Cash woes? A personal loan to the rescue!

    DBS and POSB Credit Cards Instalment Loan

    As the name of loan indicates, DBS/POSB Credit Card instalment loan will be linked to your DBS or POSB card account directly. Your loan amount will depend on the available credit limit on your DBS or POSB card.

    Features and Benefits

    • Your loan amount can go up to 95% of the available credit card limit on your respective DBS or POSB card. You can apply for this loan only if you’re a principal cardholder.
    • There is no limitation on the number of instalment loans you can apply using your DBS or POSB credit card account. The only condition being, your loan amount should not be more than 95% of your available credit card limit (DBS or POSB cards only).
    • The interest rate on your loan will be determined based on a flat rate basis and will remain fixed throughout the tenure of your loan.
    • The total loan amount is the sum of the actual loan amount plus all interest-related charges. The monthly instalment amount will be calculated by dividing the total loan amount by the number of monthly instalment payments approved by DBS.

    Interest Rates

    An interest rate of 25.9% p.a. will be applicable on your DBS/POSB credit card full outstanding instalment amount.

    Fees and Charges

    Late payment fee S$60
    Early termination fee S$150 is applicable on every instalment loan if repayment is made in full in advance to the expiry of every instalment loan.
    Minimum payment due (Monthly)
    • 3% of the pending balance on your DBS/POSB card. (or)
    • S$50 (Whichever amount is higher between the two will be considered) In case you fail to make your minimum monthly payment(s) within your respective due date(s), you’ll be liable to pay a late payment charge(s). The amount will be notified to you by the bank on a timely basis.


    Q. Can I make a partial prepayment?

    A. No, partial prepayments are not accepted.

    Q. How can I cancel my loan?

    A. You can cancel your (one or more) instalment loan(s) at any given point of time by giving a written notice to DBS Bank in advance to 30 days.

    Q. What happens when I cancel my loan?

    A. Post to cancellation of your loan, the pending loan amount (s) on your instalment loans will be charged to your DBS/POSB card directly, the amount will be debited as well from the respective DBS/POSB card. DBS can decide to terminate or suspend your loan without giving you any prior notice.

    Q. Can I apply for this loan if I am a supplementary DBS/POSB cardholder?

    A. No, only principal DBS/POSB cardmembers qualify for this loan.

    Q. Under what conditions will my loan application get approved?

    A. The approval of your DBS/POSB credit cards instalment loan application is subject to the following conditions:

    • Your DBS or POSB card has to be in a good standing.
    • There should be no violation from your end with respect to complying with the terms and conditions that are applicable on your DBS or POSB Credit Card.
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