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    Because of factors like globalization, connectivity and faster means of transport, Travel and Tourism has become one of the most important and booming industry. People are taking up travelling as a serious passion – backpackers and trekkers are creating waves in Instagram and Facebook. For others, travelling for business purposes has become a way of life. But even with the modern advancements, travelling is not as glamorous as it looks for the risks that accompany travelling are many. A comprehensive travel insurance scheme can guard you from minor mishaps like a lost baggage to a major accident.

    About Tokio Marine Travel Insurance

    Tokio Marine was established in 1879 as the first insurance company in Japan. Progressively over 130 years, Tokio Marine has established itself as an important market player in the insurance sector in over 37 countries. Currently, Tokio Marine is Japan’s largest insurance group by assets and is one of the most diversified and secure insurance company in the world. To cater to the insurance needs of an elite clientele, Tokio Marine offers an extensive array of Life and General insurance products.

    Tokio Marine Travel Insurance, TM Xplora, is a comprehensive scheme that offers protection against all major risks associated with travelling.

    Features and Benefits of Tokio Marine Travel Insurance

    Tokio Marine travel insurance will offer you complete peace of mind when travelling abroad or while in Singapore with its unmatchable features. Here are some of the benefits that accompany Tokio Marine travel insurance.

    • Complete flexibility to choose between two different schemes – Premier and Classic, which are exclusively crafted to suit individual needs.
    • Options to select insurance plans within Asia or worldwide depending on your travelling frequency and destination.
    • The scope of cover can be only for yourself or for your entire family.
    • Option to select the period of insurance – for a single trip or as an annual program.
    • Additional covers for credit card fraud, quarantine benefits, terrorism protection, homecare, rental vehicle excess waiver and for golf equipment.

    Tokio Marine Travel Insurance Coverage

    Tokio Marine TM Xplora travel insurance comprehensively covers 39 travel situations.

    1. Personal Accident Protection
      • Accidental death and permanent disablement benefit.
      • Double Indemnity cover for travelling in public transport.
      • The child education grant offers a lump sum for dependent children in case of the insured’s death.
      • The insurance policy will cover the medical expenses incurred overseas.
      • Medical expenses for treatment and hospitalization in Singapore will also be paid by Tokio Marine.
      • Medical expenses incurred overseas because of pregnancy related illness after the first trimester will be reimbursed.
      • The insurance will cover the medical expenses for treatment by a Chinese physician or chiropractor in Singapore and overseas.
      • For every day of hospitalisation done overseas, you will be reimbursed S$200 as per overseas hospital confinement allowance.
      • If the insured is hospitalized for more than 5 consecutive days, up to S$7000 is paid for a hospital visit by one relative or friend.
      • Under the compassionate visit cover, up to S$7000 is offered to a relative or a friend to make the final arrangement in the event of the insured’s death whilst overseas.
      • Cover for emergency medical assistance and evacuation
      • If the insured is hospitalized while overseas, the insurance will cover the cost for one relative or friend to accompany your children back to Singapore under the Family Plan.
      • Up to S$2,500 is offered for transporting the insured’s mortal remains to Singapore as repatriation expenses.
      • Under special grant cover, up to S$2,500 is offered as a lump sum following the insured’s death due to an injury or sickness while overseas.
      • As emergency telephone charges, the insurance will cover the telephone charges incurred in contacting Mondial for emergency medical assistance.
      • Under the trip cancellation cover, reimbursement is offered for unredeemable travel and accommodation expenses within 60 days before the start of the trip.
      • Cost of travel deposits paid in advance in the event of insolvency of travel agency will be covered.
      • Advances paid before 60 days of trip commencement will be reimbursed in case of trip postponement.
      • Additional travel expenses incurred and forfeited will be reimbursed under the trip curtailment cover.
      • Tokio Marine will offer S100 per 24 hours in the event of withdrawal or disruption of hotel services because of strike or riot.
      • The insurance will also cover the loss or damage to your personal baggage and belongings.
      • In case your travel documents are lost, the insurance will cover the costs of replacing travel documents.
      • Tokio Marine travel insurance also covers the loss of money due to robbery, theft or burglary.
      • For every 6 hours of travel delay, S$100 will be paid.
      • For every 6 hours of baggage delay, S$200 will be offered as a part of insurance cover.
      • If the baggage is lost or stolen, the insurance will cover the cost of purchase of essential personal items.
      • In case of an overbooked flight, train or voyage for a minimum of 6 consecutive hours, the insurance will reimburse the expenses incurred for meals and additional accommodation.
      • The expenses incurred due to a missed connecting flight will be reimbursed.
      • The insurance will pay up to S$100 for every 6 hours delay due to flight diversions.
      • If the insured is hospitalized overseas for more than 5 consecutive days, Tokio Marine travel insurance will offer reimbursement for the unused portion of trip under travel interruption cover.
      • Under the Kidnap hostage cover, S$200 or S$100 for premier and classic plan respectively will be offered for every 24 hours.
      • Tokio Marine travel insurance will also cover you against legal liability to third party.
      • S$500 or S$300 is offered respectively for premier and classic plan for every 6 hours in case of aircraft hijacking.
      • Additional cover is offered for the loss or damage to golf equipment.
      • Under the rental vehicle excess cover, the insurance will reimburse any excess or deductible payable by the insured due to accidental loss or damage to the rental vehicle.
      • The insurance covers the losses or damages to household contents due to fire accidents at residences left vacant during travel.
      • For quarantine following infectious diseases, S50 is offered for every 24 hours.
      • The insurance will also cover the costs incurred because of fraudulent usage on the insured’s credit card.

      Do read the policy wording carefully to know more about the coverage offered and the limit for each cover. The insured limits for each cover vary depending on the plan.

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    FAQs - Tokio Marine Travel Insurance

    1. What are the risks that are excluded funder Tokio Marine travel insurance?

      Risks associated with activities like adventure sports, mental or nervous disorders, suicide, attempted suicide, exposure to nuclear or radioactive material are excluded. For an exhaustive exclusion list, refer the policy document.

    2. What can be the age limit of an insured?

      The insured adult can be aged between 18 to 79 years.

    3. Explain “Single Trip” family as described in the policy document?

      It refers to one or two adults travelling with any number of children. Each child must be related to either of the adults but the two adults need not be related. The family must travel and return together as a group.

    4. Can I take a single trip insurance plan for a travel of 100 days?

      Yes. Single trip plans offer travel insurance for trips lasting 183 days with a condition that the trip must originate from and end at Singapore.

    5. What countries are excluded from the “worldwide” clause?

      Afghanistan, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Democratic Republic of Congo, Liberia, Ukraine, Syria and Sudan are excluded from the “Worldwide” list.

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