How to Change Mailing Address in IRAS Site

You can change or update residential as well as company addresses with the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS).

If you want to change your personal address, then you need to login to myTax Portal through your IRAS PIN or SingaPass and update any changes to your address. If you require a SingPass or IRAS PIN, you need to visit the IRAS website and apply for either one, online. This is only required if your mailing address is different than your residential address printed on your NRIC.

Changing mailing address for individual property owners

Individual property owners will receive their tax notices/bills/correspondences on their residential mailing address printed on the property owner’s ID card. In the event that you have relocated, you must update the new address on your ID card by visiting any Police Post.

After you have updated the address on your ID card, the same will be updated automatically with the IRAS and you will receive your tax notices/bills/correspondences on your new mailing address.

Note: After you have updated your new address with the Police Post, there is no requirement to update the IRAS separately.

Updating company addresses for corporate property owners

In case of corporate property owners, the IRAS will send their tax notices/bills/correspondences to their registered office address provided on the ACRA (Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority) record.

If the company has relocated, then the new address must be updated with ACRA.

After relocating your company, you will receive your tax notices/bills/correspondences to your new mailing address automatically.

Note: After updating your new company mailing address with ACRA, you do not need to separately inform the IRAS regarding the same.

The IRAS records regarding your new business address will be updated in the following way:

Changes/updates regarding address filed with ACRA When the records are updated with the IRAS
Between 1st and 15th of every month. The IRAS records will be updated on the 19th of the same month.
Starting from the 16th until the last day of every month. The IRAS records will be updated on the 4th of the next month.

Updating the IRAS directly in case of urgent circumstances (for corporates)

In the event that you are awaiting correspondence or tax refund from the IRAS after filing the corporate address change with ACRA, you can inform the IRAS directly. You can contact the IRAS by either by logging into myTax Portal or by sending a direct email through the IRAS website with the following details:

  • Your GST registration number or business/company tax reference number.
  • Your business/company name.
  • Your previous registered business address.
  • Your new updated business address with ACRA.

Alternatively, you can send an email to the IRAS at [email protected] You can also fax the IRAS with any information at +65 6351 4360.

Note: In case of address change, you do not have to provide the IRAS with any supporting documents.

Registered Office Address VS Correspondence Address

According to the law, the IRAS will only send your Income Tax Notices/Forms to your registered office address. No Income Tax Notices/Forms will be sent to your correspondence address if the correspondence address is different than your registered office address. If you want the IRAS to send your Income Tax Notices/Forms to your correspondence address, then you will have to update the same with ACRA by updating your correspondence address as your registered office address.

Changing GST Mailing Address

If you want to receive your GST related correspondence on another mailing address, you can update the same by following the steps below:

  • Use your SingPass and login to myTax Portal.
  • Click on the option, "Update Contact Details & Subscribe to Alerts".

Note: You cannot provide a foreign address or a P.O. Box address as your GST mailing address as the IRAS will not accept them.

Changing or updating any other mailing address

If you want to receive your property tax notices/bills/correspondences on any other address besides your residential mailing address or corporate mailing address, you will have to notify the IRAS with the new mailing address in the following way:

  • Use your SingPass to log into
  • Go to the top menu, click on "Email Us (myTax Mail)".

Use the above steps to email the IRAS and provide your new mailing address.

Other ways to update the IRAS regarding changes/updates to your mailing address

  • Online - Visit myTax Portal and update your new address.
  • Calling the helpline - If you are in Singapore, contact the IRAS by calling on 1800 356 8300 and if you are overseas, call on +65 6356 8300. This helpline is operational between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. from Mondays to Fridays.
  • Fax the IRAS - Use can fax the IRAS at 6351 2707.

You can also write to the IRAS on the address below:

"The Comptroller of Income Tax Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore 55 Newton Road Revenue House Singapore 307987"

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