Course Fees Relief

Course Fees Relief will give you tax benefits to improve your skills or increase your chances of being employed. This relief is intended for individuals who are employed at the moment or have been employed in the past. If you have rendered services in an internship or a vacation job, you won’t qualify for this relief.

What Courses Qualify for Relief?

If you’ve paid for the course in 2017, you can claim relief in the Year of Assessment, 2018. This is subject to a limit of S$5,500 per year.

Approved Professional or Academic Courses that Qualify

You can attend a seminar, conference, or take up a course to claim relief. However, the course you participate in should lead to professional or academic qualifications that are recognised.

Approved Vocational Course that Qualify

1. To claim relief, you should be able to apply the knowledge or skill you’ve obtained in a specific field for a given industry or a vocation. The seminar, conference, or course you attend should be provided by a Singapore entity registered with the Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority or ACRA.

To find out if a course is offered by an entity registered in Singapore, you can utilise the tool found on

2. Have you taken part in a conference, seminar, or course during 2017? If this education aids your present trade, business, employment, or vocation, it will qualify for relief.

3. Have you have participated in a seminar, conference, or course between 1 January 2015 and 31 December 2016? If this education helped your vocation, profession, business, or trade in 2017, it qualifies for the relief.

Courses that Don’t Qualify

Not all courses are eligible for relief. Take a look at instances where you will not be able to claim relief:

  • If you attend a seminar, conference, or course for leisure or recreational reasons.
  • Courses you attend for the purposes of building a hobby and not your profession. Learning a language, photography, or sports are examples of such courses.
  • Courses intended to build general knowledge, like surfing the internet, Microsoft Office, etc.
  • A university or polytechnic course where the graduate has never worked, or carried out any trade or vocation in the past.

How Much Relief Can You Get?

You can attend any number of courses and claim relief for the actual amount you pay for the courses. This is limited to S$5,500 for each year. However, if your employer or the organisation you work for reimburses some of your fees, you won’t be able to claim this portion of the fees.

You will be able to claim fees such as:

  • Fees for examinations.
  • Fees for aptitude tests (for computer-based courses).
  • Tuition fees.
  • Enrolment or registration fees.

Long-Term Courses

Sometimes you have to pay upfront for a course that spans over several years. To claim relief in these instances, you can divide the fees you paid equally over the next few years. Let’s say you paid S$6,000 for a course in 2017, the table below will show you how to claim relief:

Course fee paid upfront in 2017 S$6,000
Claim in 2018 (YA) S$2,000
Claim in 2019 (YA) S$2,000
Claim in 2020 (YA) S$2,000

Deferred Relief Claims

If your annual income is S$22,000 or lower for the YA 2018, you can claim relief for the course or courses you paid for, later. However, when you do claim, you need to:

  • Make your claim in the first year your annual assessable income is more than S$22,000 or
  • Two years after 2018.

Whichever of the above occurs earlier.

How to Claim Course Fees Relief

Claiming Course Fees Relief can be done online or using paper filing. Take a look at how you can make a claim using both methods:

Using the E-Filing Method

  • Use your SingPass or IRAS PIN to log in on myTax Portal.
  • Select Individuals and then select “File Form B/B1”.
  • Choose “Edit My Tax Form”.
  • Navigate to “4. Deductions, Reliefs, and Parenthood Tax Rebate”.
  • Select “Course Fees” and fill your details for the claim.

Paper Filing Your Claim

You will need to procure Form B1 or Form B. If you have Form B1, fill your information on item 6(h) found on page 2. For Form B, you have to fill in item 6(h), which can be found on page 3.

Now that you know how to claim relief for eligible courses you attended or plan to take up, you can go ahead and make your claim.

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