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     For some, travelling is a part of their job and for some, travelling is a passion. Whatever be the reason, the risks associated with travelling are many. For a frequent traveller, travel insurance is a necessary inclusion in their insurance portfolio. A travel insurance will get you prepared to face any unforeseen circumstance during a trip. From baggage delays to sudden illness, a travel insurance will ensure that you are covered.

    About Tenet Sompo Travel Insurance

    Tenet Insurance Company Limited was established in the year 1957. Initially known as “The People’s Insurance Company Limited”, the company became a subsidiary of Hwa Kong Limited in 1980’s. Various well-known institutions like the Hartford International Financial Services Group, Sompo Japan Insurance Inc. and NIPPONKOA Insurance Company had acquired stakes in Tenet Insurance over the years. Acquired by Sompo Japan Insurance in 2010, Tenet Insurance was branded as Tenet Sompo. Currently, Tenet Sompo serves a diversified clientele from individuals to families, with a broad spectrum of general insurance products and services.

    Tenet Sompo’s travel insurance scheme provides an extensive coverage against medical expenses, lost luggage, accidents and other losses while travelling. With Tenet Sompo’s travel insurance cover, you will not have to worry about unforeseen events that may otherwise ruin your well-planned holiday.

    Features and Benefits of Tenet Sompo Travel Insurance

    Tenet Sompo’s “TravelJOY” insurance will be your perfect companion when travelling. Following are some of the unique advantages that a Tenet Sompo customer will enjoy when making a trip, near or far.

    • Amateur Sports Cover

      “TravelJOY” insurance covers risks that accompany sports activities like para-sailing, white-water rafting, bungee jumping and snow-skiing.

    • Extensive Coverage for Travel Delays

      Delays as a result of travel cancellation and natural disasters are covered under Tenet Sompo travel insurance scheme.

    • Flexible Baggage Delay Coverage

      Baggage delay pays from 6 hours and for every 4 hours after that come with “TravelJOY” scheme. Assistance for tracing of lost luggage and passport replacement advice will also be provided.

    • Medical Assistance

      Tele-medical assistance, medical evacuations and repatriations and referral to a medical facility are offered to the customers.

    • Special Quarantine Allowance

      Quarantine allowance due to 16 infectious diseases like MERS is covered under this travel insurance scheme.

    Tenet Sompo “TravelJOY” insurance Coverage

    Tenet travel insurance offers extensive coverage against a wide range of risks associated with travel and overseas stay. Here’s a glance of the benefits and covers provided under the “TravelJOY” scheme.


    • Personal accident cover will offer insurance benefits for accidental death, third degree burns, permanent disablement and for accidental death in a traffic accident as a passenger.
    • Tenet insurance scheme covers medical expenses that are incurred overseas including outpatient and hospitalization charges, emergency dental expenses and emergency medical situations arising from accidents and miscarriage. This cover includes treatment costs from chiropractor, Chinese physicians, physiotherapists and dentists.
    • Emergency medical evacuation and repatriation costs back to Singapore are covered.
    • All medical expenses upon return to Singapore including follow-up treatment costs within 31 days are included in Tenet travel insurance scheme.
    • Hospitalisation allowance is provided to hospital admissions in Singapore and overseas. Also, double the allowance is provided for hospitalization in ICU whilst overseas due to accidents.
    • Other benefits and costs covered include accommodation and travelling expenses and expenses incurred due to visit by relative or friend in event of customer’s hospitalization.


    • Costs incurred due to loss or damage to baggage and personal belongings including video equipment, laptop, camera and electronic devices are covered under “TravelJOY” plan.
    • Loss of money due to theft of travel documents and fraudulent use of credit card are also reimbursed under this insurance plan.
    • Other events like trip cancellation within 60 days of departure date, trip curtailment after departure resulting in customer’s return to Singapore, financial collapse of licensed tour operators causing non-refund of trip expenses, trip disruption whilst overseas due to hospitalization are taken care of under Tenet Sompo Travel Insurance scheme.
    • Family and personal liability insurance of $1,000,000 per insured person and family is provided under this cover.


    • If your baggage is wrongly picked up by another passenger causing delay while abroad, Tenet travel insurance provides $200 for the first six hours and $125 for every 4 hours after than with a maximum limit of $1000.
    • Travel delay due to natural disasters and other insured events are also covered. Tenet Sompo provides $100 for the first six hours and $65 for every four hours thereafter.
    • Other incidents which attracts cash benefits under this scheme includes flight deviation, flight overbooked whilst overseas, kidnap benefit, delays caused by hijack, loss of hotel facilities and travel misconnection that exceeds 6 hours.


    • Other bonus covers offered under Tenet Sompo travel insurance includes full terrorism cover, abandonment of trip in Singapore, emergency phone charges, excess cover for rental vehicle, war cover and cover for leisure underwater activities.
    • As bonus cover, reconstructive surgery due to accidental burns that covers skin transplantation is also provided.
    • A special cover is also offered for golf that includes events such as damage of buggy, loss or damage of golf equipment, hole-in-one and unused golf fees.
    • Upon return to Singapore, a quarantine allowance for 16 infectious diseases that includes malaria, SARS, rubella and H1N1 is also offered as bonus cover.

    Go Japan!” Plan

    This unique travel insurance scheme offered by Tenet Sompo is a specially crafted protection plan that offers seamless coverage when you travel to Japan. Some of the unique benefits of the plan are described below:

    • Cashless medical service at over 740 hospitals in Japan with a medical expense coverage of up to S$ 800,000 for individuals and S$ 1,600,000 for families.
    • Free translation service is provided to the customers over the phone.
    • You can call for assistance anytime and locate medical help. Emergency Assistance Japan (EAJ) officer will help you make an appointment and ensure that you receive proper medical care without having to make a payment.

    Eligibility for Tenet Sompo “TravelJOY” Travel Insurance Plan

    To be eligible to apply for Tenet Sompo’s travel insurance plan, the applicant must satisfy the following conditions:

    • The person to be insured must be a Singaporean, permanent resident of Singapore or foreigners who hold a valid employment pass, dependant pass, long term social visit pass, student pass or work permit unless agreed otherwise.
    • To secure an individual insurance plan for children below the age of 16, parents or guardian must sign the same under their name. The limits applicable are for children insured under the Family Plan.

    Important Terms and Conditions of Tenet Sompo Travel Insurance

    • The policy must be in effect before departure and the trip must start from and end at Singapore. Any extension of insurance period must be done before the expiry of policy.
    • All one way trip departing from Singapore will cease upon reaching the destination overseas or 2 hours after the immigration is cleared or policy expiry, whichever is earlier.
    • Maximum duration for a single trip plan is up to 182 days. For annual multi-trip plans, the duration can be up to 90 days for each trip with unlimited number of trips.
    • The maximum amount payable for accidents due to terrorism for all policies, even when you have more than 1 “TravelJOY” policy, will be S$500,000 per person.

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    FAQs – Tenet Sompo Travel Insurance

    1. What documents will be asked for when making a claim?

      For medical claims, you will be required to submit all original medical certificates and evidences along with receipts. For loss and delay of luggage, theft of personal effects and money, you must submit written confirmation from carrier, police report, original receipt and other related invoices.

    2. Is my child insured with full coverage under the “TravelJOY” scheme?

      If your child is aged 16 years and above and provided an individual plan is selected for your child, your child will be ensured will full coverage.

    3. What is the procedure to make an insurance claim?

      Contact the Appointed Assistance Company within 24 hours if the claim value exceeds S$5,000. Otherwise, report the claim to Tenet Sompo within 30 days of your return.

    4. If I am refused entry at the overseas immigration checkpoint, will I still be covered under the “TravelJOY” scheme?

      No. Any claim arising out of government intervention, regulation and prohibition are excluded.

    5. When will the personal accident cover of policy take effect?

      This section will be effective from the time you leave your residence to the place of embarkation in Singapore to travel to the desired destination.

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