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    POSB Credit Card hotline


    POSB is one of Singapore’s oldest functioning banks that began its journey as the Post Office Savings Bank. POSB was acquired by DBS in 1998. It offers just one credit card – the POSB Everyday Card – which is one of the most favourite cards of Singaporeans.

    POSB Credit Card Hotline Numbers

    The credit card hotline and other useful numbers for POSB are listed in the table below:

    DBS Phone Banking

    1800 111 1111 (from Singapore)

    +65 6327 2265 (from a foreign country)

    Changing Phone Banking PIN

    +65 6327 2265

    POSB hotline

    1800 339 6666

    Reporting lost or stolen card

    1800 339 6963

    +65 6339 6963

    DBS Wealth Management hotline

    1800 221 1111

    +65 6221 1111

    To convert payment to My Preferred Payment Plan

    SMS to MP3A<space>NRIC to 76060

    POSB Credit Card Customer Support

    • You can also contact POSB/DBS by sending an email through the Secured Mailbox.
    • You could also tweet to @dbsbank for complaints and feedback.

    Apply for POSB Credit Card

    If you want the POSB Everyday Card, you can apply online or go to your nearest DBS or POSB branch. If you are an existing DBS cardholder you can also apply for the POSB Everyday Card through iBanking. You will need to take all the required documents or upload scanned copies of them. You also need to meet the age and income criteria set by POSB to get the credit card.

    POSB Credit Card Activation

    When you receive your new POSB Everyday Card, you need to activate the card for use, as the credit card is sent in an inactive form to prevent misuse and unauthorised use. For the same security reasons, the magnetic stripe on your card is inactive and needs to be opened up for overseas use when you’re going outside Singapore, where many merchants still use the magnetic stripe instead of the EMV chip. Another security measure is the SMS and email alerts. Please ensure that you are providing your mobile number at the time of applying for the card so that you get regular updates about your credit card’s transactions.

    You can activate your POSB credit card for first use through various formats. The procedure to be followed is:

    • Send an SMS to 77767 in the format “ActivateLast 4 digits of card”.
    • If you are an existing DBS customer, you can log in to iBanking or digibank and activate your POSB card.
    • Go to the nearest POSB or DBS ATM and activate using the PIN sent to you. You can activate your card through an ATM between 7 am and 11 pm from Monday to Saturday, and between 7 am and 9.30 pm on Sundays and Public Holidays.
    • You can also activate using a Video Teller Machine (VTM) as well.

    To activate your card for foreign use, do any of the following:

    • Send an SMS to 77767 in the format “EnableoverseasLast 4 digits of card”. You can also set a deadline for the activation by sending the SMS in this format: “EnableoverseasLast 4 digits of cardstart dateend date”. If you are not sure at the outset when you will be back, you can disable the magnetic stripe after your return by sending SMS in the format “DisableoverseasLast 4 digits of card”.
    • You can also activate and deactivate using iBanking, digibank and ATMs.

    POSB Credit Card Cancellation

    If you no longer want to use your POSB credit card, then you can cancel the card. You can terminate your credit card account using iBanking. You need to give a reason for closing the account when you cancel the card. You need to redeem your points, cash back or miles before the termination or you will lose the accumulated rewards. You need to pay your outstanding dues at the time of cancellation. Supplementary cards can be cancelled only by the primary cardholder. The bank could also cancel your card under circumstances such as:

    • If you default on payments frequently;
    • Your credit score has gone down;
    • You have been declared bankrupt;
    • Your income has gone down.
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