Cash woes? A personal loan to the rescue!

Personal Loan for In-Vitro Fertilisation (IVF): Should You Take One?

It’s quite common to see couples who are facing challenges with conceiving a child – sometimes due to the biological effects of aeging and sometimes for other medical reasons. Whatever the reason, many couples are looking at assisted conception procedures like in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) to boost their chances of having a baby. If you are also considering this option, you know how expensive it can be. The average cost of this treatment in Singapore runs in tens of thousands of dollars. Now, if you add the additional expenses that you will be incurring during the pregnancy, you are looking at a huge amount that could put a serious strain on your finances.

But then it’s something that you should not delay any further either, at least not for the lack of savings. In such situations, a personal loan could be an ideal solution for you. Before you go ahead, let’s take a look at what you need to understand about taking a personal loan for IVF treatment.

What are the Chances of Success With IVF Treatment?

It’s a procedure that involves the recovery of eggs from a woman’s ovary to be mixed with the man’s sperm in a test tube. It’s in this tube that the fertilisation happens and, if successful, the resulting embryos are transplanted into the woman’s body.

Now, what are the chances of success? Before getting to the recorded data, it’s important to understand that the success of this treatment depends on various factors, including the couple’s age as well as their particular fertility issue. Younger women have healthier eggs and, therefore, have higher chances of success. On the other hand, women who have had more than one unsuccessful IVF procedure in the past are less likely to achieve success in the future procedures. This means that the success rate goes significantly down with each treatment.

The success rate of this treatment may vary from clinic to clinic. However, on an average, there are about 20% to 40% chances of you getting pregnant with this treatment. However, when you are consulting the doctor about success rates, make sure you know that particular hospital’s standard for reporting the “success”. Some hospitals may consider clinical pregnancy as a success, while some may measure success in terms of live births for every embryo transfer. It’s the latter standard that you should consider while understanding the success rates, because clinical pregnancy may or may not lead to a live birth.

For instance, at KK Women’s & Children’s Hospital, their clinical pregnancy success rate ranges from 40% to 44% for each cycle, while take-home-baby rate stands at 30%.

How Much Does IVF Cost in Singapore?

The cost of this treatment depends on the type of clinic you choose – public or private.

Cost of IVF at Private Clinics

It varies not only from clinic to clinic but also from patient to patient. On an average, the treatment cost at a private clinic comes to around S$16,000.

We are providing a detailed breakup of this cost as charged by a Singapore-based private clinic, so you can have an idea of how much such procedures usually cost:

IVF Treatment Cost
Basic fertility assessment S$299
Egg (Oocyte) retrieval S$8,800 – S$9,500
Embryo transfer S$4,000 – S$5,300
Intrauterine insemination S$880

Treatment Cost at Public Clinics

According to a report, the cost of an IVF cycle at public hospitals starts at around S$10,000 and can go up to S$14,000. However, if you choose to get this treatment at a public hospital, you will be eligible for co-funding from the Singapore government. From January 2013, the Ministry of Health started providing co-funding for Assisted Reproduction Technologies (ARTs) that applies only to the public hospitals. If you are eligible, you can get up to 75% funding from the government – for up to three fresh and three frozen cycles.

Check out the table below to know how much co-funding you are eligible for:

Type of IVF cycle When both the partners are Singapore citizens When one partner is a Singapore citizen and the other one is a permanent resident When one partner is a Singapore citizen and the other one is a foreigner
Fresh 75% (for a maximum of S$7,700) 55% (for a maximum of S$5,700) 35% (for a maximum of S$3,600)
Frozen 75% (for a maximum of S$2,200) 55% (for a maximum of S$1,600) 35% (for a maximum of S$1,000)

Can You Use Medisave to Fund your ART Cycle?

Whether you choose a private clinic or a public clinic, you can use your Medisave funds to pay for the treatment. Check out the Medisave withdrawal limit for this procedure:

  • You can withdraw up to S$6,000 for the first cycle.
  • You can withdraw up to S$5,000 for the second cycle.
  • For third and every subsequent cycle, you can withdraw up to S$4,000.
  • The lifetime withdrawal limit is S$15,000 for a couple.

So, Should You Take a Personal Loan for IVF Treatment?

You need to consider a few more things before you know if you need a personal loan for this condition:

  1. Where will you take the treatment? Public or private clinic?
  2. You will have to consider whether you want to take the treatment at a public clinic or a private clinic. Once you have finalised that, find out the complete details of the cost of treatment at that hospital.

  3. What is Your Out-of-Pocket Expense?
  4. This will depend on whether you are eligible for ART co-funding from the government (which applies only to public hospitals) and whether you are using your Medisave savings. Once you know your out-of-pocket expense, figure out whether you need a personal loan or not.

  5. Can you afford to make monthly payments on your loan?
  6. If your income is not enough to cover your monthly payments, it’s best to avoid taking a loan. In case you fail to repay, it can impact your credit score, which, in turn, will ruin your chances of taking loans in the future.

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