Japan Airport & Sea Departure Tax

Japan Departure Tax

Due to the record-breaking number of international travellers visiting Japan in recent times, effective 7 January 2019, the nation will begin to impose an International Tourist Tax for all departures from Japan by sea or air.

Why Is it Being Implemented?

Given that tourism is one of the few growth sectors remaining in Japan, the government is looking to invest in the sector through the new tax. Revenues will be used strictly to promote further tourism by boosting infrastructure, funding tourism campaigns globally, and promoting tourism to destinations in rural Japan.

Who Are Termed as “International Tourists” in Japan?

  • Individuals or tourists leaving Japan who have received approval to do so with respect to the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act
  • Passengers travelling overseas via aircraft from Japan
  • Anyone leaving Japan for business, study, medical, employment, public service, or other reasons (including tourism)

What Is the Janpan Tourist Tax Rate?

All travellers departing from Japan will be taxed at the rate of ¥1,000 (S$12.20) per departure, whether they are Japanese or non-Japanese. The tax will be added to the fares for both air and sea travels.

Who Will Collect the Tourist Tax?

The operators of businesses involving the paid transportation of international passengers are responsible for collecting the International Tourist Tax prior to the passenger boarding their chosen means of transportation out of Japan.

Businesses with any offices in Japan must pay the taxes collected to the customs office within their jurisdiction.

The collected taxes must be transferred over to the customs office by end of the second month that the international passenger departed from Japan.

IRAS Tourist Refund Scheme for Singaporeans

Are There Any Exemptions?

The following will be exempted from having to pay the tax:

  • All children below the age of 2
  • Airline/ship crew members
  • Individuals due for deportation
  • Individuals leaving Japan by alternative means (Government planes, etc.)
  • Individuals returning to Japan without having entered another country (due to weather conditions, etc.)
  • All passengers in transit who depart from Japan within 24 hours of arrival
  • All passengers on ships returning to Japan (due to unavoidable circumstances or weather conditions)
  • Individuals stationed in Japan for official purposes (Consuls, diplomats, etc.)
  • State guests, etc.
  • UN and US Armed Forces personnel stationed for official purposes

Note: Exemptions for state guests and those stationed for official purposes (diplomats, etc.) will be based on reciprocity.

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