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In Singapore, if you are employing a maid, you are required to purchase an insurance for him/her as mandated by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM). A maid insurance will provide your maid all the support that he/she needs to recover from an illness or accident. Make sure you and your maid are protected with MaidEase, an insurance policy that not only takes care of you but your maid as well.

Key Highlights of MaidEase

Some of the key highlights of MediEase are as follows:

  • Your maid’s repatriation expenses will be covered for travel expenses incurred. This benefit will come in handy if you have to send your maid to her/his home country if they meet with an accident, sickness or disease.
  • The coverage will begin as soon as your maid clears the immigration of Singapore with an In-Principle Approval from MOM or holds a valid work permit.
  • You will get up to S$70,000 as accidental death or permanent disablement benefit.
  • Unlike other maid insurance in Singapore, with MaidEase your maid will be protected from pre-existing medical conditions if he/she has always been insured under the domestic maid insurance policy for more than 12 months with any insurer in Singapore.
  • Counter indemnity will be waived that limits your obligation to S$250 so long as you are not the cause of the breach of the Security Bond.
  • With domestic helper liability, your legal liability to reimburse the third party will be covered.

The table below shows the benefits that you will get with MaidEase under the two plans, Deluxe and Superior:

Benefits Offered Aggregate limit per policy period
Superior Deluxe
Worldwide personal accident
Ambulance services Up to S$100 Up to S$100
Treatment for Dengue Fever Up to S$250 Up to S$100
Treatment by Chinese physicians Up to $150 per treatment Up to $100 per treatment
Dental treatment as a result of an injury due to an accident Up to S$2,500 Up to S$1,000
Permanent disablement As per stated in the policy As per stated in the policy
Death due to accidents in insured’s residence Up to S$75,000 Up to $62,500
Death Up to S$70,000 Up to S$60,000
Surgical and hospital expenses
Hospital outside Singapore 100% Up to 80%
Private hospital in Singapore 100% Up to 80%
Singapore Public Hospital 100% 100%
90 days post- and pre-hospitalisation treatment Up to S$40,000 subject to S$20,000 per annum Up to S$30,000 subject to S$15,000 per annum 
Repatriation expenses Up to S$10,000 Up to S$10,000
Fidelity guarantee Up to S$1,000 NA
Special grant Up to S$3,000 Up to S$1,000
Domestic helper’s belongings Up to S$500 Up to S$250
Re-hiring and termination expenses for a period of up to 90 days Up to S$500 Up to S$250
Dread diseases Up to S$2,000 NA
Domestic helper liability Up to S$5,000 Up to S$2,500
Recuperation benefit for each day of hospitalisation for a period of up to 60 days Up to S$20 per day NA
Alternative help benefit for a period of up to 30 days Up to S$15 per day NA
Wages compensation and levy reimbursement for a period of up to 60 days Up to S$30 per day Up to S$15 per day
Letter of Guarantee/Waiver of Counter Indemnity
Waiver of counter indemnity for Letter of Guarantee Up to S$5,000 subject to excess of S$250 Up to S$5,000 subject to excess of S$250
Letter of Guarantee to the Ministry of Manpower Up to S$5,000 Up to S$5,000

General Exclusions

You will not get any benefits if there is any damage or injury caused to the insured under the following circumstances:

  • Actions for reimbursements brought to a court of any territory outside Singapore.
  • Any illegal act of the insured person or deliberate exposure to danger.
  • Riots, an act of war, foreign enemy hostilities, civil commotion, nuclear attack.
  • Consequential damage or loss of any kind.
  • Any deliberate act or deliberate negligence of the insured or their representatives.

Things to Consider Before You Purchase MaidEase

Before you go ahead and buy this insurance policy, you will have to take into consideration, the following factors:

  • You must take all reasonable precautions to protect your maid against accidents and diseases.
  • This plan will no longer be in force if there are any significant alterations in risk.
  • An insured person shall not be covered under more than one MaidEase policy.
  • If you make any fraudulent claim, the policy shall become void and all benefits will be forfeited.
  • You will not get any benefit if you make a claim after 12 months of an incident unless it is the subject of pending arbitration.
  • If your maid’s work permit or employment contract in Singapore expires, the cover stops from the date of the Letter of Discharge from the Ministry of Manpower.
  • Sompo will send the details to MOM after your MaidEase policy is successfully issued. Sompo will send the Guarantee Bond information to MOM via email from Monday to Friday at 5:00 p.m. Once the details are sent, you can visit the MOM website to renew/issue your maid’s work permit.

Documents Required for MediEase

If you wish to purchase this insurance, you will have to submit the following documents:

  • Duly signed application/indemnity form.
  • A copy of Renewal Notice from MOM or an In-Principal Approval Letter.

Here’s How You Can Purchase MediEase

If you wish to purchase MediEase, you can simply send an email to Sompo with the MaidEase Application Form along with the necessary documents to [email protected]

How Do I Make a Claim?

If you wish to make a claim, you will have to carry out the following instructions:

  • Download the claim form and mail it to Sompo or you can send an email to Sompo at [email protected]
  • You also have an option of submitting your claim online.
  • Make sure you submit your claim within 21 days after the incident.

How to Terminate MaidEase

You can terminate MaidEase by giving a written notification of seven days. Your coverage will cease to exist when your maid is repatriated from Singapore or transferred to another employer in Singapore. The table below shows the premium refund that you will get based on the number of days left for the insurance to expire:

Cancellation within number of days Scale of refund
Cancellation after 365 days No refund
Cancellation within 181 to 365 days 20% of the premium
Cancellation within 121 to 180 days 30% of the premium
Cancellation within 91 to 120 days 40% of the premium
Cancellation within 61 to 90 days 60% of the premium
Cancellation within 60 days from inception date 80% of the premium


You can call 6564616555 from Monday to Friday between 8:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. except for weekends and public holidays. You also have the option of sending an email to [email protected]

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