QBE Personal Accident Insurance

QBE Personal Accident Insurance Introduction:

Here is a nightmarish situation. Your car goes out of control and skids. You crash into another car or worse another person. Imagine if the injured is a highly paid personnel holding a high position or a sports person with great potential to make it big. The person is gravely injured and cannot get back to his/ her profession. The court grants him crores of rupees as compensation and you have to recompense it. Needless to say, this is enough to wipe you out financially.

This needn’t be the case if you are insured. Also, financial crunch is the last thing you want to deal with when your or one of your family members meet with a serious accident. But as this is unavoidable, having a personal accident insurance can go a long way in taking away or at the very least easing that burden. If such a mishap is reckoned to be a mistake on your part, you will be held accountable and be forced to face the considerable burden of legal costs as well as compensation.

About the QBE:

Incepted in 1891, QBE Singapore is a principal supplier of high-quality and custom made insurance products and services. QBE boasts of expert professionalism and efficiency in developing cutting edge and customer centric insurance products that can take care of everything ranging from complicated risks to simpler and more straightforward insurance requirements. Personal accident insurance is one of the noted product tailored to individual cases. It is this attitude that sets apart QBE from others and precisely the reason why accolades like the World Finance ‘Best Non-Life Insurance Company, Singapore’ Award come its way.

QBE Personal Accident Insurance:

QBE has a wide range of personal accident insurance plans for their clientele. In Singapore, QBE provides personal accident insurance covers with options for you as well as your near and dear ones including disablement cover, payment of large sum in the event of demise due to accident and treatment expenses. There is also the Personal Accident Extra Cover, which is an all-inclusive package for both individuals and families.

Features & Benefits of QBE Personal Accident Insurance:

  • Death and Disability Cover: This insures you against loss of life and permanent incapacitation solely due to any accident, which means an inadvertent, fortuitous and unexpected event. Disbursement for permanent disability will be as per the Table of Compensation developed by the company.
  • Aids Granted Every Week: This item is will be paid if the policyholder is not able to carry on with his job or business for the time after the accident as per the policy guidelines. This feature cannot be availed by independent professionals or the unemployed.
  • Terrorism Cover: QBE’s Personal Accident Insurance covers acts of extremism and violence except those by atomic, chemical or biological means.
  • Accidental Treatment Costs: As per the policy, this item must be paid to the policy holder for expenses sustained for treatment availed from a Western Medical Practitioner after an accident. It also includes treatment from a Chinese Doctor / Chiropractor healing expenses up to the limit stated in your plan.
  • Aid for Accidental Hospitalization: This item must be disbursed if the PA policy owner is hospitalized after an accident.
  • Support for Funeral Costs: This compensation will be of a large amount, paid to the insured or his nominees after an accidental decease as stated in the policy.
  • No Claim Bonus: this is an attractive perk as you can avail an increase of 5% on every Policy Renewal up to 25% of the insured amount for disability and loss of life.
  • There shall be no extra charges levied on Accidental Medical Treatment costs for the insured.
  • The amount insured will be escalated by 50% for grave injury such as complete paralysis or permanently disabled or loss of speech or hearing (both ears) or loss of limbs (both hands & both feet)

QBE PA Insurance (Family Plan):

Both the parents should be protected under PA Extra. In cases where the parents own different policies, the lowermost plan is suitable for the child/children. It is absolutely free for up to 3 children, not older than age 18. But in some cases, it is extended up to age 25 if the child is pursuing a full time course in any reputed institute).

Some instances of acceptable coverage:

Mugging, disappearance, homicide, assault, drowning, exposure to natural calamities, plane hijack, terminal insanity due to accident (from biking, non-professional sports, soldier training during peacetime, food poisoning, getting caught up in civil riots without involvement, suffocation due to smoke, toxic fumes or exhausts.

Some instances of coverage that are not accepted:

Illness, suicide, any race other than on foot, speed-testing and/or aerial tricks, adventuring including parachuting and bungee jumping and other stunts, any aqua sport that make use of under-water breathing gear (except scuba diving), pregnancy, war and associated threats, nuclear and atomic dangers.

Guaranteed Reimbursement:

As a new personal accident insurance holder, if you are not exactly happy with it after verification, you are free to return the plan in 2 weeks after the issuance and get all your money refunded. This is yet another service declaration that QBE Insurance offers all their clients.

How to buy a QBE Personal Accident Insurance in 3 steps:

Step 1: Apply

Get in touch with an authorized QBE agent and discuss your requirements and choose a plan accordingly. You can also visit the official website or make use of a comparison website for this purpose. Fill out the specific form and agree on a convenient payment mode (credit card, debit card or cheque).

Step 2: Comprehend the coverages (both inclusive and exclusive) in your plan

After the issuance of your insurance policy, go through the entire policy phrasing carefully and make sure that your requirements are adequately and properly met. Contact your agent or a QBE staff right away in case you don’t understand any wording.

Step 3: Check your policy

Make sure that every information provided are in order.

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FAQs - QBE Personal Accident Insurance

  1. What shall I do in the event of a claim?
  2. All claims should be made to QBE Insurance (International) Limited at the earliest upon the incidence of the claim.

  3. What are the most important documents required to make a claim?
  4. Reports from doctors, medical certificates and hospital bills are mandatory to back the claim.

  5. How do I report a claim?
  6. Firstly, you need to collect a claim form from your insurance agent or the nearest office. You can also download the form directly from the QBE website.

  7. I got a transfer and am planning to shift. Should I inform QBE this?
  8. Definitely. In case of a change of address, you simply have to contact your agent and inform him of your address change.

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