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You can be as careful as possible in life and also plan your finances meticulously and yet you may not be prepared for uncertain events in life. It is difficult to predict what you will be faced with in the future. Despite living life very cautiously, you might meet with an unfortunate event that will bring a lot of financial burdens for you and your family. The money saved so far may not provide you with the support that you require for meeting your financial burdens and responsibilities. This is why it is advisable that you take the advantage of insurance policies from a reputed bank such as Maybank so that yours’ and loved one’s future can be secured.

Overview of Maybank Insurance

Maybank is one of the largest banks in Southeast Asia and the largest bank in Malaysia. It has a very strong presence in the Lion City and offers a wide range of banking products and services, including different types of insurance plans. Through its 20+ offices in the city, the bank offers world class services to people living in Singapore. The insurance policies from Maybank are very popular with the customers as they come with very transparent terms and conditions, and offer a wide range of beneficial features. The coverage amount offered is very high and the customers also get to choose from a variety of policies offered by the bank.

Types of Insurance Offered By Maybank

Maybank offers a range of insurance products in Singapore and all of these products offer high coverage, flexible tenures, easy claims process and a variety of other features that are very beneficial. The excellent customer service offered by the bank is another feature that makes the insurance policies from Maybank very popular with the customers. The insurance policies from Maybank are powered by Etiqa Insurance, ACE Insurance and other top insurance companies in Singapore. The different types of insurance policies offered by the bank are as follows:

  1. Motor Insurance
  2. If you want to make sure that you and your vehicle are completely protected when you are driving, you should opt for the Motor Insurance policy offered by Maybank. It will protect your against your legal liabilities in case you meet with an accident and will also offer you with the required financial assistance for meeting the cost of repairs. You will need to be a Maybank customer if you want to apply for this insurance policy. It offers comprehensive coverage for 3rd party liability, theft, fire etc. If you do not make any claims within the policy period, you will also be eligible for No Claims Bonus. Apart from all of these features, you can also enjoy free coverage for natural disasters such as flood, hurricane, typhoon, earthquake, volcanic eruption etc.

  3. Personal Accident Insurance
  4. You never know when you might meet with accidents in your life and when you meet with an accident you will have to bear the financial burden of seeking treatment. If you opt for the Personal Accident Insurance policy offered by Maybank, you will be provided with the required financial assistance needed for dealing with accidents. With the different types of personal accident policies offered by the bank, your loved ones can be provided with a lump sum amount of up to S$150,000 in case you die in an accident. You will also be offered with an allowance in case you are hospitalised and are unable to earn an income in the process. The personal accident policies offered by Maybank are listed below.

    • AutoCare
    • EverEase
    • EverFamily Choice
    • EverGreen Enhanced
    • EverGrowth
    • EverSafe
    • EverSound
    • EverVital
    • Personal Accident Insurance with Rider
    • Youngstarz Enhanced

  5. Home Insurance
  6. Give your home and its contents the protection it requires with a Home Insurance policy from Maybank. The home insurance policies from Maybank can offer you with coverage of up to an amount of S$500,000 for damages done to fixtures, fittings, household contents and renovations. Thus, you can ensure that in case something bad happens to your home, you will be able to get the required financial assistance for fixing the damages done. The contents of your home will be protected against a variety of natural disasters and also against theft, by the home insurance policies offered by the bank. The following two types of home insurance policies are offered by Maybank:

    • EverHomeCare Enhanced
    • MaxiHome Contents Plus Insurance

  7. Life Insurance –
  8. Your loved ones are dependent on you in a lot of ways and in your absence, they might have to face a lot of financial difficulties. Hence, you should opt for a comprehensive life insurance policy, such as the one offered by Maybank, so that your loved ones will not have to face any financial difficulties in your absence. It comes with a coverage of minimum S$500,00 and hence the coverage is not only on the higher side, but it is also guaranteed. The premium for this policy has to be paid only once and you will be able to enjoy all the benefits offered with it. The life insurance policy offered by Maybank is known as ePREMIER legacy.

  9. Term Insurance –
  10. A term life insurance policy from Maybank can offer you with the flexibility required to enjoy a lot of benefits by paying a lot of money as insurance premiums. The minimum assured sum can be as high as S$1 million and the policy can offer you with coverage up to 100 years of age. The terms of the policy are also very flexible and you can enjoy terms from 10 – 83 years. By opting for this policy, you can ensure that the lifestyle of your loved ones is not affected in your absence. Maybank’s term insurance plan is known as ePREMIER essential and it offers all the essential coverage that you would expect from a term life insurance policy.

  11. Travel Insurance –
  12. If you want to travel in peace knowing that you will be offered with the required protection when you are away from Singapore, you should opt for the travel insurance policies offered by the bank. Traveling can be a way for you to experience new places and meet new people. However, you might be faced with uncertain events when you travel and these events might bring with them certain financial burdens. The travel insurance policies from Maybank has been designed to help you in dealing with these burdens and ensure that you can travel in peace. Maybank offers the following travel insurance policies:

    • Enhanced EverTravel
    • TravelCare Plus

  13. Health Insurance -
  14. Your health is your biggest asset and of you fall ill, you will not be able to work and earn a living. Hence, you will find it a little difficult to provide for your family and so you should opt for a health insurance plan offered by Maybank so that you can take care of your health and also cope with the rising cost of healthcare services in the country. If you want to get hospitalization assistance, in case you are hospitalized due to a disease or health condition, you can opt for the Hospitalisation policy offered by the bank, known as EverFree. The different health insurance policies offered by Maybank are listed below.


    • EverFree

    Critical Illness:

    • EverCritical Care


    • EverDental

  15. Endowment and Direct Purchase Insurance –
  16. Apart from the above mentioned policies, Maybank also offers Endowment and Direct Purchase Insurance policies. The direct purchase insurance plans are not offered by Maybank but directly by Etiqa insurance company. The Endowment policies will help you to save money and also enjoy insurance protection at the same time.


    • eSAVE delight
    • eSAVE flexi

    Direct Purchase Insurance:

    • DIRECT – Etiqa whole life
    • DIRECT – Etiqa term life

Maybank Insurance - FAQs

  1. What is the annual premium amount for the EverHomeCare Enhanced Home Insurance policy from Maybank?
  2. The EverHomeCare Enhanced policy is available as three different plans. For Plan A, the premium amount is S$96; for Plan B, the premium amount is S$160; and for Plan C, the premium amount is S$240. Apart from the premium amount, you will also need to pay GST at the rate of 7%.

  3. What are the coverages offered with the Enhanced EverTravel policy?
  4. The Enhanced EverTravel is a travel insurance policy from Maybank which offers the following coverages:

    • Personal Liability cover of up to S$1,000,000 when travelling abroad
    • Hospitalization Expenses and Overseas Medical coverage of up to S$750,000
    • It also offers evacuation coverage in case of a medical emergency
  5. What is the coverage amount offered with Maybank’s ePREMIER legacy life insurance policy?
  6. This policy comes with a coverage of minimum S$500,00 and the coverage amount is guaranteed.

  7. I am 17 years old. Can I apply for the EverCritical Care policy?
  8. In order to apply for the EverCritical Care Critical Illness policy, you need to minimum 18 years of age, but not more than 59 years of age. Hence, you cannot apply for this policy.

  9. Is there any lump sum amount offered in case of Accidental Death, with the EverDental policy?
  10. Yes, a lump sum amount of S$50,000 is offered with the EverDental policy in case of Permanent Total Disablement or Accidental Death.

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