• MSIG Travel Insurance

    MSIG Travel Insurance Singapore

    MSIG offers a range of insurance policies to customers including the following:

    • Health insurance
    • Accident insurance
    • Home insurance
    • Motor insurance
    • Golf insurance
    • Maid insurance and
    • Travel insurance

    The travel insurance is called TravelEasy and the policies offered include basic as well as comprehensive coverage that include golfer’s cover and cover for adventurous activities such as skydiving, bungee jumping, paragliding, etc. You can choose from 3 different plans with premiums as low as S$4 per day.

    Types of MSIG Travel Insurance

    MSIG offers 3 different TravelEasy insurance plans to choose from:

    • Standard plan – Offers basic cover for accidental death and total permanent disability, overseas medical expenses, emergency medical evacuation and cover for travel inconvenience such as travel/baggage delay, baggage loss, flight diversion, etc. This cover is available for individuals, adult and children and families.
    • Elite Plan – Offers extensive coverage that includes basic cover as well as additional cover such as death occurring on a public transport, family assistance benefit, mobility aid reimbursement for adults as well as children, daily benefits for ICU hospitalization overseas, cover for loss of wedding clothes and accessories, loss of use of hotel facilities and lifestyle cover. This cover is available for individuals, adult and children and families.
    • Premier plan – Offers the highest compensation for cover included in the basic as well as the elite plan mentioned above plus lifestyle cover that includes compensation for loss of home contents, domestic pets care, credit card cover, golfer’s cover, adventurous activities cover, etc. This cover is available for individuals, adult and children and families.

    MSIG Travel Insurance offers the following cover:

    • Accidental death and total permanent disability
    • Public transport double cover (available for Elite and Premier plans)
    • Accidental bereavement benefit
    • Child education grant (available for Elite and Premier plans)
    • Family assistance benefit (available for Elite and Premier plans)
    • Overseas medical expenses
    • Emergency dental expenses
    • Medical expenses in Singapore
    • Mobility aid reimbursement (available for Elite and Premier plans)
    • Traditional Chinese medicine expenses
    • Overseas hospitalization daily benefit
    • Overseas ICU hospitalization daily benefit (available for Elite and Premier plans)
    • Hospitalization daily benefit after a journey
    • Replacement employee
    • Emergency medical evacuation
    • Sending you home after a medical emergency evacuation
    • Sending home your mortal remains
    • Compassionate and hospital visit
    • Child guard
    • Emergency telephone charges
    • Baggage loss
    • Wedding clothes and accessories loss (available for Elite and Premier plans)
    • Loss of documents and passport
    • Domestic maid’s personal baggage (available for Elite and Premier plans)
    • Delayed baggage
    • Flight diversion
    • Missed travel connection or overbooked flight
    • Personal money
    • Travel cancellation
    • Travel postponement
    • Insolvency of licensed travel operator
    • Shortening the trip
    • Travel disruption
    • Loss of use of hotel facilities (available for Elite and Premier plans)
    • Hijack of public transport
    • Kidnap or hostage
    • Rental vehicle excess
    • Returning a rental vehicle
    • Personal liability
    • Legal expenses for wrongful arrest or detention (available for Elite and Premier plans)
    • Automatic extension to the period of insurance
    • Terrorism cover
    • Passive war cover
    • Unused entertainment ticket cover (available for Elite and Premier plans)

    Additional Lifestyle cover available to Elite and Premier plan customers include:

    • Home contents cover
    • Domestic pets care cover
    • Credit card cover
    • Credit card outstanding balance cover
    • Golfer’s cover
    • Adventurous activities cover

    MSIG Travel Insurance (TravelEasy) Coverage

    Coverage Amount
    Standard Elite Premier
    Personal accident Not Applicable

    • Child – S$150,000

    • 70 years old and above – Not covered

    • Below 70 years old – S$400,000

    • Child – S$200,000

    • 70 years old and above – Not covered

    • Below 70 years old – S$1 million

    Death in public transport

    • Child – S$50,000

    • 70 years old and above – S$50,000

    • Below 70 years old – S$150,000

    • Child – S$75,000

    • 70 years old and above – S$75,000

    • Below 70 years old – S$200,000

    • Child – S$100,000

    • 70 years old and above – S$100,000

    • Below 70 years old – S$500,000

    Overseas medical expense

    • Child – S$100,000

    • 70 years old and above – S$50,000

    • Below 70 years old – S$250,000

    • Child – S$200,000

    • 70 years old and above – S$75,000

    • Below 70 years old – S$500,000

    • Child – S$300,000

    • 70 years old and above – S$100,000

    • Below 70 years old – S$1 million

    Medical expense in Singapore

    • Child – S$10,000

    • 70 years old and above – S$5,000

    • Below 70 years old – S$25,000

    • Child – S$20,000

    • 70 years old and above – S$7,500

    • Below 70 years old – S$50,000

    • Child – S$30,000

    • 70 years old and above – S$10,000

    • Below 70 years old – S$75,000

    Personal liability

    • Child – S$250,000

    • Adult – S$500,00

    • Child – S$500,00

    • Adult – S$1 million

    • Child – S$500,00

    • Adult – S$1 million

    Trip cancellation cover S$5,000 S$10,000 S$15,000
    Lost baggage cover S$3,000 S$5,000 S$7,500
    Lost document cover S$2,000 S$3,000 S$5,000
    Missed flights Max S$200 Max S$200 Max S$200
    Terrorism and hostage crisis cover

    • Child – S$50,000

    • 70 years old and above – S$50,000

    • Below 70 years old – S$150,000

    • Child – S$75,000

    • 70 years old and above – S$75,000

    • Below 70 years old – S$200,000

    • Child – S$100,000

    • 70 years old and above – S$100,000

    • Below 70 years old – S$500,000

    How to apply for MSIG Travel Insurance (TravelEasy)

    You can apply for MSIG travel insurance through the following ways:

    • Apply online on the insurer’s website.
    • Call the insurer for any further clarifications and request for guidance to start the application process.

    How to claim your MSIG Travel Insurance (TravelEasy)

    The following procedures are applicable to file a claim for your travel insurance with MSIG:

    • You will have to notify MSIG regarding your reason for making the claim. You can contact the insurer on their Travel Emergency Hotline number available 24 hours at +65 6323 8288.
    • You will have to file a police complaint/report at the place where the loss occurred within 24 hours of the incident. You must request a copy to submit it to claim your travel insurance cover.
    • If the damage or loss has occurred when your belongings were with the airline, train, cruise or bus operator, you will have to request them for a property damage/loss report.
    • If applicable, takes pictures of the items that have been damaged and keep the items with you so the insurer can inspect them.
    • If damage or injury has occurred to a third party:
      • You will have to take down the third party’s particulars.
      • Obtain further details and the nature of their claim.
      • Do not attempt to negotiate or settle or admit liability without seeking approval from the insurer.
      • If you receive any intimation from the third party in terms of a writ of summons or a letter, inform the insurer immediately.
    • You will have to submit your claim notification through 1 of the following channels – online submission, download the claim form or request the insurer to send you a copy of the claim form.
    • Complete the claim form and submit the same to the insurer along with the necessary documents.

    Check your eligibility for MSIG Travel Insurance

    The following eligibility criteria are applicable when applying for MSIG Travel Insurance (TravelEasy):

    • An adult is defined as an individual who is aged at least 18 years when the trip commences.
    • A child is defined as an individual who is aged at least 1 month old and below the age of 18 or up to 23 years of age if he/she is a full-time student at a recognized institution of higher learning when the trip commences.
    • Family plans include the insured person, their spouse and their biological or legally adopted children.
    • Adults who are 70 years old and above are not eligible for annual policies. They are eligible to apply only for single trip covers. However, if the individual has applied for an annual policy before the age of 70, the policy can be renewed up to the age of 80 but only under the standard plan.
    • Any pre-existing medical conditions that require consultation or treatment during a 12 month period before the commencement of the trip will not be covered.
    • In case of single trip plans, the trip should commence within 182 days from the travel insurance application date.
    • All persons insured with MSIG travel insurance must be residing in Singapore.

    Key benefits of buying MSIG Travel Insurance

    There are several key benefits of buying travel insurance from MSIG that include the following:

    • The travel insurance policy can be conveniently purchased online and you will instantly receive your e-policy.
    • MSIG provides its customers with a 24 Hour Travel Insurance Hotline number that is available for assistance whether in Singapore or overseas.
    • If you purchase the comprehensive cover, you will enjoy additional cover for golf, adventurous sports and unused entertainment tickets without having to purchase separate riders to receive such coverage.
    • You can submit your travel insurance claim online easily by following a simple procedure and MSIG will offer you a fair settlement in the matter.
    • MSIG is one of the most reputed insurance companies in the world and it has a 100 year old history in Singapore. It has been rated the number 3 general insurer in Singapore.
    • S&P has rated MSIG with an A+/Stable rating.

    MSIG Travel Insurance Hotline

    24 Hour Travel Emergency Hotline +65 6323 8288
    24 Hours All Claims Hotline +65 6827 7660
    Claim enquiry claims@msig-asia.com
    Customer Service Address 4 Shenton Way No. 21-01 SGX Centre 2 Singapore 068807
    Customer Service Hotline +65 6827 7602 (operational between Mondays and Fridays from 8 45 AM to 5 30 PM).
    Customer Service Fax +65 6827 2708
    SMS Enquiry 9158 1660 (Your message should include your name, your NRIC number, your policy/claim number). MSIG will respond within 2 business days.

    MSIG Travel Insurance FAQs

    1. After purchasing the travel insurance policy, when will the cover start and for how long will it be applicable?

      After you have purchased the travel insurance policy, the cover on your policy will start when you leave your office/home in Singapore for your trip and will be in effect for 3 hours after you return to Singapore or when your policy expires, depending on whichever occurs earlier.

    2. Can I extend my travel insurance policy when I’m overseas?

      Yes. You can extend your travel insurance policy when you are overseas but only if there are no events that will lead you to file a claim with MSIG. S$10 minimum premium will be applicable on all extensions. If you wish to extend your travel insurance policy, you can contact MSIG Assist 24 Hour Hotline at +65 6323 8288 to request for the same.

    3. If I no longer require the TravelEasy Policy, am I eligible for a refund for the premium paid?

      If you have not made any claims on your policy and your travel has not started yet, you will be eligible for a refund. A minimum premium of S$50 will be retained and the balance will be refunded to you. However, refund is not applicable in case the premium if S$50 or below.

    4. Which countries are excluded from the MSIG Travel Insurance (TravelEasy) Policy?

      All countries are included under the MSIG Travel Insurance (TravelEasy) Policy unless it has been stated under your policy. Please read the policy documents carefully to know if there are any country exclusions for your policy cover.

    5. Are foreigners eligible to apply for MSIG Travel Insurance (TravelEasy)?

      Yes. Foreigners who have a valid employment pass or a work permit and are currently living in Singapore are eligible to apply for MSIG Travel Insurance (TravelEasy). However, note that all travel insurance policies are round-trip policies, hence, they must start and end in Singapore.

    News About MSIG Travel Insurance

    • Traveller’s no longer need to wait for claim payments

      Travel insurance is sometimes not only a mandatory requirement, it can also provide some cover in case of unfortunate hiccups during travel. Claims made does take a long time however to get paid out and normally, people who make a claim have to wait close to 4 days for a cheque to be cleared.

      Making a claim can be an arduous task but with MISG and DBS’s venture, a new system has been launched which facilitates instant electronic payment service for travel insurance claims. This is the first of its kind initiative in Singapore and aims to eliminate the normal waiting period of 4 days.

      The DBS or POSB accountholders who have purchased travel insurance plans issued by MSIG through the DBS website and have registered themselves as a member with a login account on the MSIG customer portal can enjoy the real-time claims payment service.

      The system works on DBS’s new API called DBS IDEAL RAPID and MSIG has become the first company in Singapore to launch this service. MSIG offers a vast array of insurance policies to DBS customers through its websites and with one out of every two policies being purchased online, this real-time electronic claims payment service is a logical step in facilitating easier claim process.

      18th July 2017

    • MSIG Travel Insurance Promotion

      Run Time - This offer is valid until 17 July, 2016.

      Particulars - Get the following discounts when you apply for TravelEasy Insurance from MSIG:

        • 15% on purchase of Annual Plan plus $20 worth free gift voucher of Dairy Farm.

        • 35% on purchase of Single Trip.

        • 10% additional discount on purchase of Group Cover for 6 to 10 people and 15% additional discount on purchase of Group Cover for 11 to 20 people.

      Terms and Conditions:

        • To avail the Single Trip discount, you have to pay a minimum premium of $25.

        • Group cover is available to minimum 2 people and maximum 20 people.

        • To get more details about the terms and conditions, please contact MSIG.

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