Secure Your Assets with SIF Safe Deposit Box

SIF safe deposit box lets you keep all your assets and valuables securely in a protected environment. With this box, you can have that extra peace of mind when it comes to your most-prized possessions. The boxes come in 4 different sizes for you to choose from. This service is available only at the Ang Mo Kio branch. You will be given 2 keys, which you will need to access your box.

What are the Features and Benefits

  • Comes in 4 sizes - small, medium, large, and extra large.
  • Get strict access control and enjoy round-the-clock security.

What Can You Put in a Safe Deposit Box?

You can keep anything that you think needs extra security. Assets like jewellery and important documents can be kept in a safe deposit box. However, you cannot store any liquid, perishable items, any hazardous materials or explosives, contraband, and illegal substances like weapons and other goods that are prohibited by law.

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Safe Deposit Box

The following table gives you an idea of the sizes of the boxes and their respective fees.

Box size Dimensions Annual fee
Small 3" X 5" X 24" S$128.40
Medium 3" X 10" X 24" S$160.50
Large 5" X 10" X 24" S$214
Extra large 10" X 10" X 24" S$246.10

What are the Other Fees and Charges

Here are the other charges associated with this facility.

Administrative fee S$5.35
Security deposit (in a savings account) S$1,000
Replacement of 1 key S$160.50
Replacement of 2 keys S$267.50


  • You must be at least 21 years old.
  • All Singaporeans and Permanent Residents can open a deposit box.
  • You must have a savings account in any bank.

How to Open a SIF Safe Deposit Box

You can open a safe deposit box with SIF in the following ways:

  • Call on the helpline number.
  • Leave your details with SIF and they will get in touch with you.
  • Visit the nearest branch.


Q. How should the annual rental fee be paid?

A. SIF will automatically deduct the rental fee every year from the registered savings account.

Q. What happens if I do not pay the annual fee on time?

A. If you fail to pay the annual rental fee on time, a late payment fee charge of 1.5% will be charged per month.

Q. What happens to my box if I die?

A. in the event of your death, your chosen representative will be allowed to access the contents of the box only if he/she provides SIF with Letters of Administration or Grant of Probate.

Q. What happens if I lose my keys?

A. In case your keys are stolen or lost, you must notify SIF immediately and furnish evidence of the theft or loss of the keys. Extra charges will apply.

Q. What is the condition behind altering or relocation of a box?

A. If SIF relocates or alters your safe deposit box, then they are entitled to give you a written notice 2 weeks in advance.

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