SIF Car Loan

    A car is one of the most desirable vehicles in the world. A lot of people on this planet have ‘owning a car’ as one of their goals in life. A car makes it easy for a person to travel from one place to another and enables him to go on long drives and trips with loved ones. Too many people, this four wheeler vehicle makes a lifestyle statement and so they dream of owning one.

    Dreaming about possessing a car and buying one are two different things as this vehicle does not come cheap. A lot of people spend their entire life saving up money, but still are not able to buy the model they love. Thanks to car loans, one does not have to do so. A lot of banks and financial institutions today provide car loans to people at good interest rates, helping them fulfil their dreams. Sing Investments and Finance Ltd (SIF) is one such financial institution.

    About Sing Investments and Finance

    Sing Investments and Finance Ltd has been providing financial services in Singapore for over 40 years. It is one of the Island nation’s most trusted finance companies and has been giving financial assistance to both individuals and corporations so they can fulfil their business goals. To promote the local entrepreneurs of Singapore, SIF has been part of related events held in the country. For example - SCCCI and Spring Singapore.

    Why Choose Sing Investments and Finance Car Loan?

    Sing Investments and Finance is one of Singapore’s most trusted financial companies which has been providing its services to individuals and corporations for more than 40 years. Taking a Sing Investment and Finance Car Loan could be very beneficial for people as it provides competitive rates of interest with a fixed monthly repayment option. The loan is available for both new and used cars. SIF has four branches in Singapore and a person can call or approach any of them for information or help.

    In order to apply for a car loan from Sing Investments & Finance, you will need to fill and submit a loan application form. The application form can be downloaded from the website of the company and you can fax a completed copy of the form to them. You can also contact them through their hotline or send them a request form to apply for the car loan. In case you have any queries about the loan application process, you can contact the customer support team of this financial company.

    Rate of Interest for New and Used Cars
    Year First Second Third Fourth Fifth
    Flat Rate 2.80 percent per annum 2.80 percent per annum 2.80 percent per annum 2.80 percent per annum 2.80 percent per annum
    Effective Rate 6.07 percent per annum 5.76 percent per annum 5.63 percent per annum 5.54 percent per annum 5.47 percent per annum
    • A SIF car loan is available for both new and used cars
    • SIF provides competitive interest rates on car loans to its customers
    • A person has the option of taking the car loan with one guarantor or more
    • Applying for a SIF car loan is very simple and easy. A person has to download the application form from their website and send it via fax
    • SIF car loans have fixed monthly repayment option
    • The documentation process is very simple. A person has to provide identity proof, income proof and a few other documents to avail the car loan
    • Applicant’s identity proof (NRIC/ Passport)
    • Guarantor’s, if any, identity proof (NRIC/ Passport)
    • LTA acknowledgement copy (Transfer of vehicle ownership) and vehicle purchase and sales agreement
    • For salaried employees - Recent payslip of 3 months or recent Income Tax notice of Assessment or CPF contribution history of latest 6 months
    • For company applicants - Past 3 months bank statements. In this case, the company’s Memorandum and Articles of Association is required, if the amount of the loan exceeds S$2,00,000
    • For foreigners - Employment pass copy with a validity of six months before expiry

    For more information on documents and eligibility, one should contact the company.

    Sing Investments and Finance provides various products other than a car loan. The different products offered by Sing Investments and Finance are -

    • Commercial Property Loan
    • SIF Housing Loan and HDB Home Loan
    • Block Discounting Facility
    • Machinery Financing
    • Share Loan
    • Shipping Loan
    • Land and Construction Loan
    • Local Enterprise Finance Scheme (LEFS)
    • Invoice Factoring or Account Receivables
    • SIF Fixed Deposit
    • Savings Account
    • Conveyancing Account
    • Safe Deposit Box

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - SIF Car Loan

    Yes, the SIF car loan is available for used cars. You can find out more about it at any one of the SIF branches.

    You can visit any one of the four branches of the company in the city or you can call up on the numbers provided on their website. You can also fill up the request form on the website and the company will contact you at the earliest.

    Yes, the rate of interest can change. It is not fixed.

    You can find the application form in the ‘Application Forms’ section under the tab ‘Loans and Financing’ on the company’s website. The form is also available on the ‘car loan’ description page on the website which can again be found under the ‘Loans and Financing’ tab.

    No, you cannot submit the application form online. You have to download and fill it up first and then fax it to the number mentioned on the company’s website.

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