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    OCBC Travel Credit Cards

    Traveling has become an integral part of our lives; may that be going for a business trip to a foreign country or making a trip with your loved ones to an exotic destination for spending the holidays. Going to different places also means that there would be substantial expenditures too. Credit cards that offer myriad of features for being a globetrotter can really be of great help for you. The Oversea Chinese Banking Corporation offers credit cards that are beneficial for all types of users. The credit cards that provides different perks when you are traveling are designed to meet all your needs and expectations.

    The bank was established in the year 1932 after the merger of three different banks, namely, The Ho Hong Bank, The Chinese Commercial Bank and the Oversea Chinese Bank. The bank became one of the pioneers of the financial sector in Singapore under the leadership of Tan Chin Tuan, Lee Choon Seng and Lee Kong Chian. Currently, Oversea Chinese Banking Corporation Limited is one of the largest bank in the world that offers great customisable and innovative financial products for all its customers.

    Why choose OCBC Bank Travel Credit Cards

    Oversea Chinese Banking Corporation has been taking care of its customers since the day it commenced its operations. The bank has earned goodwill and reputation for the beneficial financial products and the dedicated customer support. The travel credit cards issued by Oversea Chinese Banking Corporation Limited not only offers several travel benefits, but also, allows you to enjoy some the best in class privileges too.

    Travel Credit Cards Offered by OCBC Bank

    There are two credit cards that offer travel benefits.

    • OCBC Voyage Card
    • OCBC Titanium Credit Card

    Features and Benefits of OCBC Bank Voyage Card

    • With the Voyage Card offered by the Oversea Chinese Banking Corporation Limited, you can redeem the miles earned on both budget and full service airlines
    • With every SGD 1 that you spend using a foreign currency, you are awarded with 2.3 Voyage Miles. You also get 2.3 Voyage miles for every SGD 1 that you spend on dining, making use of your OCBC Voyage card, both at overseas and local restaurants. For all other local spends, you can avail 1 Voyage mile for every SGD 1 that you spend from your card
    • As a sign up bonus, you can enjoy 15 K bonus Voyage Miles
    • Enjoy complimentary Limousine transfers when you spend a minimum of SGD 5000 every month using your Voyage Card
    • Avail complimentary access to VIP lounges at more than 120 airports. Enjoy VIP rooms, food and beverages, recharging stations, Wifi, baggage Handling and shower rooms at the lounges
    • You can get up to SGD 1 million as life insurance coverage
    • Avail the Visa Infinite collection of more than nine hundred Luxury Hotels all across the world. This handpicked portfolio of exotic hotels include different barnds like Park Hyatt, Mandarin Oriental, Six Senses Resorts and Aman Resort
    • At the Sentosa Golf Club, you can enjoy complimentary golf course when you use your Voyage card for all your purchases
    • Get a discount of 25 percent on yQ which is a meet and assist service for fast tracking immigration at more than four hundred and fifty airports. The yQ service is extremely fast and efficient too
    • The redemption of points is absolutely free of cost. You will not be charged with any fees for conversion of your reward points on your Voyage Card to the frequent flyer program
    • The redemption of points can happen on the very same day. In case you are subject to a particular waitlist when it is the peak season, you will not have to wait for two weeks for booking your flight tickets using your flyer miles. The redemption process is also very easy. All you have to do is call up the Voyage Exchange. Then they will take care of your travel planning and the redemption of the points
    • Airport taxes, connecting flights and the hotels can all be redeemed using your Voyage Miles
    • This particular card offers immense flexibility as you can redeem some of the Voyage Miles that you have, and the rest can be redeemed as top up cash
    • The best part about accumulating these flyer miles are that they never expire. So, you can use them whenever you wish to, as per your convenience

    Voyage Miles that you need to have on your card to avail the round trip tickets for the following destinations

    Destination Budget Airlines
    Bali 12,000
    Bangkok 4,500
    Hong Kong 6,500
    Destination Economy Class
    Bangkok 21,150
    Hong Kong 25,000
    Kuala Lumpur 12,650
    London 59,650
    Maldives 31,500
    Melbourne 42,400
    South Korea 38,150
    Tokyo 38,150


    Destination Business Class
    Bangkok 38,000
    London 218,000
    San Francisco 230,000
    Destination First Class
    Melbourne 259,000
    Paris 400,000
    Taiwan 138,000

    Eligibility for OCBC Voyage Card

    • The applicant must be at least 21 years old
    • A person applying for this credit card must have a minimum income of SGD 120,000 per year

    Fees and Charges

    The annual fees for the Voyage card offered by Oversea Chinese Banking Corporation Limited is SGD 488. The annual fee for the supplementary card is SGD 188. Both these fees includes the GST in them. For the first two year, the supplementary card has no fees associated with it.

    Features and Benefits of OCBC Titanium Credit Cards

    • You can enjoy 2 air miles for every SGD 1 that you spend using your Oversea Chinese Banking Corporation Titanium Credit Card in foreign countries and 1 air mile for all your local expenditures. All you have to do is spend a minimum of SGD 1500 using your Titanium card every month.
    • In case, you do not wish you spend SGD 1500 every month using your credit card, you can earn 1 OCBC $ for any local spend that you do and 3 OCBC $ for all your spending overseas
    • You can make use of the complimentary JetQuay Quayside services when you use your Titanium credit card
    • You can also avail complimentary access and courses in different championship golf grounds all across South East Asia
    • At HOMME Esthetique, you can avail a complimentary therapy for skin which is worth SGD 185
    • Get a 20 percent discount on all the tickets to Rhythm of Christmas, 2015
    • Across all stores of Zalora, you can enjoy discounts of up to 7 percent on a varied range of products
    • The Touche Elite offers a complimentary therapy for skin which is worth SGD 185
    • Avail priority entry to different parties and avail exclusive rebates at Paradise Group, Peach Garden, etc.
    • You can redeem all the OCBC $ that you earn for a wide range of travel privileges that include air tickets, hotel stay packages and several more things

    Eligibility for OCBC Titanium Credit card

    • The applicant must be at least 21 years of age
    • The annual income for all the permanent resident of Singapore and Singaporean citizens must be at least SGD 30000. For the foreigners applying for the Titanium card, the annual income must be equal to or more than SGD 45000

    Fees and Charges

    The annual fees for the principal card is SGD 192.60. In case you spend a minimum amount of SGD 5000 on an annual basis then the yearly fees will be waived off. The supplementary card has an annual fee of SGD 96.30. However, for the first two years, no annual fee is associated with the supplementary card.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. I earned OCBC $ using my Titanium credit card. Can I use them for hotel stays when I am going for a trip?
    2. Yes, you may use your OCBC $ to avail a wide range of offers and privileges during your trip. This also includes your hotel stays, hotel packages, flight tickets, etc.

    3. What is the minimum income limit for a foreigner who wants to apply for a Titanium credit card offered by the OCBC Bank?
    4. The minimum annual income limit for a foreigner applying for a Titanium credit card is SGD 45000. However, for Singaporean citizens and permanent residents of Singapore, the minimum annual income must be at least SGD 30000.

    5. Are there any charges associated with the supplementary card for Voyage Card?
    6. The supplementary card that comes with Voyage card has an annual fee of SGD 188. However, for the first two years, the annual fee is waived off.

    7. What are the different destinations for which you can avail round tickets for flight using your Voyage Card?
    8. The different destination to which you can go using your flyer miles accumulated the Voyage card are Bali, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, London, Maldives, Melbourne, Tokyo, South Korea, San Francisco, Paris and Taiwan.

    9. Are the Voyage Miles redeemable on all the airlines?
    10. Yes, the Voyage Miles that you accumulate on your Voyage Card can be used on both budget airlines and full service airlines. The redemption of the points is also free of cost. You will not be charged of any conversion fee for converting the reward points to your flyer miles.

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