Maybank Loans Singapore

About Maybank

The Malaysian Universal Bank, commonly known as Maybank, is one of the largest banks in Southeast Asia and the largest bank in Malaysia. The bank has its presence in 14 countries in Asia and in the United States and United Kingdom. It is one of the few banks in Singapore that offer Shariah compliant banking and financial services/ products. It offers an array of financial products and services that are able to meet the banking needs of customers from all walks of life. Globally, the bank has a network of more than 2400 branches through which it is able to deliver excellent quality of service to its customers around the world.

History of Maybank

The Malaysian Universal Bank was founded in 1960 by Khoo Teck Puat, a business tycoon in Malaysia. Over the years the bank grew exponentially in size through various mergers and acquisitions and entered joint ventures with PT Bank Nusa Nasional of Indonesia in 1995 and then entered the market in Philippines by acquiring 60% stake of the Republic Savings Bank and became a partner of the Philippine National Bank. In the process, Maybank was able to establish its presence in several Southeast Asian markets and grow its customer base. As a result, the total assets of the bank and the product and services it offered also increased as well.

Maybank started its operations in Singapore in 1960 as a fully licensed commercial bank. The first local Branch of Maybank in the Lion City was opened at South Bridge Road. At present, there are 27 branches of Maybank in Singapore and they are spread across the island city. These branches help the people of Singapore to meet their financial and banking needs. Maybank also operates 35 ATMs in the city and offers its products/ services not just to individuals but also to corporations and businesses. The various branches of the bank are equipped with the latest financial and banking technologies to provide the customers with fast and reliable service.

Performance History of the Malaysian Universal Bank

As of 2014, Maybank has total assets of US$183.13 billion and in the same year the net income and operating income of the bank were US$1.92 billion and US$2.57 billion respectively. It employs 47,000 employs in its branches across the planet. The bank entered the Chinese market by opening a branch office in the city of Shanghai in 2001. It is also the largest publicly listed company in the stock exchange of Malaysia. In 1985, the bank issued its first ATM cum debit cards and also started operating Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) in Malaysia. It was one of the first banks in Southeast Asia to digitize its services and offer its customers with the convenience of online banking.

Why choose Maybank?

Maybank can be the single solution to all your banking needs as it provides with a wide range of services and products to people in Singapore. If you are in need of a new credit card, you can easily find a card that will suit you lifestyle related needs. You can benefit from the different beneficial features offered with these cards and will also be able to save money various discounts and deals. Similarly, if you are in need of fast cash to meet your financial needs all to fulfill your desires, you can take help of the personal line of credit offered by Maybank to Singaporeans. The bank will be able to take care of financial needs and also provide you with an excellent quality of service.

Loans offered by Maybank in Singapore

Maybank is one of the most reputed banks in the world that offers great financial solutions to its customers. The financial solutions are customisable and innovative. They come with a lot of perks too. The loans offered by this particular bank come with a myriad of features and benefits. There can be a financial crisis at any point of your life. If you have a financial support at that time, it will be easier for you to tackle such situations. You might need money for a buying new property, purchasing a new vehicle or for your child’s higher education. In all such situations, if you can avail a loan that has attractive rates of interest, it will be good for you. The loans offer you the upfront money that you require. You can repay this every month in instalments. There are different types of loan offered by Maybank for its customers.

Maybank Car Loan

In times like these, a car is a necessity. It helps you to commute very easily. May it be going to office every day or taking your family out for dinner on the weekends, a car will always make the traveling easier for you. It is very easy to get a good car nowadays as availing a car loan is like a cakewalk. Maybank is one of the largest banks across the globe that never fails to satisfy its customers. Their car loan comes with unique benefits and advantages. The rates of interest associated with the Maybank car loan are also attractive and beneficial for the customers.

Maybank Property Loans –

It is a great thing to purchase a property for yourself. You might buy a new house or apartment for your family or you might purchase commercial property for the purpose of expanding your business. For all such needs, Maybank is always there. It offers great property loan solutions for both residential properties and commercial or industrial properties. They come with good rates of interest too that can prove to be extremely beneficial for you. Maybank is a reputed bank and choosing their property loan solution can be a wise call. There are different types of property loans offered by Maybank.

Maybank Personal Line of Credit

Personal line of credit is a type of loan that you can avail for several personal reasons. They also come with attractive rates of interest. May it be renovating your house and giving it a brand new look or borrowing money for your higher education, personal line of credit is always there to help you. There are different types of loans that fall under the category of Personal Line of Credit offered by Maybank.

Products and Services Offered by Maybank in Singapore

Maybank can take care of the banking needs of individuals as well as corporations in Singapore. The different products and services offered by the bank in Singapore are as follows:

Deposits and Banking:

  • Current Accounts
  • Savings Accounts
  • Maybank Time Deposits
  • Islamic Deposits
  • Payments and Remittances

CreditAble and Loans:

  • CreditAble
  • Personal Credit
  • Car Loan
  • Property Loans
  • Share Loan


  • Securities Trading
  • Maybank FX Research
  • Wealth-Advisory
  • Product Risk Rating
  • Dual Currency Investment
  • Structured Deposit
  • Unit Trusts




  • Asset Financing
  • Capital Markets
  • Cash Flow Financing
  • Islamic Financing
  • Cross Border Services
  • Loan Syndication
  • Trade Financing

Apart from the above, Maybank also offers SME Banking and Islamic Banking services to customers in Singapore. The different Islamic banking services and products offered by the bank in Singapore are listed below.

Personal Deposits:

  • Savings Account-i
  • iSAVvy Savings Account-i
  • Ar Rihla Regular Savings Account-i
  • PremierOne Account-i
  • Foreign Currency Current Account-i
  • Singapore Dollar Term
  • Deposit-i
  • Foreign Currency Fixed Deposit-i

Personal Financing:

  • Auto Finance-i
  • Malaysia Residential Property Financing-i
  • Business Deposits:
  • Current Account-i
  • Foreign Currency Current Account-i
  • Singapore Dollar Term
  • Deposit-i
  • Foreign Currency Term Deposit-i

Business Financing:

  • Business Term Financing-i
  • Singapore Commercial & Industrial Property Financing-i
  • Malaysia Commercial & Industrial Property Financing-i
  • Overdraft-i

Branches in Singapore

In Singapore, Maybank has 27 branches that are strategically located in different parts of the island. These branches are located in areas such as RobinsonRd, Tampines, Woodlands, HDBHub, BtTimah, JurongPoint, Balestier, NorthBridge, AMK, Clementi, Nex, Bedok, GeylangSerai, MarineParade, ChoaChuKang, Chinatown, HollandV, JurongEast, Yishun and so on. You can access the branch locator page on the official website of Maybank Singapore and get information about all the branches operated by the bank in Singapore.

Awards and Milestones

In 2009, Maybank received triple certifications for Quality Class, People Developer and Service Class from SPRING Singapore. It was the first and the only bank till date to receive these prestigious certifications. In 2012, the website of the bank was awarded the Website of the Year in the Asian Banking and Finance Awards. Apart from a range of prestigious awards in the world of banking and finance, Maybank has also received awards as an excellent employer. It is regarded as an innovator in the world of banking and finance in Southeast Asia. Another area in which the bank has received multiple awards is the field of customer service as an excellent provider of banking services.

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