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National Registration Identity Card Singapore

The National Registration Identity Card is the primary identity card in Singapore. As a lawful resident of Singapore, it is mandatory for you to have an NRIC. As a Singapore resident, you need to obtain your NRIC when you attain 15 years of age. You’ll need to register your NRIC again when you attain 30 years and 55 years of age, respectively. This article explains the complete process for registration as well as re-registration.

How do You Register Your First NRIC?

When you’re either a Singapore citizen or a permanent resident, you should register your initial NRIC when you attain 15 years of age. This registration needs to be done before your 16th birthday.

As a Registrant you Need to Submit the Following Mandatory Documents:

  • Birth certificate copy (overseas/Singapore).
  • Citizenship certificate copy (if needed).
  • Student ID card (if needed).
  • Your parents’ identity card copies.
  • 1 passport-size colour photo which was taken in less than the last 3 months (Read “photo guidelines section” for more details).
  • In case you want your religious name to be included, you need to submit a religious or baptism certificate.
  • If you require a name change, you need to provide a deed poll. Also, if you’re an applicant who is below 21 years of age, you should have the deed poll executed by your parent.
In case you’re a permanent resident, you’ll need to submit other documents that are listed below:
  • An entry & re-entry permit.
  • A valid and an expired passport.
  • COI (Certificate of Identity) if needed.
  • Malaysian identity card (if needed).

Registration Procedure

ICA (Immigration & Checkpoints Authority) will dispatch an application form which is pre-printed to a qualifying registrant’s parents. This form is dispatched 2 weeks prior to the 15th birthday of the registrant in addition to a letter of notification. In case there is a change in the particulars of the registrant, the changes need to be updated by the parents on the application forms that are pre-printed.

  • If you (a registrant) go to a government/government-aided school, you can register your NRIC on a specific registration day which will be conducted at your respective school.
  • In case you don’t go to school, couldn’t be present on the registration day at your school or are pursuing your studies from a private educational institution, you will have to register your NRIC personally by visiting the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority building.
In addition to the pre-printed application form, you should send your passport-size photo plus a registration fee to:

IC Unit Citizen Services Centre ICA Building 10 Kallang Road, Level 3 (next to Lavender MRT station) Singapore 208718

Quick Note
  • Functional hours: From Monday to Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 4.30 p.m. On Saturdays, between 8:00 a.m. and 12:30 p.m.
  • On the following days (peak time) you can expect the waiting duration to be longer than the average wait times.
    • School holidays
    • Monday/Friday/Saturday
    • A day prior and/or post a public holiday

Registration Fees

  • Singapore citizens: S$10 (applicable to both school & non-school registrations).
  • Permanent residents: S$50 (applicable to both school & non-school registrations).
  • For a school registration, fee payment can be made via EZ-Link.
  • For a non-school registration, you can pay fees through NETS, CashCard, or NETS FlashPay.

How do You Re-register When You’re 30 and 50 Years Old?

In case you’ve not received a replacement identity card for the previous 10 years, your NRIC needs to be re-registered twice (when you reach 30 and 50 years of age). Please note, both the re-registrations need to happen prior to your 31st and 51st birthdays, respectively.

Documents Required for Re-Registration

For re-registrations done via e-Service, you’ll need digitally captured images of the documents that are listed below plus you need to present your original documents when you go for your NRIC collection:

  • Your name in preferred ethnic characters (Jawi, Chinese, Tamil, etc.) if needed.
  • A copy of your existing NRIC (both sides included) or 11B/identity card for Home Team National Service (full-time personnel).
  • A copy of your religious or baptism certificate to add your religious name.
  • A deed poll is necessary when you want a name change (inclusive of ethnic names).
  • For a married name addition, you’ll have to submit your marriage certificate copy.
  • Your digital photograph (passport-size and should be a coloured photo) that was taken within the last 3-month period.

For re-registrations processed via post, you’ll need the photocopies of the documents that are given below. Additionally, you’ll need to carry your actual documents when you go to collect your NRIC:

  • Your current NRIC copy (inclusive of both sides) or Home Team National Service identity card/11B (full-time personnel).
  • If you intend to include your religious name, you’ll need either a baptism or a religious certificate.
  • A deed poll will be needed in case you require a name change (including ethnic names).
  • For including a married name, you will need to provide a copy of your marriage certificate.
  • Your passport-sized, colour, and digital photo that was taken during the recent 3 months.
As a permanent resident, you’re expected to provide additional documents such as:
  • Permits for both entry as well as re-entry.
  • Passports (valid & expired).
  • Certificate of Identity (COI) if applicable.
  • If applicable, a Malaysian IC needs to be submitted.

Re-registration Process

You will receive a notification letter plus an application form (pre-printed) from ICA two weeks prior to your 30th year birthday.

Via post Online
You can send in your application form plus other mandatory documents to the Immigration & Checkpoints Unit by post. You can do your application submission online.
It will take 2 weeks from the time ICA receives your completed application form. It will take 3 working days for your application to get processed.
You can use e-Service to keep a tab on the status of your application (online/post).

Re-registration Fees

  • S$10 if you’re a Singapore citizen.
  • S$50 if you’re a permanent resident.
  • Your payment modes when you submit your application online include:
    • Mastercard or Visa debit/credit card.
    • AMEX (American Express) credit card.
    • Direct debit via internet banking (POSB/DBS, UOB, OCBC, Citi, Standard Chartered Bank online banking accounts within Singapore).
  • Your mode of payments for an application that is submitted via post include:
    • CashCard
    • NETS FlashPay
    • NETS

Important Photo Guidelines You Need to be Aware of

  • You need to look directly into the camera.
  • Your photo needs to be in colour, it should be taken against a white background (which is plain), and without any shadow.
  • Your complete face and upper shoulders should be visible. You should look forward with your eyes open.
  • The frame of your spectacles should not conceal your eyes in any way. In case you’re wearing contact lenses, make sure they don’t have any reflection or glare.
  • Your hair should not cover your eyes or eyebrows.
  • Your photograph should not be captured amidst direct lighting and the exposure should be even.
  • It is recommended that you avoid wearing white clothing (plain) and white headgear while you’re getting your photograph clicked. However, if you’re wearing a headgear in relation to a racial or a religious custom, it will be permitted provided none of your facial features are getting covered.
Photo Requirements:
  • Your photo should be taken in the last three months.
  • You should be in focus & clear. The photo should be 45mm in height and 35mm in width. It should not have any border.

Other Requirements:

  • The image format should be in “JPEG” (file extension needs to be .jpg).
  • The image size should be 400/514 pixels.
  • File size should not exceed:
    • Passport application: 150 Kbytes
    • NRIC re-registration: 100 Kbytes
    • Permanent residence application: 1 Mbytes
    • Any other application: 60 KBytes

Key Note

Your photo needs to comply with all of the ICA’s criteria that are listed above. In case you don’t comply with even one of these requirements, there are chances that your application might either get delayed or rejected. Also, your photo should not be modified or upgraded by any means. To name a few – changes done to uplift your facial features, or using some kind of a software for editing your photos to make modifications.

How Do You Collect Your NRIC as a 30/50 Year Old Registrant?

  • If you’ve completed the re-registration procedure via e-Service, you’ll receive a letter of notification via email within 3 working days once your application is processed successfully. In case your re-registration was done via post, a letter of notification will be dispatched to your residential address (registered) in less than 2 weeks of ICA receiving your pre-printed application form. You’re supposed to carry all the mandatory documents as mentioned on the collection notice. Also, at every collection counter, your identity will be validated through biometrics.
  • You choose your date and do your NRIC collection via an “e-Appointment” option by using the ICA’s official website.
  • You can collect your NRIC in person by using iCollect (a self-service machine). It is placed in the ICA building’s ground floor (eLobby). You’re not qualified to use this service during the following circumstances:
    • If you’re a Home Team National Service Identity Card/11B holder (full-time personnel).
    • If you’ve either damaged or lost your existing NRIC.
    • If you’ve faint/scarred/excessively wet or dry fingerprints.
    • If you haven’t enrolled 2 sets of your fingerprints in the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority’s database.
    • If your age is below 16 years of age.
    • If you’re submitting your first NRIC application.
  • You can get your new NRIC by visiting the ICA building personally. Additionally, you also need to carry all the other necessary documents as per the collection notice.
  • You can collect your NRIC at a few qualifying SingPost offices. This option is applicable only to 55 year old re-registrants. You can’t use this option in the following scenarios:
    • If you possess an 11B or an identity card for Home Team National Service (full-time personnel)
    • You have damaged/lost your current NRIC.
    • Your fingerprints are scarred/faint/ dry or wet exceedingly.
    • 2 sets of your fingerprints are not enrolled in the database of ICA.

Steps to Follow When You Lose Your NRIC

You need to inform ICA immediately about losing your NRIC. You need to submit a replacement request personally in less than 14 days. In case your NRIC was stolen, a police report needs to be filed by you. In case you lost your NRIC due to some other reason, you’ll need to submit a statutory declaration form while reporting your NRIC loss to ICA. In case your lost NRIC card was found by you after getting your replacement, you will need to return the found NRIC to ICA.

Documents Required To Apply for Replacement

If you intend to apply for a replacement at any of the counters, you’ll have to submit the documents that are listed below:

  • Your latest passport-size photo (should be a coloured one and taken in the last 3 months).
  • A statutory declaration or a police report.
  • A religious/baptism certificate (if you intend to add your religious name).
  • Deed poll needs to be submitted for a name change inclusive of ethnic names (if needed).
  • Marriage certificate needs to be submitted if you wish to add your married name.

When you’re a permanent resident, you’re required to submit a few additional documents such as:

  • Entry/re-entry permit.
  • Expired as well as your valid passports.
  • COI (Certificate of Identity) if needed.
  • Malaysian identity card (if required).

What you should do next: You need to visit the ICA building along with your other supporting documents.

Fees and Charges for Replacement

  • First loss: S$100
  • Second and following losses: S$300
  • You can pay the fees via CashCard, NETS FlashPay, or NETS.

How long does ICA take to process your request?

  • First loss: 1 month
  • Second & consequent losses: 3 months

How do you collect your NRIC?

The date on which you need to collect your NRIC replacement will be mentioned on the collection slip once your payment is made.

If you’re opting for an in-person collection, you need to carry your actual collection slip and visit the ICA building.

How to Change Your NRIC’s Residential Address?

As per the National Registration Act, it is mandatory for you to inform about your address change in less than 28 days of shifting. Qualifying public agencies/ministries will then receive an intimation regarding your new residential address. You need not pay any kind of fee in order to register an address change. If you’ve all the required mandatory documents, your application might get processed instantly.

Mandatory documents you need to submit

Your current NRIC plus a hardcopy of your documentary evidence will be needed for registering an address change.

Documents that are Accepted Document issue Date
Bill payment for your cable tv In the last 3 months
Bill, letter or statement from HDB
Bank or credit card statement
Service & conservancy bill charges from the town council
Insurance bill, letter or statement
Rental agreement (for residence)
A utility bill issued by Singapore Power
Internet or telecommunications bill
Bill, letter, or statement issued by IRAS (example: property tax, income tax, etc.) In the last twelve months
Letter or statement from CPF
Letter or bill from LTA (example: road tax)

Note: In case you do not have the required documents, you should use e-Service (online option) and request for a “pre-notification” letter. The Immigration & Checkpoints Authority will send a letter via mail to your new residential address in less than 7 working days. You can use this letter as the documentary proof for your new residential address.

Procedure to Change the Residential Address

When you’re living in Singapore: Upon receiving a pre-notification letter or when you have prepared documentary evidence, you need to visit either a neighbourhood police post or a police centre in order to register your address change. Another option would be to visit the ICA building personally.

When you’re overseas: You can inform about the change in your overseas address in two ways:

  • You can send an email to the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority at [email protected]
  • You can intimate the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority in writing.
  • You can send in a fax to Immigration & Checkpoints Authority at (+65) 6293 6991.

Once ICA receives your notification, your address will be updated. Also, you will receive an address sticker from ICA which needs to be pasted on your NRIC.

Other NRIC-Related Queries You Might Have

Q. Can I get a replacement as I have damaged my NRIC?

A. Yes, you can submit an application for replacement in less than 14 days from the date on which your identity card was defaced/damaged.

Q. Is it possible for me to change the particulars on my NRIC?

A. Yes, can replace your NRIC if you intend to make changes to your current photograph/particulars.

Q. How can I apply for an NRIC replacement? What are the charges I need to pay?

A. You need to apply online via e-Service. Your replacement request will be processed in 3 working days. A fee of S$60 will be applicable. Your payment modes include:

  • Visa debit or credit card
  • MasterCard credit or debit card
  • American Express credit card
  • Direct debit through internet banking (OCBC, DBS/POSB, UOB, Citibank, Standard Chartered Bank accounts within Singapore).

Q. Will I qualify for an optional NRIC re-registration procedure?

A. You will qualify provided you’re either a Singapore citizen or a permanent resident who was born prior to 1 January 1962 & for the last 10 years you’ve not been given a replacement NRIC (this is effective from 1 January 2018). Your existing NRIC should have been issued prior to 1 January 2008.

In case you’re a qualifying NRIC holder, ICA will issue a notification letter to you and in less than the next 5 years you will be able to re-register your NRIC in 1 year from the letter’s date.

If you make an online submission via e-Service, your application will be processed in 3 business days. You can also choose to submit your application form along with the supporting documents via post to ICA. An application submitted via post will be processed within 2 weeks from the date on which ICA receives your application.

Q. Where can I check the status of my application?

A. You can check the status of your application via e-Service.

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