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    What you need to consider
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    What you get
    What you need
    What you'll love
    What you need to consider
    What it costs
    What you get
    What you need
    What you'll love
    What you need to consider
    What it costs
    What you get
    What you need
    What you'll love
    What you need to consider
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    Compare, check your eligibility and apply for credit cards online.


    OCBC Credit Card


    OCBC is one of Singapore’s oldest and most trusted banks. It was set up in 1932 with the coming together of three existing Singaporean banks. The bank has all kinds of financial products and services – loans, insurance, credit cards, deposits, investments, private and corporate banking, you name it and the bank has it.

    OCBC’s wide varieties of credit cards offer Singaporeans a choice of the best. All the cards come with attractive discounts and offers, cashback, rewards, miles, and exclusive privileges. OCBC credit cards are also worth having because of high credit limits, low foreign exchange fees, annual fee waivers, reasonable interest rates, attractive balance transfer plans, and convenient bill payment options. You can apply for an OCBC credit card through their website or at one of the branches. The card will be approved and sent to you within 48 hours.

    Best OCBC Credit Cards in Singapore

    OCBC has a great number of credit cards in its kitty. Here are some of the best:

    Card Name Joining Fee Annual Fee Suitable For Joining Perks
    OCBC Titanium Rewards Credit Card NIL (waived) S$192.60 (waived for the first two years) Rewards on shopping NA
    OCBC 365 Credit Card NIL (waived) S$192.60 (waived for the first two years) Cash rebates on dining, online shopping and grocery purchases NA
    OCBC Voyage Card S$488 S$488 Frequent travellers 15,000 Voyage Miles
    OCBC Frank Credit Card NIL (waived) S$80 (waived for the first two years) Cash rebates, online shopping and entertainment S$50 cash rebate and a chance to win ZUJI voucher worth S$600
    OCBC NTUC PLUS Credit Card NIL (waived) NIL (permanently waived) Discounts on purchases of daily essentials $10 cash rebate
    OCBC PLUS Credit Card NIL (waived) S$107 (waived for the first year) Discounts on purchases of daily essentials $10 cash rebate
    OCBC Robinsons Group NIL (waived) S$192.60 (waived for the first year) Shopping, and for Robinsons Group membership holders S$50 worth of Zara voucher
    OCBC Platinum Credit Card NIL (waived) S$160.50 (waived for the first two years) A family rewards card for daily essentials, dining and entertainment NA

    Types of OCBC Credit Cards in Singapore

    OCBC Credit Card

    OCBC offers various kinds of credit cards. Here’s a list of the cards and their benefits:

    Cashback credit cards

    • OCBC 365 Credit Card– This is a card that guarantees cashback every day of the year. The advantages of having this card are:
      • You earn 6% cashback on weekend dining in Singapore and 3% cashback on overseas dining spends and weekday dining in Singapore using OCBC 365 Credit Card.
      • You get 3% cashback on online transactions related to travel, movie ticket purchases, fashion shopping, etc.
      • You can get petrol for up to 23.9% cheaper rates at Caltex and Esso fuel stations, and 5% cashback at all other petrol brands.
      • You save up to 3% on supermarket purchases and recurring telecommunication bills.
      • For all other expenses using the card, you get cashback of 0.3%.
      • If you are a Child Development Account Trustee, you can also get a 3% cashback on medical expenses at hospitals, dental clinics, etc.
      • You get free travel insurance of up to S$200,000. This includes cover for personal accident and travel inconvenience.
      • You can access the Visa Signature Concierge any time of the day for hotel or flight bookings, car rentals, restaurant table bookings, event tickets, etc.
    • OCBC Frank Credit Card –This card is another great cash rebate card that saves you money and helps you live the lifestyle you want to. With the Frank Card, you get the following perks:
      • You can customise the card-face with a design of your choice from the Frank Card Design directory. There are over 120 images to select from.
      • You can get up to 6% cash rebate on online shopping for clothes, electronics, travel bookings, movie tickets, etc.
      • You are eligible to get 8% cash rebate on Apple Online Store.
      • You can save up to 5% on entertainment purchases at merchants such as cinemas, bars, clubs, KTVs, and a few cafes.
      • Your first two NETS FlashPay Auto Top-Ups will earn you a cash rebate of 3% and all other transactions will give you 0.3% cashback.
      • You need to spend at least S$400 per month to get the cash rebate benefits. The maximum cash rebate you can earn is S$60 per month.

    Best OCBC Travel / Air Miles Credit Card

    • OCBC Voyage Credit Card – This is a special metal card that lets you earn miles and redeem them easily for your travel needs. The key benefits of the OCBC Voyage card are:
      • You earn 2.3 Voyage Miles for every S$1 spent at dining establishments in Singapore and on overseas spending.
      • You get 1 Voyage Mile per S$1 spent on all other transactions. You can also earn Voyage Miles on tax payments through your credit card.
      • You can enjoy the services of the Voyage Personal Concierge for your travel and lifestyle needs.
      • You can access Plaza Premium Lounges at airports, as well as free limo transfer to the airport if you’re spending at least S$5,000 per month.
      • You get free travel insurance of up to S$1.5 million.
      • Green fees for Sentosa Golf Club in Singapore are waived for Voyage cardholders.
      • You are also eligible for special discounts and offers in dining, travel, shopping and entertainment.

    Best OCBC Rewards Credit Card

    • OCBC Titanium Rewards Card – This rewards credit card gives you 10 times the usual reward points for your spends. Here’s what you get from the card:
      • You get 10 OCBC$ for every S$1 spent on clothes, shoes, bags, children’s attire, electronic gadgets, and personal care items, whether you’re shopping online or offline.
      • You also get 10 OCBC$ for department store purchases, and payments made through Android Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.
      • Your purchases are insured by e-Commerce Protection and Online Price Guarantee covers. If you find a lower price for an item you’ve bought online, you get 50% of the price difference as reimbursement. All your online purchases is protected from non-delivery, damaged delivery and defective products.
      • You can pay for your bus and train rides using the MasterCard Tap & Go feature.
      • You can access the JetQuay Quayside services for free or at lower prices using OCBC Titanium Rewards card.
      • Other privileges and deals on shopping, travel, entertainment and other categories are also open to Titanium Rewards cardholders.
    • OCBC Platinum MasterCard Credit Card – This is a simple family-oriented credit card that lets you earn rewards for all kinds of transactions. The main benefits are:
      • You can earn 1 OCBC$ for every S$1 spent on all kinds of transactions, including medical and insurance expenses using OCBC Platinum Mastercard.
      • Being a part of the Platinum MasterCard means you have access to wonderful discounts and deals in family activities, travel, dining and health and wellness categories.

    Best OCBC Grocery Credit Card

    • OCBC Plus! Visa Credit Card – FairPrice shoppers will love the Plus! cards, whose key perks are:
      • You get a discount of 7% on all purchases made at FairPrice.
      • You get a concession of 3% at Unity pharmacies and at Popular Bookstores.
      • Payments made to Singtel, M1 and Starhub earn you 1% LinkPoints reward.
      • Your petrol savings could run up to 18.5% at Esso in addition to earning 2.8% Esso Smiles Points.
      • All Visa purchases will earn you 0.22% LinkPoints reward.
      • All the rebates are credited to your card in the form of LinkPoints.
      • You can link your ocbc Plus! credit card with your Plus! Savings account and earn higher interest rates on your card transactions.
      • You can get discounts on Plus! Term Life Insurance plans.
    • OCBC NTUC Plus! Visa Credit Card –The NTUC Plus! credit card is a higher version of the Plus! card are carries the following benefits:
      • You get a discount of up to 12% on all purchases made at FairPrice, if your salary is credited to the NTUC-OCBC Starter Savings Account.
      • You get a concession of 3% at Unity pharmacies and at Popular Bookstores.
      • Payments made to Singtel, M1 and Starhub earn you 1% LinkPoints reward.
      • Your petrol savings could run up to 18.5% at Esso in addition to earning 2.8% Esso Smiles Points.
      • You earn 1% LinkPoints rewards on membership fee paid for NTUC Union using OCBC NTUC PLUS! Visa credit card.
      • All Visa purchases will earn you 0.22% LinkPoints reward.
      • You can open an NTUC-OCBC Starter Savings Account that will give you higher interest rate with credit card spends.
      • You can get discounts on Plus! Term Life Insurance plans.

    Best OCBC Shopping Credit Card

    • OCBC Robinsons Group Credit Card – If shopping at branded stores is your thing, this card is the right one for you. Its privileges are:
      • Purchases at any of the stores affiliated with the Robinsons Group – including Zara, Marks & Spencer, Nautica, Reebok and Ted Baker – are eligible for a 5% rebate on OCBC Robinson Group credit card.
      • You get 10% rebate at Robinsons and Marks & Spencer if you spend more than S$5,000.
      • You get special perks and sales previews at the stores of the 18 Robinsons-affiliated brands.
      • You get free parking for an hour at malls that have Robinsons Group stores.
      • For all other purchases, you earn 1 Robs$ per S$2 spent. For purchases outside Singapore, you get 3 Robs$. These rewards can be redeemed for vouchers and bill offsets.
    • OCBC BEST Denki Credit Card– This card is ideal for electronics shopping at the BEST Denki stores. Here’s what you get:
      • You get 12% BEST Rewards that is equal to 3% cashback when you buy at BEST Denki, including when you pay with instalment plans.
      • You earn an additional 2% cash rebate if you spend S$10,000 or more in a year, and an extra 2.5% rebate if your annual spend crosses S$20,000.
      • You can enjoy the Safety 5 Premium Warranty Programme, which covers damage from flood and fire, product failure, theft from home and other damages for 5 additional years.
      • Get a chance to go for special events such as sales previews, member-only events, seminars and private sales.

    Best OCBC Lifestyle Credit Card

    • OCBC Arts Credit Card – If you are into the art scene of Singapore and are looking for a card that gives you special privileges in that area, the OCBC Arts Card is the one for you. Its advantages are:
      • You get priority booking options for events by The Theatre Practice, W!LD RICE, Singapore Dance Theatre, Ding Yi Music, Singapore Lyric Opera and others.
      • You can get discounts of up to 20% on theatre performances.
      • You can get invitations to exclusive shows, events, exhibitions, museum shows, theatre performances, etc.
      • If you buy tickets at SISTIC, you can earn 3 OCBC$ per S$1 spent.

    Auto-instalment credit car in Singapore

    • OCBC Cashflo Credit Card– All your purchases on the auto-instalment cards is converted into 3 or 6-month interest-free instalment plans. The key features of this card are:
      • You get 0.5% cash rebate if you bill in a month is less than S$1,000, and if the bill is more than S$1,000, you get a cash rebate of 1%.
      • Your transactions below S$1,000 get converted into 3-month instalment schemes and purchases above S$1,000 go into the 6-month instalment plan.
      • You’re also eligible for periodic discounts and deals.
      • You get up to 50% concession on Explorer Travel Insurance if you use your OCBC Cashflo Credit Card.
    • OCBC Great Eastern Cashflo Credit Card– This card is especially for those who have a Great Eastern insurance plan. Here are the card’s benefits:
      • Payments made towards certain Great Eastern Insurance Schemes will be converted into a 1-year instalment plan.
      • All other spends are converted into 3-month and 6-month interest-free programmes.
      • You get 0.5% cash rebate if you bill in a month is less than S$1,000, and if the bill is more than S$1,000, you get a cash rebate of 1%.
      • You also get 1% cash rebate on premium payments on certain Great Eastern Life and Overseas Assurance Corporation insurance schemes.
      • You get up to 50% concession on Explorer Travel Insurance if you use your OCBC Cashflo Credit Card.

    Best OCBC Supplementary Credit Card

    When you get a credit card from OCBC, you can also apply for supplementary credit cards for your family members. With a supplementary card, your family can enjoy the same privileges as you do at half the cost, as annual fee for supplementary cards is usually around 50% that of the primary cards. You can apply for 2 to 4 supplementary cards per primary card, depending on which credit card you have. The rewards and rebates earned by supplementary cardholders are credited into the account of the primary cardholder. Credit limit of the primary cardholder is also shared by the supplementary card member. Supplementary cardholders cannot make any changes to their credit limit, rewards or redemptions.

    OCBC Credit Card Promotion in Singapore

    OCBC has a host of wonderful promotions on its credit cards every year. Some of the ongoing offers this year are:

    • OCBC cardholders can get a 10% discount on food bill at House of Seafood until 30th September, 2017. The offer can be enjoyed from Mondays to Fridays.
    • Get a concession of 15% on a la carte food bill at Beast & Butterflies, M Social Singapore, for every 4 main courses that you order. This offer is valid until 31st December, 2017, except on the eve of and public holidays and special days.
    • You will save 10% on hotel bookings through AirAsiaGo.com if you use your OCBC credit card to pay. Use the promocode OCBCAAG10HOL and book the rooms by 31st January, 2019, and stay by 30th April, 2019.
    • Enjoy a 10% concession on holiday packages and food bills at Bintan Lagoon Resort, Indonesia up to 31st January, 2018.
    • Get 15% off on regular-priced tickets bought on site at Trick Eye Museum Hong Kong using your OCBC credit card. This promotional Offer is valid until December 31st, 2017.

    Requirement to Apply OCBC Credit Card

    To apply for an OCBC Credit Card, you need to meet certain parameters established by the bank. Given below are some of the common criteria you need to fulfil for various OCBC credit cards:

    • Eligibility criteria for Singapore citizens and Permanent Residents:
      • You should be a minimum of 21 years old.
      • You should meet the minimum annual income criteria as per each card’s requirements. This could range from S$30,000 to S$120,000.
    • Eligibility criteria for foreigners:
      • You must be a minimum of 21 years old.
      • Your annual income has to be between S$45,000 and S$120,000.

    How to Activate OCBC Credit Card?

    When you get your new credit card, it will be in a deactivated condition. This is done as a measure to protect your cards from being misappropriated and used without your authorisation. So before your first use, you need to activate the card. In addition, if you are going outside Singapore and need to use your credit card, you need to activate the magnetic stripe, which usually remains deactivated for local transactions as EMV chip technology is in use on the island. To make the magnetic stripe live for overseas purchases, you need to make it live. The options through which you can activate your cards are:

    1. Go to https://internet.ocbc.com/cardactivation.
    2. Use OCBC online banking.
    3. Use OCBC phone banking.
    4. Contact OCBC customer care centre on 1800 363 3333.
    5. Go to your nearest OCBC bank branch.

    How to Cancel OCBC Credit Card?

    You can cancel your credit card and close the account whenever you want. You need to send a written notice to the bank along with slashed-up cards. Once you cancel a credit card, you need to pay the remaining balance amount immediately. The bank could also cancel your card if you are found to be behaving fraudulently, if your credit score goes down, if you become bankrupt, etc.

    OCBC Credit Card Hotline Number

    For any queries and services related to OCBC credit cards, you can call either 1800 363 3333 or +65 6363 3333i.e OCBC Hotline Numbers.

    FAQs on OCBC Credit Card

    1. Who is eligible to apply for NTUC Plus ! Visa credit card?
    2. This card is custom made for NTUC members. Therefore, only active members of the NTUC are eligible to apply for this card.

    3. How does the 12 month installment option work on insurance premiums paid using the OCBC Great Eastern Cashflo MasterCard?
    4. Premiums for selected insurance plans from Great Eastern Life and Overseas Assurance Corporation paid for using the Great Eastern Cashflo MasterCard can be converted into 12 EMIs. No interest is charged on this transaction.

    5. I heard about free delivery of goods purchased at Best Denki stores. Are there any conditions?
    6. By spending a minimum of S$200 in a single receipt on bulky items, you can have goods delivered right at your doorstep for free.

    7. How do I get a waiver on the annual fee on the OCBC Robinsons Group Credit Card?
    8. If the annual spends exceed S$5,000(of which S$200 must be charged at Robinsons, Marks & Spencer and/or John Little) in the previous year, you get complete waiver on the annual fee.

    9. How much is the supplementary card fee for the OCBC Arts Credit Card?
    10. The fee for supplementary card is S$80.25 a year. No annual fee is billed during the first two years of subscription.

    11. What is the NETS FlashPay Top up fees for OCBC credit cards?
    12. SGD 0.25 is charged for every automatic top up.

    13. How much cash back can I get on dining when I use the OCBC 365 Credit Card?
    14. You can get cash back of 6 percent on dining when you use your OCBC 365 Credit Card.

    15. When do my Voyage miles expire?
    16. Your voyage miles never expire and you can use them whenever you want.

    News About OCBC Credit Cards

    • OCBC Introduced QR Code cashless payments to its pay anyone Mobile App

      OCBC Bank customers who have been using the Pay Anyone mobile app for their banking activities will now have a better experience. The bank has introduced new features such as an augmented layout and easy navigation to the app.

      09th January 2018

    • Enjoy Exclusive Xmas Deals From the OCBC Bank

      Keep your Christmas shopping list ready! It‘s time you make your Christmas plans a lot more fun than usual. Whether you’re looking for online deals, retail offers, dining privileges or travel discounts, OCBC Bank covers it all for you.

      22nd December 2017

    • OCBC Launches Android Keyboard to Enable Seamless Ease in Online Transactions

      In a recent announcement, OCBC, one of Singapore’s top banks, unveiled its Android-based keyboard, a feature that allows users to make P2P payments with absolute ease.

      The keyboard allows users to make P2P payments regardless of what mobile browser or mobile app they use. The feature can be used on popular application platforms including Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram.

      The feature has demonstrated great promise in enabling online and cashless transactions, paving the way for a concrete digital future in the realm of finance and payments.

      The feature works seamlessly in collaboration with browsers and other applications, a report in Finextra noted. Also, OCBC became the first Asian bank last year to unveil a feature where voice transactions can be performed on the iOS platform using Apple’s Siri.

      25th September 2017

    • OCBC no longer has any stake in Hong Kong Life Insurance

      OCBC, one of the leading banking institutions in Singapore, is selling its stake in Hong Kong Life Insurance (HKLI) to First Origin International. OCBC currently owns 33.3% of HKLI.

      UOB Kay Hian, a global investment bank, said the sale generated proceeds of around S$426 million. OCBC and its insurance division Great Eastern have said that they intend to consider business proposals received on their stakes in United Engineers and WBL Corporation. OCBC has a 4.1% stake in United Engineers and Great Eastern owns 12.6% of the same company.

      OCBC and Great Eastern said they plan to review their strategy in the insurance market in Singapore in particular and Asia in general. The company plans to invest the returns from these sales in the "core wealth management business and high-growth emerging markets such as Indonesia and China", according to UOB Kay Hian.

      31st July 2017

    • OCBC Bank look to chat bots to answer customer queries online

      To cater to the growing number of online queries, many banks have now turned to chat bots to cater to consumer queries. The chatbots have been introduced by OCBC to replace conventional customer support. OCBC has two chatbots currently in place to cater to two products. The chatbot named Emma caters to home loan queries and the bot named Buddy is an internal bot to answer HR related queries.

      While the Emma bot can answer basic queries, when asked with more complex questions, will redirect you to a mortgage specialist. The chat bot works more like an interactive FAQ and gives you the added benefit of saving time by skipping all other questions and going over to your query directly. As simple as it might seem, the process of answering customer queries and saving time for both bankers and readers alike is in its infancy and is only expected to grow within the next couple of years.

      DBS has also taken steps towards implementing a chat bot service. However, their efforts are still in the earlier stages and they currently have one chatbot feature implemented through the POSB’s Digital Virtual Assistant which is only operating on its Facebook page.

      18th July 2017

    • OCBC Raises Credit Card Late Payment Fees

      OCBC Bank has increased the late payment fees on credit cards to S$100 for all cards. The fees went up from S$80 for all cards except for the NTUC Plus! Credit Card, for which it was S$60. The new fees is applicable since 1 June, 2017.

      This raise will make late payment fees uniform across the personal credit cards of OCBC. The last time OCBC raised its fees was in January 2016, when the late payment fee was fixed at S$80 for all cards except the Plus! Visa and NTUC Plus! cards which has a fee of S$60.

      According to MoneySmart chief executive Vinod Nair, banks with the most popular credit cards, such as OCBC, DBS and Citibank, also have the highest fees and interest rates. He added that the banks might be trying to discourage customers from becoming more disciplined with their credit. Analyst He Yuxuan of Daiwa SB Investments (Singapore) said the hike could be because the bank wants to boost operating profits as business costs are getting higher.

      18th July 2017

    • Use OCBC cards for great deals at Alligator Pear, Fairmont Singapore

      Runtime period: This promotion ends on December 30, 2016.


      Receive a discount of 30% on your food bill at Alligator Pear, Fairmont Singapore.

      Terms & Conditions:

      • This is valid if there is a minimum of 2 persons and a maximum of 5 persons.

      • This promotion cannot be used on December 25 and 26, 2016.

      • You have to make a reservation in advance.

      • This offer can be used only on dine-ins.

      • This offer does not take prevailing GST or service charge into account.

    • Get discount at Asian Market Café at Fairmont Singapore with OCBC cards

      Runtime period: This discount is valid until December 30, 2016.


      Enjoy lunch and dinner buffet at Asian Market Café at Fairmont Singapore with a discount of 30%.

      Terms & Conditions:

      • This offer is applicable if there are at least 2 persons and not more than 10 persons.

      • This offer does not include prevailing GST and service charge.

      • You need to make a reservation in advance.

      • This is allowed only on dine-ins.

      • This offer is not valid on December 24 and 25, 2016.

    • OCBC customers can transfer up to S$1,000 without a need for an account number

      OCBC customers can now send up to S$1,000 to any bank account in Singapore from their mobile phones. The previous limit was S$100. The transfer can be done through OCBC Pay Anyone mobile payment app. The transfer can be done using the recipient’s mobile number or facebook account or e-mail address. This is the only service in Singapore that doesn’t require the recipient’s bank details to make the transfer. The transfer limit was increased to facilitate wider adoption of this facility.

      14th September 2016

    • OCBC Easy Way to Pay Promotion

      Runtime – This is an ongoing promotional offer.

      Particulars – When you add your OCBC card to your phone, you can enjoy exclusive offers and deals. This easy way of paying will make your life easier.

        • With Apple Pay, you can enjoy a rebate of 5% on what you purchase.

        • With Samsung Pay, you can enjoy a rebate of 5% on what you purchase.

        • With Android Pay, you can enjoy a rebate of 5% on what you purchase.

      Please get in touch with the bank to know more about the terms and conditions of this particular promotional offer.

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