NSman Relief for Self, Wife, and Parent

National Servicemen (NSmen) form the backbone of Singapore’s defence forces. Their service ensures that Singaporeans always feel secure. It, therefore, becomes important to recognise their contribution to society as well as the role their wives and parents play in supporting them.

This recognition is provided via NSman Relief for self, wife, and parent.

Understanding NSman Self Relief

All NSmen who are operationally ready are eligible for this tax relief. The relief is based on the national service contributed from 1 April to 31 March of the previous year.

Who Is Eligible?

To receive the relief, you need to fulfil either one of the following criteria:

  • As per the Enlistment Cap (Cap 93), you have completed two years as a full-time NSman.
  • A recognised authority has deemed that you have completed your service.

Who Is Not Eligible?

  • Members from the Ministry of Defence who are a part of the regular army.
  • Those who are members of Singapore’s police force.
  • NSmen who have faced criminal charges or any disciplinary action in the year of assessment (YA).
  • Civil Defence Force members.

What Is the Relief Amount?

The relief amount is dependent on:

  • NS activities that were performed in the previous year.
  • If you are an NS staff appointment or key command holder.
Were NS activities undertaken in the YA? NSmen (regular population) NS Staff Appointment and Key Command Holders
Yes S$3,000 S$5,000
No S$1,500 S$3,500

Ex-NSmen or NS-liable ex-regular servicemen who are 40 years and above and senior military experts and officers aged 50 years and above will receive the base amount (S$1,500).

How to Make a Claim

No claim needs to be made for this relief. IRAS automatically gives you this relief based on whether or not you meet the eligibility criteria. This eligibility is based on the records sent to IRAS by SPF, SCDF, and MINDEF.

If your son is also an NSman, you will either receive relief as a parent or from NSman Self Relief. In such cases, IRAS will give you the higher amount as tax relief.

Understanding NSman Wife Relief

Who Is Eligible?

  • Those who are citizens of Singapore and were citizens the previous year as well.
  • Your husband receives relief as an NSman.

You could also receive NSman Wife Relief if you are the widow of a deceased NSman. This relief, however, will cease to apply once you remarry.

What Is the Relief Amount?

NSman Wife Relief amount is S$750.

How to Make a Claim

As with NSman Self Relief, you don’t need to make a claim since IRAS will give you the relief amount directly.

If you find that despite being eligible your tax bill doesn’t reflect the amount, send these documents or details (as the case may be) to IRAS via email:

  • The year of assessment for which you are looking to make a claim.
  • Confirmation that you meet the eligibility criteria.
  • Your marriage certificate copy.

What Happens in Case of a Divorce or a Change in Marital Status?

If you have received the relief but there was a marital status change during the year of assessment, the following needs to be sent to IRAS via email:

  • Divorce certificate (photocopy).
  • The financial year for which the relief needs to be withdrawn by IRAS.

Understanding NSman Parent Relief

Who Is Eligible?

  • Your child receives NSman Self Relief.
  • You currently are and were a citizen of Singapore in the year of assessment.

In the unfortunate circumstance of your son’s death, you will still receive this relief.

As mentioned earlier, if your son is also an NSman, you will only receive one relief amount. This will be either the NSman Parent Relief or the NSman Self Relief. In this case too, the higher amount will be provided as relief.

What Is the Relief Amount?

Each parent receives S$750 irrespective of how many of their children are NSmen.

How to Make a Claim

IRAS gives you the relief based on whether or not you fulfil the eligibility requirements.

What to Do If the Relief Isn’t Shown on Your Tax Bill?

In such cases, you need to send these details to IRAS via email:

  • The year of assessment for which the claim is being made.
  • A confirmation regarding your eligibility to claim this relief.
  • Your child’s birth certificate (photocopy).

The NSman Relief is just a small way by which Singapore thanks its citizens for the work they do. Whether it is as servicemen or their wives and parents who extend their support.

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