How to Check Validity of NRIC

NRIC holders or Immigration Pass holders (earlier known as ICHECK/VERIFI) can enquire on the validity of their Identity Card or the validity of their Immigration Passes such as long term visit passes or student passes by visiting iEnquiry found on the ICA website. The procedure to enquire validity of IC or Immigration Passes is described in detail below.

Procedure to Check Validity of NRIC

  • NRIC holders must first visit the ICA website at NRIC holders can also visit the government’s eCitizen Portal to make use of the enquiry service.
  • NRIC holders will then be directed to the iEnquiry main page. NRIC holders will be shown three main options in the welcome page which is the ‘User Guide’, ‘Login with SingPass’, and ‘Login without SingPass’ option.
  • NRIC holders must click on ‘Login with SingPass’ option and upon doing so will be redirected to the SingPass login page.
  • They must then follow the instructions displayed on the page and login using their SingPass ID and password. Upon successful authentication of the ID and password, NRIC holders will be redirected to the iEnquiry page where they can see the details of their IC listed out.
  • The main page will have 3 main sections displayed. These are ‘My Current Applications’, ‘Enquiry on Sponsored Applicants’, and ‘Enquiry on Validity of IC or Immigration Pass Holders (Former iCheck/Verifi)’.
  • ‘My Current Applications’ will list out information pertaining to application for passports or long-term visit passes. The application will be displayed alongside the date and any other remarks. The ‘Enquiry on Sponsored Applicants’ will also list out similar information. Under both sections, clicking on any link will open up a new window and will take the NRIC holder away from the main page.
  • For NRIC holders who want to check on the validity of their IC, they need to click on ‘Enquiry on Validity of IC or Immigration Pass Holders (Former iCheck/Verifi)’. The page will expand to display more information.
  • The page will display various fields of information that is to be entered by the NRIC holder. NRIC holders can check the validity of up to 43 identity cards at a time. Information fields displayed include ‘NRIC Number’, ‘NRIC Date of Issue’, and ‘Date of Birth of NRIC Holder’. These fields are available for all three queries.
  • Once the information has been entered, the NRIC holder must click on submit. Doing so will display the results page. The results will also be followed by a transaction receipt showing a transaction reference number, followed by the NRIC number of the person who requested for the enquiry and a date of enquiry. This reference number can be quoted for future reference. NRIC holders are advised to make a copy of this number by saving the receipt and taking a printout of it.
  • The ‘Enquiry on Validity of IC or Immigration Pass Holders’ will also display an Immigration Pass button on the top of the screen. For those who wish to check the validity of the Immigration pass, they must click on this button. Doing so will display information with various fields that need to be entered by the enquirer.
  • Fields of information include ‘Pass Type’ such as ‘Student’s Pass’ or ‘Long Term Visit pass’, the name as mentioned in the Pass, FIN, Date of Birth, and the ‘Expiry Date of the pass’.
  • Upon clicking on submit, the results will be displayed. Like the NRIC enquiry results page, this will also provide a transaction number and receipt which can be stated for future reference. Enquirers are advised to take a print out of the receipt.

How to Check Enquiry of Application for Identity Card

  • When users visit the main iEnquiry page, they can select the option of ‘Enquiry of Application for Identity Card’ under the drop down menu found on the top of the page.
  • They will be redirected to the Enquiry of Application for Identity card page where they are required to enter information such as NRIC Number, Date of Issue or FIN and Date of Birth.
  • Clicking on submit will display the results page.

An important point to note during the enquiry process is to avoid clicking on buttons or links multiple times. One must also avoid clicking on any back or forward buttons on the browser as this may end the transaction process and will require users to start the entire process again.

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