Best Savings Accounts Rates Promotion

Take advantage of some of the savings accounts promotions being offered by various banks. Browse through their features and see what suits you best.

DBS Bank 50th Anniversary Promotion for Online Accounts

Key Features of the Promotion:

  • A cash gift of S$20.
  • A chance for you to be among 50 winners for a one-night stay at The Canopi in their Glamping Deluxe Tent.
  • First-time customers of the bank will not have to maintain an average daily balance.
  • The offer ends on 31 October 2018.

Some of the Terms & Conditions for the Various Accounts

For Special Savings Accounts:

By the second month you open your account:

  • For at least six months, continue maintaining your regular contributions.
  • Do not withdraw from the account.

For ePOSBkids Accounts:

From the second month of opening your account:

  • For six consecutive months, maintain a minimum average daily balance of S$500 in the account.

For Deposit Accounts:

  • S$3,000 must be mained as the minimum average daily balance for a consecutive 6-month period.
  • You must credit your salary through GIRO for a consecutive 6-month period. The transaction reference should either be, “SAL” or “PAY”.

HL Bank iSavings Account Promotion

HL Bank is offering a promotional interest rate and complimentary worldwide travel insurance with their iSavings Accounts. Earn interest up to 1.48% p.a. from this account without having your money locked in a fixed deposit.

Have a Look at the Interest Rates Offered*:

Daily Balance Limit: On S$20,000 On the next S$30,000 On the next S$150,000 On the next S$800,000 Above S$1 million
Interest Rate 0.50% p.a. 1.10% p.a. 1.45% p.a. 1.48% p.a. 0.80% p.a.

*With effect from 13 August 2018

Here Are the Terms & Conditions of this Promotion

  • When you open an iSavings Account with HL Bank, you will be eligible for prevailing interest rates as your daily balance increases.
  • If you open your account between 13 August 2018 and 12 November 2018 and 13 November 2018 and 12 February 2019, you will be entitled to complimentary travel insurance. To be eligible you have to fulfil these two criteria:
  • Maintain a minimum of S$20,000 daily balance for at least 3 months from the day you open your account.
  • Your account should remain active on the day you claim your travel insurance.
  • If you qualify for travel insurance, you will receive a redemption letter from HL Bank by mail.
  • The bank reserves the right to modify interest rates at its absolute discretion.
  • This promotion is valid for individual customers only.
  • The travel insurance is underwritten by HL Assurance Pte Ltd. This insurance is subject to further conditions.
  • Throughout the promotion period, travel insurance can be redeemed by one customer and is not transferable. In the case of joint accounts, the primary account holder is eligible for the insurance.

Standard Chartered e$aver Savings Account Promotion

You can earn bonus interest on eligible incremental balances in addition to prevailing interest rates on your deposit balance. Since this account does not have a lock-in period, you can withdraw funds at any time.

Earn up to 1.6% interest p.a. till 30 September 2018 with no lock-in period on eligible deposit balance (on fresh fund deposits up to S$1 million). If you start a priority banking relationship on or before 30 September 2018, you will receive an additional benefit of up to S$7,000.

Take a Look at Some of the Incremental Interest Rates:

Deposit Balance Prevailing Rate of Interest (p.a.) Bonus Rate (p.a.) Total Interest Rate (p.a.)
Less than S$50,000 0.10% 1.35% 1.45%
Between S$50,000 and S$200,000 0.15% 1.50%
Greater than S$200,000 0.25% 1.60%

Find Out More About Terms & Conditions for This Promotion

  • The promotion is open to all e$aver, World Partner Savings, and e$aver Kids! accounts.
  • Besides prevailing interest, you may also earn bonus interest if your deposit balance fulfills certain eligibility criteria. You need to make a fresh funds deposit where the average of your daily balance in the account is greater than the average balance (daily) in July 2018 during the promotion.
  • In the above scenario, bonus interest is earned for the difference between your average balance (daily) or on the incremental balance.
  • If your incremental balance equals or is lower than the month of comparison, you will be entitled to prevailing interest for your deposit balance.
  • Bonus interest will be capped at an incremental increase of S$1 million.
  • You will be entitled to prevailing interest once the promotion is over.
  • For further T&C please visit the bank’s website.

Maybank Premier SaveUp Savings Account Promotion

Highlights of the Promotion:

  • Between 1 July 2018 and 31 December 2018 you can win Takashimaya vouchers worth S$500 monthly on opening your SaveUp account online or via any Maybank branch.
  • Additionally, win a pair of return tickets to Tokyo (business class) when you open your account online.

Here Are the Conditions You Need to Meet to Qualify

  • Every time your average daily balance reaches S$5,000, you will get one chance to enter this lucky draw to win the Takashimaya vouchers. You will get up to 20 chances per month per qualifying period to enter the draw to win. 2 winners per month will be awarded the vouchers worth S$500 each.
  • Every time your average daily balance reaches S$5,000, you will get one chance to enter this lucky draw to win the grand prize of 2 business class tickets to Tokyo. You will get up to 60 chances per month per qualifying period to enter the draw to win.
  • The grand draw will happen on 20 February 2019. To know the dates of the monthly draws and for other terms and conditions, contact Maybank.

CIMB Singapore-Malaysia Funds Transfer Promotion

If you intend to transfer money from your CIMB Singapore savings or current accounts to a CIMB Malaysia account, then this is the right time to do it.

Here’s What You Get:

  • Get the best exchange rate on the Singapore dollar to Malaysian Ringgit when you transfer money from a CIMB SG account to a CIMB MY account.
  • If you find a better exchange rate with a licensed remittance provider or another bank, you can claim a reimbursement of the difference. This better rate should not be a promotional offer or product, though.
  • You won’t be charged any administrative fee for such transfers.

Mind these Terms & Conditions:

  • The offer is available on transfers made through these accounts:
    • CIMB FastSaver
    • CIMB FastSaver-i
    • CIMB StarSaver
    • CIMB StarSaver-i
    • CIMB StarSaver (Savings)
    • CIMB StarSaver (Savings)-i
    • Retail Current Account
  • The transfer should be done through internet banking or mobile banking, and not over the counter.
  • The offer will expire on 31 October 2018.
  • Any reimbursements under this promotion has a cap of S$100 per customer, every day.
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