.
  • You may have to provide the name of the doctor under whom you are being treated. In case you do not provide the name, Aviva has the right to deny your claim.
  • You must provide necessary documents to support your claims. If the documents are in a foreign language, you have to get it translated and Aviva does not cover this expense.
  • All payment of claims will be made in Singapore dollars after converting it from a foreign currency.

How to make a claim

You can call 6322 2023 for local calls and +6563222022 for overseas calls regarding help or you could visit their website to access the forms. For emergency assistance while abroad, you can contact the same helpline.

In order to make a claim you need to submit documents supporting your claim.You need to retain the travel itinerary of your employees like flight tickets, hospital bills, delay report, and all other documents showing the expense incurred on travel which are insured by Aviva.

In case of other encounters during travel, keep all the related reports and certificates, as applicable. For example, a slip of acknowledgement and report for baggage delay.

After submitting the claim, there will be a waiting period when Aviva will verify your documents and then process your claim. You could follow up with them after a few days. In case your claims are not approved, you can raise an appeal if those incidents are supposed to be covered in travel insurance.

With Aviva offering so many benefits to corporate travel, it is now easier to ensure a safe flight for your employees.

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