NTUC Personal Accident Insurance

Accidents have a cruel nature of disrupting life in the worst possible way. They happen unannounced and can wreak havoc not only on life but also our finances. However, insurance provides solutions which can help cushion the financial blow that any accident might cause. Taking personal accident insurance is one such solution.

To protect you and your family from any injuries resulting from accidents, NTUC Income offers a comprehensive coverage plan by the name of Personal Accident Assurance. This plan provides cover for a variety of expenses which are likely to arise due to an accident, thereby protecting you financially in difficult times.

About NTUC Income

Established as a part of NTUC or the National Trade union Congress, NTUC Income is a Singapore-based private financial organization established in 1970. They primarily provide products and services related to investments, insurance and savings and are one of the top 3 insurers in Singapore.

Features & Benefits of NTUC Income PA Assurance

The NTUC Income PA Assurance plan has been designed to ease the sudden financial burden which you might find yourself under as a result of an unforeseen situation coming to pass. Following are some of the highlighting features of this plan.

  • The Personal Accident Assurance Plan by NTUC Income comes in 4 different variants and each variant provides a combination of benefits and cover depending on your needs.
  • Compensation up to S$1,500,000 will be provided in case of a permanent disability which is caused due to an injury resulting from an accident.
  • You will be provided with up to S$ 20,000 in medical expenses in case an injury occurs due to an accident.
  • The plan also provides coverage for expenses incurred for recovery care like home modification or physiotherapy, for an injury arising out of an accident.
  • To ensure that your children’s education does not suffer in case something were to happen to you, this plan provides a lump sum payment of S$35,000 in case death occurs due to an injury caused by an accident.
  • In case of children covered by a policy which is shared by at least one of the parents, then the child will receive a 40% discount on the premium payable.
  • In addition to the regular covers listed above, the PA Assurance plan provides cover for situations like acts of terrorism, exposure to natural elements, food poisoning, motorcycle riding (not valid for riding on a motor race track), disappearance riot, hijack, murder, assault, civil disturbance, strike, suffocation due to poisonous fumes, drowning gas or smoke, etc.
  • Premium payments for the NTUC Income PA Assurance plan can be made on a yearly basis.
  • Enhance the protection of your plan by choosing from a list of optional benefits which provide cover against 20 infectious diseases.

Eligibility for NTUC Income PA Assurance

In order to be eligible for the NTUC Income PA Assurance plan, applicants must fulfill the following eligibility criteria. Applicants must:

  1. Be between 15 days to 65 years of age.
  2. Hold a valid Singapore identification document like the NRIC (National Registration Identity Card), work pass, student pass.
  3. Be working or living in Singapore. In case applicant is working away from Singapore, they must not have done so for a period of more than 180 days at any time.

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FAQs - NTUC Personal Accident Assurance

  1. Does the PA Assurance plan cover the cost of transport to the hospital in case of an accident?
  2. Yes, this plan covers the cost of transportation to the hospital in the event of an accident.

  3. Will I be covered by the PA Assurance policy if I’m travelling overseas?
  4. Yes, this plan will cover you while you are overseas but only for a period not exceeding 180 days.

  5. What is the coverage term of this PA Assurance Plan?
  6. This plan covers you for a term of one year at a time.

  7. Is this plan available to individuals who are foreigners or Permanent Residents of Singapore?
  8. Yes, this plan is open to individuals who are permanent residents of Singapore or hold a valid work permit, student / employment / dependent’s pass.

  9. How do I make premium payments for the PA Assurance Plan?
  10. Premium payments for the PA Assurance plan depend on your policy activation method. If your policy has been activated via the NTUC Income website / hotline, then you can make payments with a credit card. If your policy has been activated via any of the NTUC Income branches, then you can make your premium payment via credit card or NETS.

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