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    Higher study plans often take you abroad, but it’s an important stepping stone towards building your future. But studying overseas can end up drilling a hole in your pocket. It’s usually advisable for students to opt for a comprehensive education insurance plan that addresses their needs while abroad.

    AIG provides such an extensive plan, called Student Assist, which is tailored towards the needs of students going outside Singapore. The policy assists students overseas by covering their tuition fees, medical expenses, holiday travel plans, and more.

    However, the AIG Student Assist plan does not cover expenses when you travel within, towards, or through Syria, North Korea, Iran, Cuba, Sudan, or the Crimea peninsula.

    Benefits of AIG Student Assist

    This is a very extensive plan created to help anyone studying overseas plan their finances better. Let’s glance through some of the primary benefits covered under AIG Student Assist:

    • There are four key types of plans you can select from, under Student Assist. This makes the policy highly flexible. These are:
      • 6-month plans
      • One-year plans
      • Individual plans
      • Family plans
    • You qualify for 2-way visits to hospitals. In case you’re admitted in a hospital, the plan will cover expenses of a close kin who comes and stays with you. Besides, the policy also covers your ticket purchases in scenarios where you might have to go back to Singapore to visit any family member who’s in hospital.
    • The plan also covers expenses pertaining to medical evacuation of an emergency nature. If you end up needing to be flown to SIngapore due to a medical emergency, the policy will cover the required expenses.
    • Study interruption is also a part of the plan’s coverage. Up to S$10,000 of tuition fees will be reimbursed if you are unable to finish your academic term because of terminal illness, admission to hospital, or death of a close relative.
    • Say your sponsor dies or becomes permanently disabled, the policy will provide a sponsor protection of up to S$15,000 for covering any outstanding tuition fee.
    • With AIG Travel Assist, you don’t have to worry when making travel plans during the holiday break. The plan offers basic travel insurance for particulars such as lost baggage, travel delay, and other inconveniences.
    • You could also upgrade your plan to include accident coverage and other regular medical expenses.

    Coverage provided under the primary plan

    There are 4 primary areas of coverage under the plan which are further composed of several key benefits which are listed below:

    Coverage for personal accident and liability

    • The plan provides up to S$300,000 for covering personal liability when overseas. This includes cover against damage caused by you to third party properties and/or your liabilities to someone.
    • An amount of up to S$150,000 is provided in case of your permanent disablement or accidental demise while studying abroad or while on vacation.

    Coverage for medical expenses

    • The plan offers up to S$15,000 as overseas medical expenditures, in cases involving accidental injuries.
    • Unlimited coverage is provided for expenses pertaining to medical evacuation in cases of emergency. The evacuation will be done by AIG Travel Asia Pacific (ATAP) when you inform the company of your situation.
    • You also get unlimited coverage in case you meet an unfortunate demise and your remains are to be repatriated to Singapore.
    • In case you die or become permanently injured because of assault overseas, your family will receive a compensation of S$75,000.
    • The plan also gives you up to S$5,000 to for 2-way hospital visits. The cost of flight tickets and accommodation will be covered under this benefit. This is applicable to:
      • If you are admitted in a hospital for more than 5 days and a close family member flies in to visit you;
      • If a close family member is in hospital for over 5 days and you wish to go visit them.
    • The plan also offers 2-way travel benefit, up to S$5,000, under the following situations:
      • If a close kin dies and you need to go back to Singapore;
      • If you pass away and your close kin needs to visit the country you are in, for repatriation of your mortal remains.

    Coverage for study and sponsor protection

    • The plan covers your tuition fee for the ongoing semester, up to S$10,000, if you fail to continue your studies on account of being in a hospital for over a month. This benefit is also provided in case of your terminal illness or death of a close kin.
    • In case your sponsor has passed away or become permanently disabled, the plan covers the unpaid tuition fees up to S$15,000.

    Coverage for travel inconveniences

    Apart from day-and-night assistance from ATAP, you also get the following covers:

    Privileges covered Maximum coverage provided
    Luggage loss S$2,000
    Delay of luggage S$500
    Delay in travel S$500
    Missing travel documents S$500
    Loss of laptop or computer S$1,000
    Overseas residence guard S$3,000

    Coverage extension

    The protection can be extended for the plan in case of medical expenses for illness and accidents. There are three levels of protection available as extension, simply named Plan A, Plan B and Plan C. The maximum limits for extending coverage are S$20,000, S$80,000, and S$120,000, respectively for each plan listed above. This also covers any follow-up treatment done in Singapore, up to an amount of S$5,000. Besides, an excess of S$100 for each claim is applicable, in cases of illness.

    Fees and Charges

    There are primarily 2 plans under AIG STudent Assist – individual plan and family plan. Let’s look at the fee structure of both for a period of 6 months and 1 year.

    Individual plan

    Tenure Primary Plan Primary Plan with Plan A Primary Plan with Plan B Primary Plan with Plan C
    Cost for 6 months S$321.00 S$433.35 S$770.40 S$995.10
    Cost for a year S$385.20 S$572.45 S$1,134.20 S$1,508.70

    Family plan

    Tenure Primary Plan Primary Plan with Plan A Primary Plan with Plan B Primary Plan with Plan C
    Cost for 6 months S$706.20 S$953.57 S$1,694.88 S$2,189.22
    Cost for a year S$847.44 S$1,259.39 S$2,495.24 S$3,319.14

    Making claims with AIG Student Assist

    With AIG Student Assist, any travel claim should be filed within 30 days from the date of occurrence of the event. To make a claim, you have to prepare all relevant and supporting documents pertaining to the nature of the incident, along with the filled-up claim form. You might be contacted for additional information or documents, if needed. You can mail the documents and the claim form to Claims Department, AIG Asia Pacific Insurance Pte. Ltd., AIG Building, 78 Shenton Way, #07-16, Singapore – 079120.

    If the documents submitted against the claim are cleared by AIG, a travel insurance claim would be processed within 10 business days. However, if the company needs more information on some claims, then the process would be longer. You’re usually kept updated on the claim via mail or post. Besides, you can always dial in the hotline number to check the status of your claim.

    Eligibility criteria for AIG Student Assist

    The eligibility parameters you need to meet to buy an AIG Student Assist plan are:

    • You must be at least 15 years old, but not exceeding 45 years of age.
    • You should have opted for a full-time curriculum in an institute overseas, and the institute must be a registered one.

    Customer Support for AIG Student Assist

    For enquiries pertaining to the AIG Student Assist, you can call on +65 6419 3000, and forward your queries. If you need assistance when abroad, you can call +65 6733 2552.

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