• NTUC Travel Insurance Singapore

    NTUC Travel Insurance

    From travel delay to loss of travel documents, NTUC Income travel insurance covers various inconveniences faced during the entire period of your trip. With Enhanced PreX plans, pre-existing medical conditions are covered during your trip.

    Ntuc Travel Insurance

    With Family Cover, you and your whole family are covered. There is no limit on the number of children covered under Family Cover. NTUC Income travel insurance covers travel delays that aren't caused by you. Travel insurance covers any inconvenience caused by change in Travel Plans such as cancelled trips, shortened trips, and postponed trips.

    If you fall sick or get injured during the trip, your medical expenses are covered by NTUC Income Travel Insurance. From baggage loss to theft and damage of your belongings, this plan covers all. You can receive cover for any delay in receiving a baggage that has been checked in.

    Types of travel insurances provided by NTUC Income

    NTUC Income offers 3 types of standard plans:

    • Classic: This plan provides insurance cover for standard travel plans.
    • Deluxe and Preferred: This plan provides higher cover for any inconvenience faced during your trip.

    Enhance your coverage with 3 different types of Enhanced PreX plans:

    • Enhanced PreX Basic plan: You can get basic coverage for any medical treatments taken for pre-existing conditions while you are overseas.
    • Enhanced PreX Superior plan: Get increased coverage
    • Enhanced PreX Prestige plan: Coverage extends to trip modifications.

    NTUC Income Travel Insurance Coverage





    Personal accident

    Per person - S$1,25,000 to S$2,00,000

    Family - S$15,00,000

    Per person - S$1,00,000 to S$2,00,000

    Family - S$8,00,000

    Per person - S$50,000 to S$1,50,000

    Family - S$6,00,000

    Overseas medical expense

    Per person - S$1,500 to S$10,00,000

    Family - S$3,00,000

    Per person - S$1,000 to S$5,00,000

    Family - S$15,00,000

    Per person - S$500 to S$2,50,000

    Family - S$10,00,000

    Personal liability

    Per person - S$10,00,000

    Family - S$10,00,000

    Per person - S$10,00,000

    Family - S$10,00,000

    Per person - S$5,00,000

    Family - S$5,00,000

    Trip cancellation cover

    Per person - S$15,000

    Family - S$45,000

    Per person - S$10,000

    Family - S$30,000

    Per person - S$5,000

    Family - S$15,000

    Lost baggage cover

    Per person - S$500 to S$8,000

    Family - S$20,000

    Per person - S$500 to S$5,000

    Family - S$12,500

    Per person - S$500 to S$3,000

    Family - S$7,500

    Lost document cover

    Per person - S$400 to S$8,000

    Family - S$20,000

    Per person - S$400 to S$5,000

    Family - S$12,500

    Per person - S$400 to S$3,000

    Family - S$7,500

    NTUC Travel Insurance promotion in Singapore

    If you buy or renew NTUC INcome travel insurance, NTUC Plus Member will receive 1 LinkPoint for every $1 premium paid and Plus! member will get 1 LinkPoint for every $2 premium paid. This promotional offer is valid until December 31st, 2017. The policy must be issued and first premium paid before January 15th, 2018.

    How to apply for NTUC Travel Insurance?

    You can purchase NTUC Income Travel Insurance through the following channels:

    • Online: Travel insurance can be bought online by filling up an online form stating your travel plan. You will receive insured information, and confirmation. Payment can be made online after which you will receive acknowledgement of the insurance purchase.
    • Mobile app: Travel insurance can be bought through NTUC Income mobile app, available on Google Play Store and iOS App Store.
    • NTUC Income Branch: You can visit the nearest NTUC Income branch to purchase travel insurance.
    • Hotline: For travel insurance related queries, you can call NTUC Income hotline number 6788 1222.
    • Income Adviser: You can connect with an Income Adviser or use an online matching tool to find the right travel insurance for you.

    How to claim your NTUC Travel Insurance?

    Claim should be made within 30 days of occurrence of the insured events. Claims are settled within 10 working days, provided all relevant documents are submitted to the company. In the case of a delay in claim processing due to further clarification, you will updated of the delay. During peak travel period, expect a longer claim processing time due to higher volumes of claims. Listed below is the step-by-step process of submitting a claim at NTUC Income:

    • Download travel claim form from the company website and fill it up.
    • Submit the following documents along with the claim form:
      • Personal accident or medical expenses:
        • Boarding pass or passport stamp showing the departure and return dates.
        • Final hospital bill
        • Medical report showing onset date, nature, cause, and extent of injury or permanent disability, if applicable.
        • Police report for accident.
        • Death certificate or autopsy report.
        • Proof of relationship with life assured in the case of death claim.
      • Postponed, cancelled or shortened trip:
        • Boarding pass or Passport stamp showing the departure and return dates.
        • Tour booking receipt.
        • Written proof of cost of non-refundable prepaid travelling expenses.
        • Medical certificate from a qualified medical practitioner.
        • Death certificate.
        • Proof of relationship with the life insured.
      • Travel delay, baggage delay overbooked public transport or missed connection:
        • Flight itinerary, boarding pass or passport stamp showing departure and return dates.
        • Written proof from transport operator specifying the cause of baggage delay, missed connection, overbooked public transport or travel day and length of travel.
        • Baggage delay acknowledgement slip.
      • Loss or damage of baggage, money, travel documents, and personal belongings:
        • Boarding pass or passport stamp showing departure and return dates.
        • Police report listing the lost items.
        • Baggage loss or damage report.
        • Photographs of damaged items.
        • Damaged item diagnosis report stating the cause and extent of damage.
        • Repair bill or warranty card.
        • Receipt for replacement of passport and travel documents.
    • You can scan the completed form and mail it along with the supporting documents to pcc@income.com.sg. For claims including reimbursement of medical expenses, you have to submit the claim form along with the supporting documents at one of the NTUC Income branches, insurance adviser, or mail it to Property & Casualty Claims, Income, PO Box 0132, Singapore, 911802.

    NTUC Income has a dedicated claim servicing branch. To make a travel insurance claim, visit 75 Bras Basah Road, NTUC Income Centre, Singapore, 189557. You can book an appointment on the company website. You can also submit enquiries by filling up an online form. The NTUC Income adviser will get back to you within 2 to 3 working days.

    Check your eligibility for NTUC Travel Insurance

    You must meet the following eligibility criteria to purchase NTUC Income Travel Insurance:

    • You should be living or working in Singapore, a Singapore citizen or Permanent Resident.
    • You must have a valid Singapore ID such as NRIC, employment pass, student pass, visitor’s pass or work permit.
    • Your trip should start and end in Singapore.
    • You should not be travelling to another country for medical treatment.
    • You should not be travelling against your doctor's advice.
    • Travel insurance has to be purchased and fully paid for before departing from Singapore.

    Insurance period includes the whole trip from departure to return (to Singapore). There is a maximum limit for family cover. For higher limits, purchase group insurance cover.

    Key benefits of buying NTUC Travel Insurance

    Whether you are purchasing the travel insurance plan through mobile app or online, you can expect instant activation and confirmation of your plan before your travel begins. With Yearly plan, you can enjoy coverage for all trips taken in that year without having to go through activation process for every trip you take.

    The company has a 24/7 medical emergency hotline (65)6338 1222 for overseas medical emergencies. If your trip gets delayed when you are overseas, your policy will be extended automatically for the first 14 days without any charge. NTUC Income offers discounts on travel insurance when you sign up in a group of 6 or more.

    The latest reports show that NTUC Income settled a total of 250 claims in the month of March, 2017. The company settled a total claim amount of S$11,216,741.

    NTUC Travel Insurance Hotline

    For travel insurance claims you can call NTUC Income's dedicated claim hotline number 6788 6616.

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    NTUC Income Travel Insurance FAQs

    1. How do I extend my insurance period before and after the commencement of my trip?
    2. You can contact NTUC Income hotline number 6788 6616 to make changes to your policy. The request will be processed within 2 working days.

    3. Can I claim both baggage delay and damage benefit under one event?
    4. No, you can claim reimbursement for either baggage delay or damage, not both for the same event.

    5. What is the benefit cover for loss of travel documents?
    6. The insurer will pay for economy-class transport, accommodation expense incurred while applying to replace your lost travel documents, and administrative fee charged to get a replacement travel document.

    7. What if I have to cancel my trip, how will the reimbursement work?
    8. If you have cover for trip cancellation then you will be reimbursed to the extent mentioned in the policy. But if you fail to tell your travel agent or the hotels you booked that you are canceling the trip then you may not be eligible for the reimbursement of expenses. It comes under exclusions of the policy.

    9. Is there a situation where the policy won’t cover me?
    10. With the NTUC Travel Insurance, such situations are covered under general exclusion. Some examples of these exclusions would be:

      • if documents submitted for a claim are proven to be false.
      • If a claim is made where it is discovered that you were at fault or that you knew the claim was not genuine.
      • If the injuries you have made a claim for are found to have been sustained as a result of your negligence.

    News About NTUC Travel Insurance

    • Single trip Insurance Deals by NTUC Income

      NTUC welcomes the New Year with a special promotional offer on its Classic, Deluxe, and preferred single trip plans. Sign up before 15 January 2018 and enjoy 35% discount along with a chance to win a travel adaptor or a handheld massager.

      09th January 2018

    • NTUC Kick Start Promotion

      Runtime – This is an ongoing promotional offer. It will continue till December 31, 2016.

      Particulars – When you sign up for a regular premium life policy offered by NTUC, you get cash back worth S$1,000. The minimum annual premium must be at least S$2,000.

      Terms and Conditions – Please, get in touch with NTUC to know more about the terms and conditions of this promotion.

    • NTUC Plus! Promotion

      Runtime – This is an ongoing promotional offer.

      Particulars – For every dollar that you spend with NTUC Income, get LinkPoints as rewards. In order to qualify, you must renew one of the following policies:

      • Travel Bliss

      • Travel Insurance

      • Motor Insurance

      • Foreign Maid Insurance

      • Enhanced Home Insurance

      • Overseas Study Protection Plan

      • Golfer’s Insurance

      Terms and Conditions - Please get in touch with NTUC to know more about the terms and conditions of this particular promotional offer.

    • NTUC Travel Insurance Promotion

      Run time: 2 Nov, 2015 – 20 Dec, 2015

      Particulars: Enjoy a discount of up to 40 percent any of the Deluxe or Classic Single Trip plans offered with NTUC Travel Insurance. You can enjoy greater savings if there are more number of travellers. You can purchase the insurance product online or by downloading the app provided by the insurance company, available on the App Store and Google Play store. If you opt for the yearly deluxe plan, you can get a Sport Action Camera from Kudos worth $119.

      Terms and conditions:

      • In case of 1 traveller, the maximum discount that can be availed will be 25 percent

      • In case of 2 travellers, the maximum discount that can be availed will be 35 percent

      • In case of 3 or more travellers, the maximum discount that can be availed will be 40 percent

      • Please contact the insurance company to know about all the applicable terms and conditions.

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