Standard Chartered Fixed Deposit Promotion Singapore

Standard Chartered Bank in Singapore offers two types of fixed deposit accounts - Singapore Dollar Time Deposit and Foreign Currency Time Deposit schemes.

Both SGD time deposit and foreign currency time deposit offer features like attractive interest rates, flexible tenure, auto-renewal facility and cash overdraft facility.

Standard Chartered Bank also provides promotional offers on its fixed deposit products. These promotions offer greater rates of interest than usual.

The interest rates offered depend on the amount of money deposited and the tenure selected for the deposit. A longer tenure usually converts to a higher rate of interest. Standard Chartered Bank tries to offer you enough incentive on a regular basis to deposit your money with the bank.

SGD Time Deposit Promotion

The current promotion on SGD Time Deposit offers you the chance to earn up to 1.75% p.a. interest on SGD Time Deposit. However, the rates are different for preferred banking customers and regular customers. You can earn attractive returns with a minimum deposit of S$25,000 in fresh funds.

Minimum Placement Tenor Promotional Rates Priority Banking Preferential Rates
S$25,000 12 months 1.65% p.a. 1.75% p.a.

Features of the Promotion:

  • The promotional interest rates are only applicable if the Time Deposit is held until the maturity of the tenor.
  • Standard Chartered Singapore Dollar Time Deposit Promotion is applicable only until 31 December 2018.
  • Fresh funds refer to funds not originating from any existing account with Standard Chartered Bank (Singapore) Limited and funds that are not withdrawn and re-deposited within the last 30 days of opening the Time Deposit.
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