DBS Cashline Reviews

    DBS, one of Singapore’s most popular banks, offers a variety of personal loan and personal line of credit products to its customers. DBS Cashline is a personal line of credit that gives you access to money at your convenience. Using the DBS Cashline Auto Top-Up facility, you will always have minimum balance in your bank account that will cover your necessary and emergency expenses. This is an automated facility that will top up any POSB/DBS Current or Savings Account of your choice when the balance falls lower than the minimum in order to cover any necessary expenses.


    Features & Benefits

    What makes DBS Cashline a customer-friendly product? Here are the reasons:

    High Loan Amount

    You can get up to 4 times your monthly income as the credit limit for Cashline. The higher your income, the more you can borrow.

    Flexible Access

    You can access the DBS Cashline balance transfer as and when you want it. It is a line of credit, under which the amount you request for is moved to your Cashline account and you can use it whenever you need it. You can withdraw it using an ATM card, through funds transfer or with a chequebook.

    No Withdrawal Fee

    You don’t need to pay any withdrawal charges when using the money from your Cashline account.

    Flexible Interest Charges

    Interest rates are charged only on the amount you withdraw from the Cashline account, and not on the entire loan amount.

    Flexible Repayment

    You can repay the loan amount as and when you have funds. There is no fixed amount to be paid every month. The repayment amount depends on the money you withdraw from the Cashline account and not on the loan amount approved and disbursed.

    Top-up Option

    You can link your savings or current account with the Cashline account and make automatic top-ups to your account whenever you need.

    DBS Cashline Interest Rates

    The interest rates applicable on DBS Cashline are as detailed in the table below:

    Income of customer Effective Interest Rate (EIR)

    S$20,000 to S$29,999


    S$30,000 or more


    "Interest is calculated only on the amount you use from your credit limit. For example, if your credit limit is S$8,000 and you withdraw S$5,000 in the month of April, you will be charged 19.8% (or 29.8%) on a monthly basis on S$5,000 only. Other applicable fees on DBS Cashline are as given below:"

    DBS Cashline Promotions

    There’s a promotion running currently for DBS Cashline, under which you can earn Grab vouchers worth up to S$80. If you accumulate a minimum of S$350 usage on the account within the first two consecutive months, you can get Grab vouchers worth S$50.

    On the other hand, if your cumulative sum of usage stands at S$850, you can earn Grab vouchers worth S$80. This offer will be active until 30 June 2018. Besides, to qualify, the minimum accumulated amount of usage has to reflect as outstanding balance in the statement date.

    Annual Fees & Charges

    Fee Amount/Percentage

    Annual fee


    Minimum monthly repayment

    2.5% of the outstanding amount or S$50, whichever is higher

    Minimum interest charge


    Late payment fee


    Late payment penalty

    6% more than the regular EIR

    Over-limit fee


    Eligibility criteria

    To apply for a DBS Cashline account, you need to be:

    • At least 21 years old;
    • A Singapore citizen or permanent resident;
    • Have a minimum annual income of S$20,000.

    Documents Required

    • For salaried employees:
      • Copy of both sides of the NRIC AND
      • CPF Contribution History Statement for the last 1 year AND
      • Latest Income Tax Notice of Assessment OR
      • Computerised salary slips OR
      • Salary crediting into your DBS or POSB account
    • For persons with variable pay or commission-based employees:
      • Copy of both sides of the NRIC AND
      • CPF Contribution History Statement for the last 1 year OR
      • Income Tax Notice of Assessment for 2 years
    • For self-employed persons:
      • Copy of both sides of the NRIC
      • Income Tax Notice of Assessment for 2 years

    How to Apply for DBS Cashline

    You can apply for DBS Cashline in one these three ways:

    • If you have an account with DBS or POSB customer, you can use your iBanking login credentials and access the iBanking services to apply for Cashline.
    • If you have a DBS or POSB debit card or credit card, you can use them at the ATM with the right PIN and select Cashline option on the machine.
    • If you are not an existing DBS customer, you can apply online through the DBS website for this facility.

    What is DBS CashLine Auto Top-Up?

    You can avail this facility by following the simple steps below:

    • You need to indicate which Current or Savings Account you want to link your DBS CashLine Auto Top-Up.
    • To activate this Top-Up account, you will have to determine a minimum balance your POSB/DBS Current or Savings Account should have.
    • State this amount for the top-up (Eg: Top-Up minimum amount of S$50).
    • When the amount in your account falls lower than the minimum balance to be maintained, DBS CashLine will then top-up your Current or Savings account with the predetermined top-up amount automatically.

    Important Points to remember:

    • Minimum Balance – This is the minimum sum in your Current or Savings Account prior to activating the top-up feature.
    • Top-Up Amount – This is the amount that you want to transfer from your DBS CashLine Account for the top-up to your designated Current or Savings Account when your balance in this account falls lower than your minimum balance.

    How to Pay DBS Cashline Bill and Annual Fee

    Steps to Make Payment Online

    There are several ways to pay your DBS Cashline bill. One of the fastest ways to make your payment is though DBS iBanking. The steps you need to follow are:

    • Sign in to iBanking with your ID and password.
    • Click on ‘My Accounts’ and select ‘Loans’.
    • Enter the 6-digit iBanking PIN.
    • Select ‘Cashline Account’ and click on ‘Pay Cashline’.
    • Click on ‘Debiting Account’ and confirm the payment amount.
    • Select ‘Immediate’.
    • Click on ‘Next’ and submit the payment.

    Steps to Make Payment Offline:

    • Digibank – Login to your account and enter your 6-digit iBanking PIN. Select ‘Make a Payment’, click on ‘Debiting Account’, enter the payment amount, and submit.
    • POSB/DBS ATM – Insert your card at any of the ATM machines and enter your secure PIN. Select ‘More Services’ followed by the DBS Cashline option on the monitor. Input your reference number. Enter the bill amount and select ‘Confirm’.
    • AXS e-Stations/QuickBill – Please visit the bank’s website for information on paying bills through AXS.
    • VTM (Video Teller Machine) – You need to complete the authentication process by inserting your card and your NRIC or you can simply scan your passport. Click on ‘Other Transactions’ and a bank officer will guide you to pay the bill.
    • Cheque – Drop a crossed Cheque at any of the nearest DBS branches, made payable to DBS Cashline. Make sure to write your account number on the back of the Cheque. You can opt to mail your cheque to the DBS Cashline office on Orchard Road.

    Steps to Make Annual Fee Payment

    DBS Cashline charges S$100 (GST charges exempted) every year as an annual fee. But, this annual fee is waived if you request for a waiver either signing in with your card and PIN or through iBanking. Simply, go to the DBS Digital Banking Services webpage and select the mode by which you want to generate a request.

    You can even request for an annual fee waiver via phone banking. The steps you need to follow are:

    • Call on 1800 111 1111 if you are in Singapore or +65 6327 2265 if you are overseas.
    • Select your preferred language and enter your card number or NRIC or your phone banking ID.
    • Input your phone banking secure PIN and press the respective digit for Cashline Annual Fee Waiver.
    • Enter your account number, select your desired waiver option, and submit the request.


    1. How does the Cashline account function?

      DBS Cashline is a revolving credit facility, or a personal line of credit. You will be allowed a credit limit as per your monthly salary, and you can withdraw the amount you need at the moment from the account. As you withdraw money, the credit limit goes down, and as you make repayments, the credit limit goes up by as much amount as you pay back.

    2. How do I keep track of the activity on my Cashline account?

      You will get a monthly Cashline account statement, through which you will know the minimum repayment required, the outstanding balance, and available credit limit.

    3. Can I make online payments to the Cashline account?

      Yes. You can make payments through iBanking or DBS Digibank app.

    4. What other payment options do I have?

      You can also make repayments in the following ways:

      • Through AXS stations
      • Via DBS or POSB ATMs
      • Using cheques
      • Paying cash at DBS or POSB branches
    5. Can I increase my credit limit on Cashline?

      You can request for a credit limit review by filling up the credit limit review form and sending it to DBS. You’re eligible for a credit limit increase if your monthly salary has been hiked or if your credit use has been exceptionally good.

    6. Is there any way to insure my Cashline credit?

      You can choose to buy the CashCare Protector credit life protection insurance by Manulife Singapore. This policy will take care of your outstanding credit balance on Cashline – up to S$100,000 – if you die, become permanently disabled, or contract a terminal illness or cancer.

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