Cash woes? A personal loan to the rescue!

    TCC Bridging Loan

    As a Credit Cooperative, TCC is extremely grounded in the values with which they strive to assist their customers. They not only provide financial services and banking products to individuals, but also to their families and they do so in a fair manner. The vision of TCC is to become the very First Choice Credit Cooperative that provides innovative and family oriented financial services having excellent value as well as quality. They stay true to their company tagline - The Credit Co-operative with a heart. The mission for their Credit Cooperative is to provide the best services in the fields of finance and banking alike to customers that stay loyal to them and potential new customers. They are steeped in values that include fairness, flexibility, convenience, caring, nurturing, reliability, responsibility, responsiveness and honesty. Whether you are running short of cash for your upcoming surgery and medical bills, a long overdue vacation, planning your perfect wedding, buying a new house, TCC can assist you with top notch services, both in terms of time and money.

    Features of TCC Bridging Loan/ CPF Top Up Loan

    Have you set your eyes on the perfect house? Do you want to purchase it before someone else beats you to the punch? But you have not yet received complete payment for selling your current apartment or house? You can apply for the Bridging Loan offered by TCC to help you in this situation. You can avail the TCC Bridging Finance for a short term of up to 6 months at a highly competitive interest rate structure. The applicant must carry all documents pertaining to both, the buying and selling of the intended properties.

    • The TCC Bridging Loan is offered at a competitive interest rate of 8.75% monthly per annum.
    • The TCC Bridging Loan processing fee is very nominal. Additionally, you can enjoy a further 10% discount on the processing fee when you apply for this loan online.

    Eligibility and Documentation

    • The member must carry their NRIC.
    • The member must have their Sales and Purchase Agreement document for both, the buying and the selling of the respective properties.
    • Surety/ Sureties
    • Proof of Income Documents

    How to apply?

    • The application form for the TCC Bridging Loan is available for download on the official TCC website.
    • Download the application form and fill in the required details. Then take a print out of the form and sign wherever necessary.
    • You can then email or fax the application form along with the requested documents to TCC.
    • As an alternative, you can also carry the application form and documents with you and walk into any TCC office near you and apply for the TCC Bridging Loan in person.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is a Bridging Loan or the CPF Top Up Loan offered by TCC?
    2. When you are in between buying a new property and selling your current or old property, you can apply for a Bridging Loan/ Finance to pay off the difference until you receive the complete settlement for selling your property. A Bridging Loan is typically offered for a short period of time. TCC offers their Bridging Loan for up to 6 months with an 8.75% interest rate monthly per annum.

    3. The TCC Bridging Loan interest rate structure is calculated on a monthly or a yearly basis?
    4. TCC charges an 8.75% interest rate for the TCC Bridging Loan. This 8.75% interest rate is a monthly rate per annum.

    5. Do members of TCC get any discounts on the rates offered for the TCC Bridging Loan or the CPF Top Up Loan?
    6. When you apply for the TCC Bridging Loan or the CPF Top Up Loan online, you will enjoy a discount of 10% on the processing fee.

    7. What are the documents that I need to carry when applying for the TCC Bridging Loan or the CPF Top Up Loan?
    8. When you are applying for the TCC Bridging Loan or the CPF Top Up Loan, be sure to carry the following documents – your NRIC, your Proof of Income documents and the Sales and Purchase Agreement documents for both, the buying and selling properties.

    9. After filling the application form for the TCC Bridging Loan or the CPF Top Up Loan, how do I submit it?
    10. After filling up the application form, make sure to sign on all the forms. You can then email or fax the form along with the required documents to TCC. You could also walk into a TCC office near you and directly apply for the loan.

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