NTU Turns Smart With All-Purpose Smart Pass

NTU has recently launched an all-purpose smart pass for its students and staff that will double up as an identity card and a smart payment solution.

BankBazaar Singapore – January 11, 2018

Singapore: Nanyang Technological University (NTU) has launched an all-purpose smart card for its students and staff members as a part of its Smart Campus initiative. Professor Subra Suresh, the new President of NTU, formally introduced the smart card as a part of his broad vision to transform the university into the largest green campus in the country.

The professor said this initiative would provide better learning and living experiences to the students. Digital and tech-enabled solutions will be used to promote sustainable living and hunger for new knowledge.

Benefits of Using the Smart Card Within the Campus

According to NTU sources, the NTU Smart Pass can be used to pay for canteen meals, booking facilities and public transport. It is equipped with the NETS FlashPay feature that offers more convenience in every payment. This feature was introduced in the card as a part of the university’s tie-up with payment solutions provider NETS.

The card was launched by Professor Suresh in his first town-hall meeting with the students and members of the staff on 10 January 2018.

It was also announced that the card will serve as a valid proof of identity for more than 30,000 students of the University and the staff. To improve the level of interactivity and responsiveness of the card, a contactless identity chip has been embedded in it. The Smart Pass will replace old matriculation cards which were used as identity cards inside the campus till recently.

Since the majority of the canteens and F&B (food and beverage) outlets within the campus are already armed with NETS contactless facility, it is believed that the introduction of the card will increase the ease of making payments.

While 80% of the canteens are already equipped to handle payments made with the pass, others will be ready soon. Professor Suresh also said that options to install more vending machines with a similar contactless payment feature are being explored. Whether other cash-free or mobile payment options can be made available within the campus are also being discussed.

Vision for the Future

If things work out, the students of the university will soon have the option to use their Smart Pass to register for medical examinations and health check-ups. Plans are on to ensure that the card is used as a personalised key to get entry to restricted spaces like classrooms, laboratories, offices within the campus, halls and residential areas.

The university has accepted that it will take a while to fit older halls and rooms with smart-card-compliant access systems.

Broader Purpose

Professor Suresh said plans to turn the university into the largest smart institution in the country and hopes to turn it into a model for the rest of the world.

He hopes, that use of AI and other smart solutions will improve the general standard of living achieved through sustainable means. He hopes to make the university a test bed for application of advanced tech-based solutions . As a part of the broader goal, core education modules, starting academic year 2018, will be revamped to enhance digital literacy of the students.

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