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Relationships are one of the founding pillars of life. We strive to provide nothing short of the best for our loved ones, to ensure their safety and well-being. However, the nagging worry never seems to leave us, ‘What if something happens to me, who will take care of my family?’ The good news is that there are many ways in which you can erase that worry from your mind for good. The banking world has devised many ways to ensure that you and your family can enjoy financial stability, if the unfortunate happens. One of those ways is taking a Term Insurance policy.

AVIVA offers multiple term life insurance plans under its insurance umbrella which have been consistently popular with customers around the word. For its Singapore customer base, AVIVA offers term insurance under the name of Term Life.

AVIVA Term Life offers 3 distinct term insurance plans which are,

  1. Global Protection,
  2. MyProtector and
  3. SAF Group Term Life insurance.

About AVIVA Term Insurance

Headquartered in London, AVIVA is a multinational financial services company founded in the year 2000 which caters to a global clientele of approximately 34 million customers across 16 countries. Not only is AVIVA a leading name in the insurance sector in UK and Canada but also has worldwide operations running via branch offices located in countries like Ireland, Singapore, Spain, Italy, Hong Kong and many more. The company mainly deals in products and services surrounding life insurance, pensions and general insurance.

Types of Plans by AVIVA Term Insurance

Under term insurance, AVIVA currently offers 3 types of plans. Given below are some of the key benefits of each plan.

  1. Global Protection
  2. Global Protection is a customizable and cost effective term insurance policy by AVIVA which provides cover to your family and loved ones against unpredicted events like death or a terminal illness, anywhere in the world. The following are some of the highlighting features of this plan.

    • This is a global term insurance, which means that you are covered, no matter which part of the world you may be in.
    • Not only does this plan provide for maintenance of your family’s financial status after the unpredicted event but also takes care of financial obligations like mortgage payments, and repayment of a business loan.
    • Choose from a list of riders to enhance the protection provided by your policy. Different riders provide cover in the event of (i) Total and Permanent Disability, (ii) Critical Illness Accelerated and (iii) Critical Illness Premium Waiver.
    • With the Global Protection plan, you have the choice to make premium payments in any of the following six currencies: SGD (Singapore Dollar), USD (US Dollar), GBP (Great Britain Pound), EUR (Euro), AUD (Australian Dollar) and HKD (Hong Kong Dollar).
    • The Global Protector Plan provides the beneficiary with a lump sum amount in case of death of diagnosis of a terminal illness.
    • Customers have the choice to opt from a Level Term or Decreasing Term with their Global Protect insurance plan. Under the Level Term, the beneficiary gets a guaranteed sum upon the diagnosis of a terminal illness or in the event of death, occurring during the term of the policy, at the existing premium rates. The Decreasing Term is a low premium plan which is ideal for covering reducing debts or mortgage payments as it pays a reducing amount for each passing year of the policy period.
    • Enjoy extended cover as the Global Protection policy features guaranteed renewal, that too before its expiry.
    • The minimum sum assured with this policy varies with the kind of cover or rider that the applicant has opted for. It also depends on whether the policy is of a Level Term or a Decreasing Term.

  3. MyProtector
  4. The AVIVA MyProtector Term Insurance Plan is a cost-effective term insurance plan which not only provides comprehensive cover but also gives you the flexibility to choose exactly the kind of cover you want, based on your requirements. The MyProtector Plan comes with two sub-plans which are (i) Level Term with MyProtector – Level Plus and (ii) Decreasing Term. The following are some of the highlighting features of this term insurance plan.

    • The MyProtector – Level Plus Plan ensures that the beneficiary gets a guaranteed sum of money upon the diagnosis of a terminal illness or death.
    • Under the Decreasing Plan, the beneficiary gets a sum of money on yearly reducing basis which is ideal to cover the decreasing payments on mortgages or loans.
    • Choose from a list of riders under the MyProtector-Level Plus like (i) Enhanced Total & Permanent Disability Benefit, (ii) Total & Permanent Disability Benefit, (iii) Enhanced Critical Illness Accelerated Benefit, (iv) Critical Illness Accelerated Benefit and (v) Critical Illness Premium Waiver.
    • Enjoy peace of mind with the MyProtector Plan as it provides global coverage.
    • For ease of payment, customers can choose from six different currencies to pay their premium.
    • Convenience comes foremost as this policy allows you the flexibility to make premium payments on a yearly, bi-yearly, quarterly or monthly basis.
    • This insurance plan comes with Guaranteed Renewable Option which automatically lets you continue with your policy every 5 or 10 years, for the existing policy term.
    • This policy also comes with a provision wherein policyholders have the freedom to increase the coverage with every life event like graduation, marriage or birth of a child.
    • Another key benefit provided by this policy is that the amount of premium remains unchanged for applicants of all eligible nationalities.
    • Additionally, you also get Interim Accidental Death Cover up to an amount of S$500,000, at no additional cost, upon signing your MyProtector plan application.

  5. SAF Group Term Life Insurance
  6. The SAF Group Term Life Insurance is a special term insurance which has been introduced by AVIVA for all SAF and MINDEF personnel, as well as all National Servicemen. This insurance plan has been designed to provide basic life and personal accident coverage to you and your family, for day to day life and military training as well, at very affordable rates. Some of the notable features of this policy are as follows.

    • This insurance plan provides coverage up to an amount of S$1,000,000 with a contribution of just S$4.21 per day.
    • The rate of premium remains unchanged up to the age of 65 years.
    • Under the sum assured amount, SAF Group Term Life Policy provides you with Life insurance Coverage and Personal Accident Coverage, each of which include extensive coverage against variety of accidents / losses.
    • This term life insurance comes with a range of added benefits like Daily Hospital Cash Benefit, extra Death Benefit up to S$ 100,000 for death caused during SAF training / vocational activity.
    • The SAF Group Term Life Insurance provides cover up to the age of 65, even if you are no longer employed with the National Service or SAF.
    • This insurance policy ensures that the applicant’s spouse remains insured, even after the untimely passing away of the applicant.

Eligibility for AVIVA Term Insurance

Following are some of the eligibility criteria for the different term insurance policies offered by AVIVA.

Global Protector

  • Applicants must be nationals of the any of the given list of countries which have been specified in the insurance policy document.
  • Expatriates belonging to any of the approved nationalities and residing in any of the countries, as specified in the policy terms and conditions, are eligible to apply for this term insurance plan to obtain cover for critical illness benefits, total & permanent disability, terminal illness or death.
  • Residents not belonging to any of the countries listed in the policy document are also eligible to apply. However their coverage is subject to underwriting approval.
  • The spouse must not be divorced / legally separated from the applicant. They must be legally wedded.


Under this plan, the spouse must be legally married to the applicant. They must not be separated or divorced.

SAF Group Term Life Insurance

  • Eligible Applicants - Individuals who are Defence Executive Officers (DXO), DSTA employees, SAF regulars and full-time National Servicemen, Public Officers employed with MINDEF, military domain expert personnel, SAF volunteers and SAF Operational Ready National Servicemen.
  • Eligible Dependents – Children (not less than 14 days old) and spouse of any of the above specified insured individuals are classified as eligible dependents.
  • Age Limit – Applicant or their spouse who are not above the age of 55 years, can take this policy. Coverage on this policy can be extended until the age of 70 years.

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AVIVA Term Insurance - FAQs

  1. What are the different methods by which I can make premium payments on my MyProtector Term Insurance plan?
  2. You can make payments on your MyProtector Plan via credit card (MasterCard or Visa), cheque, banker’s draft, direct debit, or telegraphic transfer.

  3. Are there any riders available with the MyProtector – Level plus Plan?
  4. Yes, there are multiple riders like Male Illness Cover II, Female Illness Cover II, Accidental Death & dismemberment Benefit, Payer Critical Illness Premium Waiver and Payer Premium Waiver Benefit which can be attached to the MyProtector – Level Plus plan.

  5. Are there any exclusion in the SAF Group Term Insurance?
  6. Yes, the SAF Group Term insurance policy comes with a complete list of exclusions which can be found in the policy document.

  7. What is the choice of riders that a customer gets with the Global Protection Plan?
  8. With the Global Protection Plan, customers get the choice of the following riders:

    1. Total & Permanent Disability
    2. Critical Illness Accelerated
    3. Critical Illness Premium Waiver
  9. What is included under the Life Insurance Coverage of the SAF Group Term Life Insurance?
  10. The Life Coverage section includes:

    • Death due to an illness.
    • Total & permanent disablement due to an illness
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