• SingPass for Croporates

    SingPass is available for corporates and non-profit entities alike. This is called CorpPass or otherwise known as Singapore Corporate Access. It acts as a single corporate identity with which businesses and other corporate entities can carry out transactions with various government agencies online. CorpPass can be used for various transactions with government agencies such as ACRA, BCA, EMA, Family Justice Courts, and Immigration & Checkpoints Authority among others.

    Eligibility criteria

    The below entities are eligible for enrolling for a CorpPass.

    • Local entities that have been issued a Unique Entry Number or UEN. The UEN must be issued by the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) or any other similar agency that has the authority to issue a UEN.
    • Local entities that operate in Singapore but do not yet have a UEN issued must obtain a UEN before registering for CorpPass. UEN can be obtained by the local entity when they register themselves with a valid UEN issuing authority such as ACRA.
    • Foreign entities such as an overseas organization that does not have a UEN can also apply for it. Foreign entities can be eligible for registering for CorpPass in 2018. CorpPass for foreign entities is subject to the provisions set forth by the digital services of the agency.

    CorpPass Roles

    When registering for a CorpPass, entities will interact with different elements. These are as follows:

    • Registered officer: The Registered Officer is called the RO. The RO is in charge of nominating the an admin and even approves registration request from the CorpPass Admin. The RO does not require a CorpPass account unless they decide to become the admin. An example of an RO is a Business Owner or Partner, or Director, or Board member
    • CorpPass Admin: The RO nominates a person to register as a CorpPass Admin. The Admin is in charge of registering the entity and in essence looks after the management of CorpPass related matters of the entity. For local entities that have a UEN, the Admin must hold a SingPass. The admins are usually the directors of corporate services such as Finance services or Human Resources.
    • CorpPass User: This is the person that carries out various transactions with government agencies on behalf of the entity. The account used by the CorpPass user is created by the Admin and each user of the entity is assigned an account. The users are usually corporate service executives such as head Human Resources managers.

    Registration for CorpPass

    The registration process for different entities is as follows:

    • For Micro-businesses: If the business is a one-man show, then the RO is the CorpPass admin and can carry out the registration process on www.corppass.gov.sg.
    • For small entities, medium sized entities or complex corporations: The RO is not the CorpPass Admin. The registration is approved by the RO and the RO assigns an admin. The Admin creates user accounts, selects the digital services and assigns the services to the various users and oversee related matters of the entities.
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