How to Replace Lost NRIC Loss and Replacement of NRICs

An NRIC is a person’s main identity card and can be quite a troublesome event if one happens to lose it. This page shows what Singaporean citizens or Permanent Residents can do in the unfortunate event they lose their NRIC and how they can get a replacement identity card.

Loss of Identity Card

  • In the event of losing the Identity Card, Singaporean citizens or Permanent Residents are required to report the loss to the ICA. The loss should be reported within a span of 14 days from date of loss or discovery of loss.
  • In the event the loss occurred as a result of a crime and the NRIC holder was the victim, a police report is also required.
  • Loss that occurs due to any other nature does not require a police report. The NRIC holder can execute a statutory declaration when they visit the Ica to report the loss of their card.
  • If the NRIC is found after the loss has been reported and a replacement has been issued, it must be returned to ICA.
  • The fee incurred on the first instance of NRIC loss is S$100. The processing time to issue the replacement card is 1 month. The fee payable on any subsequent loss of NRIC is S$300 and the processing time for subsequent lost card replacements is 3 months.

Documents Required

When reporting loss of identity card and requesting for replacement, the NRIC holder must submit certain documents which are as follows:

  • One recent passport-sized photograph taken not less than 3 months ago. The photo must be in colour and must have a white background. The photo can only have a matte or semi-matte finish. The NRIC holder must not be in any headgear and must show the full face. Head gear is only allowed if dictated by any religious or racial custom and even then should clearly show the holder’s facial features. The NRIC holder cannot have the photo taken whilst they are in uniform.
  • Police report if applicable.
  • Completed Declaration Form NR 12.

Permanent Residents Must Submit Additional Documents Which are as Follows:

  • Entry or Re-Entry Permits.
  • The valid and expired passports.
  • A Certificate of Identity if any.
  • A copy of their Malaysia Identity Card for Malaysians.

Replacement of Identity Card

Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents can also get their Identity Card replaced if it is damaged or defaced. The application for replacement should be made within 14 days from date of damage or defacement of the card. A replacement card can also be applied for if the NRIC holder wishes to change any particulars on their Identity Card

Applications for change of particulars require supporting documents related to the change such as a marriage certificate to update marital status, a religious certificate to insert the religious name of the NRIC holder and a deed poll for changing the name or ethnic name of the NRIC holder. The fee payable for replacement of damaged cards or replacement of cards for change in particulars is S$60.

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