Approved Contract Manufacturer & Trader (ACMT) Scheme

According to ACMT scheme, a trader, as well as a contract manufacturer, need not report GST for any value-added activity which was rendered to a non-GST registered foreign customer.

Who Qualifies for This Scheme

A contract manufacturer who is from the following industries:

  • Printing industry
  • Semi-conductor industry
  • Biomedical industry – APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) manufacturing

Contract manufacturers who are part of the biomedical industry via other business divisions will be taken into consideration for this scheme on an individual basis.

Following are the key benefits of ACMT Scheme in Singapore.

1. Import GST suspension

Under the following circumstances, you will be entitled to import GST suspension:

  • When you import goods that belong to you for your business-related purposes.
  • When you import goods that belong to your non-GST registered overseas principal for distribution purposes (in Singapore/export reasons) as a section 33(2) agent*.
  • When goods that belong to your overseas principal who is not registered with GST are imported and are re-exported afterwards, as a section 33A agent*.
  • Importation of a commodity (example: raw materials, etc.) that is allocated to you via your overseas non-GST registered customer on which a value-added activity is executed under the ACMT scheme.
  • Effective 1 January 2015, re-importation of commodities which were dispatched abroad by you previously for a value-added activity, belonging either to your local client or a GST-registered overseas client if the conditions under section 33B are met.

*Section 33(2) agent: As a section 33(2) agent, you can import as well as render goods in place of a foreigner who has not registered for GST in Singapore.

*Section 33A agent: When certain qualifying criteria are met, as a section 33A agent you will be able to import commodities that belong to a foreigner & then export those commodities (without additional supply of commodities), you might be able to claim the GST amount you’ve paid during the importing process in place of a foreigner.

2. GST Claims on Purchases Done Locally

You can make a GST claim on commodities that were purchased locally by your non-GST registered foreign customer and dispatched to you. Later, you execute a value-added service on the commodities that were delivered to you in place of the overseas customer considering it as your input tax.

A commodity must become an input to either your processed/treated commodity which is subsequently:

  • Exported or
  • A delivery is made to either a customer in relation to your foreign client or to another ACMT person

This input tax claim can be made by you only if you comply with either of the conditions mentioned below:

  • You made the GST payment on the goods or
  • You made a GST refund to your foreign client who had made the GST payment initially

3. Ignoring the Supply of a Value-Added Activity

You will be in a position to ignore the provision of value-added activities (such as assembly/processing/testing services) to your overseas non-GST registered customer when the commodities you’ve processed/treated are:

  • Exported
  • Sent to the final customer in relation to the foreign client or
  • Sent to another ACMT person

You also get to disregard the provision of a value-added service with respect to excess/failed production to your foreign non-GST registered client provided goods you’ve processed or treated are:

  • Exported or
  • Delivered to a local waste management vendor either for destruction or disposal without any consideration

4. Self-disposal

When you opt to self-dispose/self-destroy excess or failed productions, you will need to request for a confirmation from the Comptroller in writing that you’re allowed to ignore your provision of value-added services with respect to those commodities.

You will need to provide information in relation to the disposal/destruction process & supporting documentation you are going to maintain.

Note: GST is not chargeable on the fee that was charged to your foreign client.

How to Apply for the ACMT Scheme

You can apply for this scheme either as an ACMT CM (an authorised contract manufacturer) or as an ACMT LOG (an authorised logistics firm) based on what your role is in the contract manufacturing supply chain.

Application forms you need to submit:
  • GST F14A: ACMT scheme application (when you’re applying as an ACMT CM) along with
    Appendix 1: ACMT CM Pre-Application Checklist.
  • GST F14B: ACMT scheme application (when you’re applying as an ACMT LOG).
Other supporting documents:

Your ACMT application needs to be submitted with the following additional documents:

  • Your recent yearly financial statements (audited) & an opinion on the financial statements from an external auditor who is unqualified.
  • For every business arrangement you have with your foreign client, a description in brief, an illustration of the proportion of commodities that were exported and of the supply chain.
  • If you’re part of the biomedical industry, your GMP certificate’s copy and/or a notification letter from HSA with respect to the manufacturer’s licence auto-renewal, if applicable.
  • Any other document which is mentioned in the application form.
ACAP or self-review:

In addition to submitting the required application form and the supporting documents, you need to perform either of the steps given below:

  • Do a self-review via ASK (the Assisted Self-Help Kit) & make a certified ASK declaration form submission.

It is mandatory that the ASK declaration form should be certified either by your in-house or an external tax worker who is accredited either as an Accredited Tax Advisor (GST) or an Accredited Tax Practitioner (GST) with the SIATP (Singapore Institute of Accredited Tax Professionals).

  • Pledge/have pledged to take part in ACAP (Assisted Compliance Assurance Programme).

If you’re a successful ACAP applicant, you need not provide the ASK declaration form when the results for the review of ACAP and ACAP report submission are pending.

Businesses Which are Approved Under This Scheme (Active)

GST-Registration Number/UEN Approval Date Approved Business Name Status
199800834K 1st April 2009 ASE Singapore Pte Ltd ACMT CM
200608760H 1st August 2011 Ardentec Singapore Pte Ltd ACMT CM
53129136K 21st November 2011 GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals ACMT CM
198105976H 1st October 2009 Avi-Tech Electronics Limited ACMT CM
200203640M 1st September 2015 Jabil Circuit (Singapore) Pte Ltd ACMT CM
198703584K 1st April 2009 GLOBALFOUNDRIES Singapore Pte Ltd ACMT CM
199804706E 1st April 2009 JSI Logistics (S) Pte Ltd ACMT LOG
197903460H 1st April 2009 John Wiley & Sons (Asia) Pte Ltd ACMT LOG
196700192D 1st April 2009 Markono Print Media Pte Ltd ACMT CM
200614708M 1st October 2011 Lonza Biologics Tuas Pte Ltd ACMT CM
198305350W 1st April 2009 Sanmina-SCI Systems Singapore Pte Ltd ACMT CM
200511099D 1st September 2009 Powertech Technology (Singapore) Pte Ltd ACMT CM
200101497G 1st April 2013 Speedmark Logistics Pte Ltd ACMT LOG
199403603G 15yh September 2009 Smartflex Technology Pte Ltd ACMT CM
196900236M 1st April 2009 STMicroelectronics Pte Ltd ACMT CM
199407932D 1st April 2009 Stats Chippac Ltd ACMT CM
201503214R (M90370157E) 1st May 2015 UTAC Headquarters Pte Ltd ACMT CM
200201226C 1st September 2015 XPO Logistics Worldwide Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
(f.k.a. Menlo Worldwide Asia Pacific Pte Ltd)
199805959G 1st September 2015 Systems on Silicon Manufacturing Company Pte Ltd ACMT CM

Approved Business Under the ACMT Scheme (Discontinued)

GST-Registration Number / UEN Approved Date Name of the Approved Organisation Status
199400396C 1 April 2009 Agility International Logistics Pte Ltd ACMT LOG - Valid till 14 June 2013
197501572K 1 April 2009 Abundance International Limited (f.k.a. Craft Print International Limited) ACMT CM - Valid till 2 February 2016
198302438E 1 April 2009 ESEC (Singapore) Pte Ltd ACMT CM - Valid till 31 December 2013
200005970Z 12 February 2010 Distribution Alliance International Pte Ltd ACMT LOG - Valid till 31 January 2014
197501566C 1 April 2009 IBM Singapore Pte Ltd ACMT LOG - Valid till 31 March 2015
199701972G 1 April 2009 GLOBALFOUNDRIES Silicon Partners Pte Ltd ACMT CM - Valid till 31 December 2013
197000914Z 1 April 2009 Schenker Singapore (Pte) Ltd ACMT LOG - Valid till 31 August 2015
197801823M 1 April 2009 KHL Printing Co. Pte Ltd ACMT CM - Valid till 11 March 2016
199004870N 1 April 2009 Telford Industries Pte Ltd ACMT CM – Valid till 31 May 2013
199800060H 1 April 2009 Silicon Manufacturing Partners Pte Ltd ACMT CM - Valid till 9 February 2016
A2500429D 1 April 2009 Venture Corporation Limited ACMT CM - Valid till 31 October 2016
199708070H 1 April 2009 United Test and Assembly Center Ltd ACMT CM - Valid till 30 June 2017

Other GST Schemes Available

IRAS offers another scheme known as the Approved Import GST Suspension Scheme. This scheme renders benefits to a GST-registered business which is part of the aerospace industry with respect to import GST suspension on eligible aircraft parts. To learn more about other scheme visit below.

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