POSB Maid Insurance

Hiring a maid in Singapore is not an easy task. Even if you manage to get a maid, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) has mandated all employers to get maid insurance offering a personal accident coverage of at least S$60,000. With POSB Maid Protect, your maid will be covered comprehensively as per these regulations. Some of the major benefits that you will get with POSB Maid Protect include S$0 agency fees when you purchase a new policy or renew a policy online, ease of online application, and more.

In addition to the benefits offered, you will also enjoy a discount of 10% on the insurance premium when you purchase the policy online. This is a limited period offer and will be applicable only until 31 December 2018. This offer is non-transferable and non-exchangeable for cash and it is not applicable with other deals and vouchers.

Key Highlights of POSB Maid Protect

The tables below show the coverage offered by POSB Maid Protect and the premium that you will have to pay:

Benefit Benefit Amount/Limit
Insurance Guarantee Bond  Up to S$5,000
Maid’s personal belongings Up to S$300
Third-party liability Up to S$5,000
Special grant Up to S$2,000
Termination expenses Up to S$300
Repatriation expenses Up to S$10,000
Levy and wages reimbursement Up to S$30 per day for a maximum of 30 days
Replacement maid expenses Up to S$500
Surgical  and hospital expenses Up to S$15,000 per year
Accidental medical expenses reimbursement Up to S$1,000
Accidental permanent disability Up to S$60,000 per year
Accidental death Up to S$60,000
26 months Premium
Basic policy with counter indemnity waived S$299.60
Basic policy S$246.10
Optional Covers Premium
Extra surgical and hospital expenses a year
S$15,000 S$160.50
S$10,000 S$107
S$5,000 S$53.50
Insurance Guarantee Bond
S$7,000 S$80.25
S$2,000 S$48.15
Employer’s liability
S$500,000 S$37.45
S$300,000 S$26.75

General Exclusions

There are certain conditions wherein you will not get the benefits as mentioned in the tables above. Here is a list of such conditions:

  • Illnesses caused due to any pre-existing conditions.
  • Any condition which results from a complication of infection with a venereal disease.
  • Damage or injury caused during war, invasion, and act of foreign enemy hostilities.
  • Committing any illegal acts or voluntary exposure to unnecessary danger.
  • Mental or nervous disorder suffered by the insured person.
  • Damage or injury caused during civil commotion, riot, or strike.
  • Self-inflicted injury and suicide attempt.
  • Damage or injury caused because of an act of terrorism.
  • All types of sexually transmitted diseases including AIDS and other communicable diseases that require isolation or quarantine by law.
  • Engaging in air travel except as a passenger in a fully licensed passenger carrying aircraft.
  • Damage or injury caused as a result of engaging in a motor sport.
  • The effect or influence of alcohol or drug while driving unless prescribed by a medical practitioner.
  • Injury caused as a result of pregnancy, childbirth, or any complications arising out of the pregnancy.
  • Treatment for obesity, weight reduction, or weight improvement.

Things to Consider Before You Apply for POSB Maid Protect

Before you go ahead and purchase POSB Maid Protect, you must consider the following aspects:

  • You will not be covered under more than one Maid Protect policy. If you have more than one policy, you will be protected under the policy that offers the highest coverage.
  • In the event that the premium due is not paid to Chubb on or before the commencement date, no benefits shall be payable.
  • You must inform Chubb about everything relevant to your decision to get insured, if you withhold any information, your claim can be refused.  
  • Upon cancellation of the policy, Chubb will refund any unused premium paid to the nominated account.

Here’s How You Can Buy POSB Maid Protect

If you wish to purchase POSB Maid Protect, you can visit the official webpage of POSB Maid Protect and click on the ‘Buy Now’ button. You will be redirected to a page where you can enter the details of your maid and get a quote to proceed with the purchase of this policy.

How To Make a Claim with POSB Maid Protect

If you want to make an insurance claim, you must notify Chubb’s Claims Department via www.chubbclaims-dbs.com.sg or 138 Market Street, #11-01, CapitaGreen, Singapore 048946. The steps involved in making a claim are as follows:

  1. Fill in the claim form.
  2. Together with the claim form, attach the following documents:
  • Any reports obtained from the police or other authorities about a loss, accident, or damage.
  • Original receipts for any expenses that are being claimed.
  • Police investigation outcome if there has been a road traffic accident.
  • Other documentary evidence required by Chubb under the policy.
  • Medical certificates.

You must submit the completed claim form and all the relevant documents within 30 days of the incident. Chubb may require you to undergo a thorough medical check up.

How to Terminate POSB Maid Protect

You can terminate this policy by giving a written notice of 14 days to Chubb. Once you cancel this policy, you will be refunded for the paid premiums for the unexpired period of insurance subject to a minimum charge of S$50. The table below shows the premium refund that you will get based on the number of days left for the insurance to expire:

Number of days the policy is in force prior to cancellation Percentage of policy premium entitled for refund
More than 180 days No refund
Within 91 to 180 days 30%
Within 61 to 90 days 60%
Within 60 days 80%

If you make a claim, you will not be entitled to any refund. The policy will be cancelled automatically under the following instances:

  • The maid leaves Singapore after the cancellation of work permit.
  • The maid gets transferred to a new employer.
  • The work permit of the maid expires and he/she has to renew the work permit.
  • Non-payment of the premium before the commencement of the policy.


If you need any assistance with respect to the insurance policy, you can call Chubb’s hotline number 6398 8797. This line will be open Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., except for public holidays. You can also send an email to [email protected] with your queries.

You can also send your Maid Protect insurance enquiry by filling the General Insurance-Contact Form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does POSB Maid Protect fulfil MOM’s requirements for a maid who is a foreigner?

A. Yes, Maid Protect offers coverage as per MOM’s revised requirements that include a personal accident cover of up to S$60,000 a year, Insurance Guarantee Bond of S$5,000, and surgical and hospital expenses cover of S$15,000 a year.

Q. If my domestic help gets injured and urgently needs outpatient treatment, will the expenses incurred be paid under this policy?

A. Yes, with Maid Protect you will get up to S$1,000 for any outpatient treatment due to injuries caused by accidents.

Q. What is the procedure followed with the waiver of counter indemnity?

A. The waiver of counter indemnity is applicable to the S$5,000 security bond payable to the Ministry of Manpower (MOM). There is a security bond waiver, subject to the first S$250 that you will have to pay.

Q. What is the procedure followed for Insurance Guarantee Bond?

A. If you make a request, Chubb will send a Letter of Guarantee to the labour office of Philippines. This letter will also be sent to you along with other documents and you must submit it to the Philippine Overseas Labour Office in Singapore.

Q. What is the procedure followed with levy & wages reimbursement benefit?

A. As per the policy, you will be paid a fixed amount per day for a period of up to thirty days if your domestic helper is admitted to the hospital as a result of a sickness or accident except for any pre-existing conditions.

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