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    Travelling is the best mode of rejuvenation, building memories and cherishing experiences. Who wouldn’t want a perfect vacation to break the monotony of daily life? Unfortunately, it is not as picture perfect as it seems. Travelling to any destination makes you and your family vulnerable to many unforeseen circumstances. There could be a host of inconveniences, monetary or any other form of loss and illness during a trip. To protect you from all these situations, a comprehensive travel insurance policy can easily come to your rescue.

    Overview of NTUC Income Travel Insurance

    Established in 1970, NTUC Income is currently one of the top three insurers in Singapore. Originally formed as a part of the National Trade Union Congress, the company worked with the sole purpose of providing insurance solutions to middle and low-income groups. Currently based out of Singapore, NTUC Income is a financial institution providing insurance, savings and investment solutions to its customers.

    To ensure that you have a stress free travel and lovely vacation, NTUC Income provides a comprehensive travel insurance policy. It provides coverage for loss of financial and personal belongings, inconveniences faced during travel, trip modifications, travel and baggage delays, pre-existing medical conditions while overseas and medical expenses incurred on account of illness (while on the trip).

    Types of NTUC Income Travel Insurance

    To cater to the varied needs of different customers, NTUC Income offers three types of travel insurance plans.

    • Classic – this plan provides only basic travel insurance coverage.
    • Deluxe – offers higher coverage than classic. Usually ideal for people who travel frequently.
    • Enhanced PreX – this plan offers higher and wider coverage compared to the other plans. Ideal for people who travel very often. The policyholder can enjoy coverage under this plan to a maximum of 30 calendar days at a stretch, while abroad.

    The Coverages

    NTUC travel insurance plans, provide coverage for the following –

    Travel delays

    If the travel delays are not caused by you, the company covers it. This also includes natural disasters.

    Pre-existing medical conditions while overseas

    Policyholders of the Enhanced PreX plan can enjoy coverage for their pre-existing medical conditions while being abroad.

    Medical expenses

    While on a trip, medical expenses incurred from sudden illness or injury is covered by NTUC Income travel insurance policy.

    Trip modifications

    If your travel plans are postponed, cancelled or shortened due to any of the causes mentioned in the policy, you get covered for it.

    Loss of baggage, personal items and money

    If your baggage or personal belongings are lost/stolen/damaged during the trip, you are provided coverage for the same.

    Baggage delays

    The insurance policy provides coverage for your checked-in baggage, in case it has been delayed in delivery by any transport operator.

    Key features and Benefits of NTUC Income Travel Insurance

    • A yearly plan is provided, which is ideal for frequent travelers. The policyholder can enjoy coverage for every trip he/she makes without going through the complicated process of numerous activations.
    • If you apply for the policy online, via mobile or hotline, you can enjoy hassle free activation and immediate confirmation of your policy.
    • Your policy is extended automatically for the first 14 days without any extra charge. This is applicable only if you get delayed while travelling overseas.
    • The medical emergency hotline is available 24 hours. This facility is available worldwide, for assistance during an accident or medical emergency.
    • If you sign up as a group of six or more people, you can enjoy group discounts on your travel insurance.

    NTUC Income Travel Insurance Eligibility

    • The applicant needs to be living or working in Singapore
    • The applicant must hold a valid Singapore identification document like work permit, NRIC, student pass, employment pass, work permit or long-term visit pass.
    • The applicant needs to clear all his dues and pay for the entire policy before leaving Singapore.
    • In order to avail return trip covers you must be starting and ending your trip in Singapore. Alternatively, you can start your trip in Singapore and end it an overseas destination when the policy ends for one-way trip covers.

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - NTUC Income Travel Insurance

    1. Will my policy be automatically extended under NTUC Income Travel Insurance?

      Yes, your period of insurance will be automatically extended for 14 days, at no additional premium. This facility is applicable while you are overseas or under the following circumstances -

      • Your return trip to Singapore is delayed (without you being the cause for it)
      • You get hospitalized while you are abroad, as advised by a doctor.
    2. If I am travelling abroad for a year, can I purchase travel insurance policy which provides coverage for one year?

      No, NTUC Income travel insurance does not provide coverage for more than 180 consecutive days for the Classic and Deluxe plan and 30 days for the Enhanced PreX plan.

    3. What are the travel insurance plans provided by NTUC Income Travel Insurance?

      There are three travel insurance plan provided by NTUC Income. They are: Classic, Deluxe and Enhanced PreX.

    4. Does NTUC Income Travel Insurance provide coverage for hazardous sports?

      Leisure sports and activities like bungee jumping, winter sports, horse riding, scuba diving, and water rafting are covered in NTUC Income’s standard travel insurance policy terms. However, as per these terms, dangerous or professional sports are not covered.

    5. Can children be insured under this policy? If yes, then what is the age limit for it?

      Yes, children above 30 days old and less than 21 years old can be insured as a child under this policy. He/she can be insured only under the group policy and needs to have an accompanying adult.

    News About NTUC Travel Insurance

    • NTUC Kick Start Promotion

      Runtime – This is an ongoing promotional offer. It will continue till December 31, 2016.

      Particulars – When you sign up for a regular premium life policy offered by NTUC, you get cash back worth S$1,000. The minimum annual premium must be at least S$2,000.

      Terms and Conditions – Please, get in touch with NTUC to know more about the terms and conditions of this promotion.

    • NTUC Plus! Promotion

      Runtime – This is an ongoing promotional offer.

      Particulars – For every dollar that you spend with NTUC Income, get LinkPoints as rewards. In order to qualify, you must renew one of the following policies:

      • Travel Bliss

      • Travel Insurance

      • Motor Insurance

      • Foreign Maid Insurance

      • Enhanced Home Insurance

      • Overseas Study Protection Plan

      • Golfer’s Insurance

      Terms and Conditions - Please get in touch with NTUC to know more about the terms and conditions of this particular promotional offer.

    • NTUC Travel Insurance Promotion

      Run time: 2 Nov, 2015 – 20 Dec, 2015

      Particulars: Enjoy a discount of up to 40 percent any of the Deluxe or Classic Single Trip plans offered with NTUC Travel Insurance. You can enjoy greater savings if there are more number of travellers. You can purchase the insurance product online or by downloading the app provided by the insurance company, available on the App Store and Google Play store. If you opt for the yearly deluxe plan, you can get a Sport Action Camera from Kudos worth $119.

      Terms and conditions:

      • In case of 1 traveller, the maximum discount that can be availed will be 25 percent

      • In case of 2 travellers, the maximum discount that can be availed will be 35 percent

      • In case of 3 or more travellers, the maximum discount that can be availed will be 40 percent

      • Please contact the insurance company to know about all the applicable terms and conditions.

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