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    Tokio Marine Travel Insurance Singapore

    Tokio Marine, which started its operations in Japan, now has its footprints in 38 countries, and is a prominent insurance provider in Singapore. Tokio Marine offers insurance products in categories such as Life Insurance, Health Insurance, home and family insurance, personal accident insurance, private motor insurance, and travel and sports insurance. One of its most popular travel insurance products is TM Xplora.

    Types of Travel Insurance provided by Tokio Marine

    TM Xplora has two kinds of plans under it –

    1. TM Xplora Premier: The Premier plan offers comprehensive coverage for your travel needs.
    2. TM Xplora Classic: The Classic plan comes with customised protection levels for specific travel experiences.

    The policy covers the following travel situations, but the maximum cover for each situation is different for the Premier and Classic plans:

    • Total disablement and accidental death for insured person and children
    • Double protection for insured person and children using public transportation
    • Lump sum payment to your children in case you meet with death in an accident
    • Death due to wounds or illness overseas
    • Repatriation of mortal remains
    • Medical expenses sustained outside Singapore
    • Medical expenses sustained in Singapore
    • Pregnancy expenses
    • Chinese medicine treatment and consultation with chiropractor
    • Allowance for being confined in a hospital abroad
    • Family visits if you are in hospital abroad for more than 5 days
    • Compassionate visits if you pass away overseas
    • Child care visit to bring your kids back to Singapore if you are in hospital abroad
    • Emergency medical evacuation and assistance for insured person and children
    • Emergency telephone charge reimbursement
    • Trip cancellation
    • Trip or flight rescheduling
    • Trip shortening
    • Trip delay
    • Missed flight
    • Disruption or withdrawal of hotel services
    • Loss or damage to personal baggage
    • Baggage delay
    • Loss or theft of travel documents
    • Loss or theft of wallet and money
    • Reimbursement for overbooking of travel mode
    • Travel interruption due to hospitalisation
    • Third-party legal liability
    • Hijacking of aircraft
    • Hostage situation or kidnapping

    You can also add extra protection for the following:

    • Loss or damage to golfing tools
    • Loss or damage to a vehicle you rented
    • Loss or theft of Credit Card
    • Cover for household contents due to fire while you are on trip
    • Infectious diseases quarantine situation
    • Full terrorism cover for insured person and children

    Among the situations that are not covered by Tokio Marine travel insurance are:

    • Dangerous sports activities
    • Involvement in professional sports
    • Involvement in unlawful activities
    • Pre-existing health conditions
    • Wounds related to pregnancy or childbirth
    • Diseases related to the mind, nervous system or sexual organs
    • If your property is seized, ruined or detained by customs or other government officials
    • Participation in dangerous operations related to navy, air force or army
    • Hazardous jobs such as mining, work on explosives or aerial photography
    • Contact with radioactive or nuclear elements
    • Suicide or self-mortification

    Tokio Marine travel insurance coverage

    The maximum protection offered for various coverage factors in TM Xplora travel insurance is listed in the table below:

    Coverage TM Xplora Classic TM Xplora Premier
    Personal accident S$150,000 S$250,000
    Death in public transport S$300,000 S$500,000
    Overseas medical expense S$300,000 S$500,000
    Medical expense in Singapore S$15,000 S$25,000
    Personal liability S$500,000 S$1 million
    Trip cancellation cover S$5,000 S$10,000
    Lost baggage cover S$5,000 S$7,500
    Lost document cover S$3,000 S$5,000
    Missed flights S$200 S$200
    Hostage and hijacking cover S$5,000 S$7,500
    Terrorism cover S$150,000 S$250,000

    Key benefits of buying Tokio Marine Travel Insurance

    The following are the advantages of buying a Tokio Marine travel insurance:

    • All the information regarding Tokio Marine travel insurance is available online in clear and lucid language, which makes it easy for you to come to a quick understanding and decision.
    • Tokio Marine offers comprehensive coverage of a long list of problems – 39 in total – that can occur during travel.
    • The company allows you to add six other protection factors that includes terrorism, credit card fraud, golf equipment, house-care while you’re travelling, quarantine benefit and reimbursement for damage to vehicle rented by you while on trip.
    • The premium amount depends on the destination of travel, the plan type that you select, whether it is an individual or family policy, and the duration of cover.
    • Tokio Marine offers various ways of buying a policy, and you can purchase one as per your convenience.
    • With Tokio Marine, the process of making claims is made very easy and simple.

    Check your eligibility for Tokio Marine Travel Insurance

    To buy a Tokio Marine travel insurance, you need to meet the following criteria:

    • The main policyholder should be aged between 18 and 79.
    • The insured person, their legal spouse and legal children are eligible for ‘Annual Trip – Family’ cover.
    • One or two adults and unlimited number of children are eligible for ‘Single Trip – Family’ cover. The adults don’t have to be related to each other but the children should belong to one or the other adult. The insured family should go to the destination and return from there together.
    • One insured person and co-travellers aged between 21 and 70 years are eligible for Group cover. The name and age of all travellers should be declared for the policy.

    How to apply for Tokio Marine Travel Insurance

    You can buy a Tokio Marine travel insurance in the following ways:

    • Buy online on the Tokio Marine website.
    • Express interest through their online enquiry form.
    • Buy a policy from authorised financial consultants or agencies.
    • Download the purchase form and send to Tokio Marine office.
    • Go to the Tokio Marine office and buy a policy directly.

    How to make a claim for Tokio Marine travel insurance

    Here is a detailed guide on how to make a travel insurance claim with Tokio Marine in Singapore:

    • If anything occurs during your travel that is eligible for an insurance claim, then you must first inform the company. You can both call +65 62216111 or go to the website and report a claim at the ‘Claims Centre’ part of the website. If you bought the insurance policy through an intermediary then you need to inform that person or agency too.
    • If possible, take all possible measures possible to alleviate the loss or damage.
    • If the claim is with regard to any intentional damage, theft, robbery or burglary, report the incident to the police within 24 hours.
    • If the claim is related to a damaged item, then take photos of the damage and don’t throw away the item until claim is made and approved.
    • Fill up the claim form (which can be obtained from the company’s office or website) and submit it (either online or at the office) and all corroborating documents.

    Once you have submitted your claim, Tokio Marine may appoint surveyors or adjusters to investigate your claim and approve or reject it. The documents required for making a claim are:

    • Completed travel claim form
    • Copy of boarding passes and itinerary
    • Photos of the damaged property, if applicable
    • Full list of claims for the damaged/lost/stolen item
    • Documents issued by airline, airport or travel agent, if required
    • Police statement and report, if applicable
    • Any extra documents requested by the company

    Tokio Marine travel insurance hotline

    The various ways in which you can get in touch with Tokio Marine are mentioned below:

    Customer Care Hotline +65 65926100 (Monday to Friday between 8.45am and 5.45pm)
    Fax +65 62239120
    Email for existing plans customercare@tokiomarine-life.sg
    Email for new policy queries lifesolutions@tokiomarine-life.sg
    Email for feedback customervoice@tokiomarine-life.sg
    Office address

    20 McCallum Street #07-01

    Tokio Marine Centre

    Singapore 069046

    (Monday to Friday between 8.45 am and 5.45pm)

    FAQs of Tokio Marine Travel Insurance Singapore

    1. Does Tokio Marine allow the policyholder to appoint a nominee?

      Yes. You can add a nominee to your policy, and the nominee will get the death benefits of the policy in case of accidental death.

    2. Can I pay premium for Tokio Marine travel insurance using CPF savings?

      CPF savings can be used to pay life and health insurance premiums but not travel insurance.

    3. Can I get a duplicate of my travel insurance policy if I have lost the original?

      Yes, you can. You need to apply for a duplicate policy by submitting Indemnity Form for Loss and a copy of your NRIC or passport.

    4. Can foreigners living in Singapore buy a TM Xplora policy?

      Yes. Any traveller from Singapore between 18 and 79 years of age is eligible to buy a TM Xplora -policy.

    5. Is there any variation in the coverage available according to my age?

      Yes. The maximum coverage available for many major circumstances is lower for persons who are between 70 and 79 years old than for those who are less than 70 years old.

    News About Tokio Marine Travel Insurance

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